Illustration Essay Examples



  1. The application of certain sports words in the body of the text to discuss how to counterattack in a professional soccer game, stay onside during an attack, or demonstrate other techniques on a soccer field.
  2. Illustrate how acting in movies or for a television show is different from Broadway shows and live theater; what defines the best type of art?
  3. Discussion of why a sports team that a person loves is lowly ranked. And why another team is highly ranked.

The Academic Domain

  1. Show the steps a person applying for college should follow in writing a convincing college entrance essay to join an educational institution that one desires.
  2. Share how you were able to go through your first months in college with the audience by discussing some effective tips from the personal
  3. Explain how one can use social media to form useful networks in schools and socialize with peers in a responsible manner.

The Professional Life

  1. Demonstrate the method through which academic researchers conduct studies by illustrating evert needed step in great detail.
  2. Describe the role of an HR official by discussing numerous examples form your association with professionals from this discipline.
  3. Discuss what a chef from a five-star restaurant in a hotel does to come up with the dish of the day.


  1. List and expand on the aspects of solid business writing (for example, make a list of convincing professional keywords/terms, which enabled you to pass a job interview).
  2. Narrate about a region and how it endures a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or tsunami.
  3. A discussion on how society can reinforce children who are victims of domestic violence, hate crimes, or bullying.

You can use the above topics for illustration essay to write a sample illustration essay.

How to Write an Illustration Essay

Students usually wonder what is an illustration essay. It is a logical query as this category of writing is rare in comparison to the narrative, compare and contrast, persuasive, and argumentative papers. To develop deeper insight into the various kinds of academic texts, it is wise to go through the service filled with free illustration examples to find not unique illustration essay topics for both students and professional but also different examples how one can validate his/her main argument in the illustration essay. The discussion that follows list of an illustration essay example. Here, one can find a suitable essay topic to chose from and developed an outstanding illustration essay outline.

Illustration Essay Outline

Coming up with illustration essay ideas is comprised of five primary steps. Before, developing the essay, one should come up with effective topics for illustration essay. A sample illustration essay should follow these guidelines:

Step One: Identification of the goal of writing, that is, the primary illustrative topic and creation of a robust thesis statement. Such a statement should impress both the instructor and the general audience that reads the paper. One should help the reader to comprehend the topic that is to be discussed. The writer should pick at least three important points or keywords to illustrate why he/she believes or denies the notion; this stance should come from the thesis statement.  The thesis statement is mandatory for both the introduction and the body paragraphs as it is the primary point that one needs to show or prove in the illustration essay. For example, “dogs should not be kept as pets because it is unethical and denies them their natural freedom.”

Step Two: This is when one is almost finished with the introductory paragraph. One should persist in writing what he/she is going to discuss with the reader, and facilitate novel reasons for selecting a certain topic. The first body paragraph should begin with a hook sentence, Different kinds of hooks can be considered such as a fact, joke, simile, poetry line, metaphor, among others. This method will grab the attention of the reader from the first sentence of the illustration essay.

Step Three: The body paragraphs of the illustration essay should be reinforced by the strong outline to be able to demonstrate the main point completely; the outline provides the action plan for a person’s writing from start to finish. One should persist writing a paragraph reinforcing each reason with the detail of why he/he selected a certain illustration topic until one arrives at three valid reasons. For example, People who are raised in bad neighborhoods are more likely to be involved in a life of crime since one’s upbringing can affect their worldview and lead to the development of bad habits.

Step Four: This is the simplest stage in developing an illustration essay. In the body paragraphs, the author must state three points illustrating why he/she selected the specific illustration example/topic at the start of every sentence, and then reinforce it with valid evidence sourced from research.

Step Five: After coming up with a conclusion, proficient writers should double-check the whole essay for certain mistakes; (1) spelling and grammar (one can utilize an online proofreading service to accomplish this objective); (2) punctuation; (3) plagiarism and other minor issues.

Even if a person knows how to develop the perfect illustration essay, the last stage of proofreading and editing should not be disregarded. A person can hire professional online editors to examine the final paper using reputable academic writing sites.

To that end, a personal observation needs observing numerous sites related to the selected topic. One should not forget to take notes describing his/her impressions using the five human senses. An interview entails having face-to-face interactions with individuals who are experts in the area associated with the topic. These individuals can share good examples to enable one’s writing to be unique from the other essay. The writer should perform research to develop a comprehensive list of related questions and key information prior to contacting the people connected to the topic. Additionally, a writer should remember his/her personal experience to use in writing. Personal thoughts are a good source for novel ideas one can share with his/her audience to reinforce the primary argument. One should research and seek images to sort of jog the memory. Every topic detail that one remembers from personal experience should be written; one should also remember to include comments from other individuals and sensory expressions. Adverbs and adjectives need to be applied to assist with the writing process

In terms of the sources for writing, the media is one of the best and insightful sources of ideas and illustration essay examples. The writer should dedicate some time to social media platforms and other services where he/she can interact with different individuals who can share their insight by writing good posts or creating meaningful videos. One can use this content to validate any point suggested in the body paragraphs. The most suitable essay topic examples for the illustration paper can be picked from certain sources like books, journal articles, videos, audios, feedback, and images.

We anticipate that after going through this article from market experts, you now understand what it entails to write a good illustration essay. If you are seeking for more illustration essay examples, assistance with research, or just good insights to capture the reader’s attention, feel free to consult us for a solution. Simply reach out to the best academic assistance services and make an order to get great services at a reasonable rate.

Illustration Essay Definition

To respond to, “what is an illustration paper,” the writer must acknowledge how crucial are the examples derived from personal experience. For example such experiences help me write my paper.

How to Write an Illustration Essay

The student should find sufficient details to support the body paragraphs of an illustration essay with the vivid illustrations from one’s own experiences.

Coming up with Illustration Essay Topics

One should use several good techniques to get inspiration like media, experience, interviews, and personal observation. The process of discovering data may take much time, but will enhance the quality of the writing.

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