How to write a narrative essay topics


Such an assignment may greatly puzzle any student, as there are many types of essays and some of them are very alike. For example, an expository and a narrative essay. However, while an expository one is a simple reflection of your thoughts, a narrative essay aims to render your experience on a particular topic, which is close to the subject you are studying.

Writing a narrative essay concentrates on describing your own life and sharing your story with the world. It is a great way to share your thoughts with the audience, reveal inner talents and writing skills. You may think it may be quite boring to talk about oneself but you can always spice up your narrative essay with jokes, stories from the past, interesting events and situations, which happened with the people you know.

Sharing your story may greatly help you to give it a side glance, make new conclusions and learn various lessons. It is a great chance to improve your writing skills, get higher grades and start a discussion on a matter, which interests you.

Features of a narrative essay

You may think that a narrative essay is quite the same, as any other written task. However, it has a range of features, which can distinguish it from the rest. All of them are strongly recommended to follow if you want your essay to be catchy and remarkable:

  • A narrative essay is not a narrative report, which lacks any analysis and consideration;
  • This task has all the features of a short story, so you can use the same devices and tools;
  • Follow a certain sequence, when describing events;
  • Choose narrative essay topics, which reflect your attitude and personal interest. Be involved in the matter!
  • Always share your point of view, don’t use general phrases;
  • You need not only to describe the event but also make conclusions and predictions, trying to understand what lessons you have learned;
  • Your essay should be written from the first person if else is not indicated.

Typical structure

When we are asked how to write my essay online or how write a narrative essay, we usually start with explaining a common structure of such a task. It greatly helps you to put your thoughts in a right order and express yourself in a clear manner.

Start with an introduction. Here you need to describe what event you are going to tell about, when it happened and what lessons you have learned. Don’t forget about a thesis statement, which collects all the essay in a one simple sentence.

Proceed with the body paragraphs. Their quantity depends on the number of arguments or issues you want to discuss. Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence, followed with its description. Write about the characters, who took part in the story, explain your relations. You should also write about the setting of the situation and help the reader to understand what your emotions and thoughts were.

At the end, you need to write the conclusions. This section is a summary of your essay, where you need to explain why you have described a particular situation and what lessons you have learned from it. If possible, provide an advice for the future to make your story useful for the reader.

Of course, there are many narrative topics, which differ from one another. However, this structure is common for all of them, so you can use it not depending on the topic you choose. Remember that a proper structure makes an essay harmonious and readable, helping to mention every important detail.

Errors to avoid

Here is a list of common mistakes, which you need to avoid in order to make your narrative essay flawless:

  • Jumping from one matter to another. When you try to cover a broad topic, you usually don’t know where to start and how to make a smooth transition between various matters. Try to link paragraphs in a logical ways;
  • Being unoriginal. If you download a literacy narrative essay example online, forget about the temptation of using it as your own work. Most likely your professor will find it out and you will be in a big trouble;
  • Poor topic selection. Make sure you have chosen a correct situation, which is directly connected with the main topic of your class. In addition, your story should be fresh and unique, as a regular situation will quickly bore the audience.

Topics for narrative essay

Here is a list of topics, which will help you to choose a direction:

  • How I completely changed my life;
  • How pessimism blocks your abilities and stops from achieving everything you have dreamed of;
  • A person that have influenced my life;
  • My impression from a movie/book/performance;
  • There is no better place than home.

Good narrative essay topics are those, which were picked with lots of time and consideration. Make sure you have chosen your story wisely and you will be doomed to success.

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