How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay


Every time a student is asked to write a cause and effect essay, he has thousands of questions running through his head. Unfortunately, it is not such a simple written assignment, where you need to share your experience or personal opinion.

A cause and effect essay is a serious and important task, most often assigned to linguists, economists and sociologists. During a research, you need to discuss a particular topic and its consequences. The biggest problem of such a research is that you need to back every argument with credible information, spending lots of time and resources.

However, everything is possible with a proper approach: choosing interesting cause and effect topics, completing a thorough research and making the whole text smooth and readable. Follow our simple rules and your essay will always contain all the necessary elements!

Get started

Before starting your work, you need to concentrate on three main elements:

  • Choosing a topic;
  • Deciding whether you will describe the cause or the effect;
  • Creating a cause and effect essay outline.

First, you need to decide what you are going to write my essay online about. Some may think that it is a very simple task but they can’t even imagine how important this step is!

A right topic may greatly help you even if you lack some writing or analytical skills, while a weak one will surely let you down even if you have access to the best tools! Cause and effect essay topics should be catchy, stir up interest of the audience and describe issues that are important for the modern society.

You can also choose a topic according to your hobbies and interests. In such a way, you will always stay highly motivated and will complete the whole paper without any difficulties.

Once your topic is selected, you need to decide whether you want to write about the things that cause the issue or the things this matter has influenced. You can describe both but it may distract attention of the audience and cause you lots of additional and unnecessary work.

At the end of the preparation stage, you should make an outline. It is a plan of your work, which contains all the key elements you want to discuss. You can always edit your outline, adding or deleting certain topics.

Essay structure

Cause and effect essay structure is similar to the structure of any type of an essay. However, it consists of several elements you need to take into account before starting your work!

Things to remember:

  • Be brief. Your thesis statement should be one or two sentences long, rendering the main idea of the whole essay. You can write it after the whole essay is done;
  • Organize all the arguments in a certain order. If you are describing some events, it is better to organize them in a chronological order. If your topic has nothing to do with time frames, start with the weakest argument and finish with the strongest one. In such a way, you will always be able to catch and hold reader’s interest.

Apart from such simple tips, you need to remember that a cause and effect essay’s structure consists of three elements: introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction is the business card of your work and you need to make it as catchy, as possible. Use quotes, statistics or any other details to make the reader want to learn more about the subject.  Here you should also indicate your thesis statement, which is the heart of the whole work!

Body of your work consists of a number of paragraphs, depending on the quantity of arguments you want to discuss. Try to limit them to three or five not to be too boring. Every paragraph should contain a body sentence and supportive evidence.

Close your essay with conclusions. Here you need to show your writing talent and make a great impression on the reader, summing up your essay and concluding the obtained results.

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Things to remember

Now, when you know how to write a cause and effect essay you should note down just a few tips that will surely make your paper remarkable and interesting:

  • Use various lexical devices to make your text catchy and professional. They may include idioms, repetitions, synonyms, linking phrases and so on;
  • Take your time and proofread your essay multiple times before delivering it. This may save your grades and time, avoiding many revisions;
  • Always use credible sources. Every tutor will check whether your essay is based on academic books or magazines, so take your time and make a thorough research.

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