Guidelines on How to Write a First Class Essay

This article is dedicated to helping students with their graduation and teaching them how to write a first-class essay. The […]


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Difference in Meaning Personal Statement vs Statement of Purpose

When you need to complete your graduate school application, you will have to deal with writing samples like a personal […]


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How to Start a Story: Guide

Writers-beginners often wonder how to start a story. They might have an idea, characters, and even the main plot. But […]


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Evaluation Essay: Guidelines, Recommendations And Topic Ideas

Writing an evaluation essay is aimed at creating a text with criteria and arguments for estimating the particular object or […]


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Best Tips Regarding How to Start an Essay

‘Every piece of plastic that you have ever thrown to the ground continues to exist to this day’. This phrase […]


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Everything You Need to Know About the Dissertation vs. Thesis

After a student has completed a bachelor’s program, the next step in university life is to receive a doctoral or […]


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The Main Features of Writing a Short Essay and Exciting Tips

In the beginning, it is worth noting that you shouldn’t think that writing a short essay is an extremely easy […]


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What to Look for During the Work With a Statistical Report

The role of communication in the modern world is extremely important. This area can become a source of both various […]


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