The Best Environment Research Topics


Conducting environmental research is an awesome thing. There are so many things to study on our planet. However, if you are short of time and sources, it will be better to limit the investigation topic. But there are so many fields, which were studied only superficially, you always have an opportunity to make a great discovery.

The first choice you have to make is whether to study living creatures or inanimate things. What evokes more interest: volcanoes, mountains, trees, oceans, or insects? Answering this question helps you define the necessary sources. The third variant is to combine everything in your research, but in that situation, much more time for working with sources about all parts is required. 

The second important choice is: should I write about the pros or cons? You can research environmental problems and write about water pollution, greenhouse effect. This way, you can invent new ways of reducing the harm humanity does to our planet. You may independently research how our planet has changed over the last centuries. However, it is much more challenging. You should think of the ways how we can help.

Regardless of what topics you select, it is essential to analyze the existing sources on the topic before you start. As a rule, you have pretty much space for investigation. But you shouldn’t repeat the things discovered before you; it is very easy to do so in environmental science. Try to choose a different angle, and even if the topic seems pretty ordinary, the results may surprise you.

We offer you a list of our topic examples.

  1. The significance of the Arctic and its unique biosphere. Preservation of Arctic.
  2. Different kinds of clouds and their forming. The significance of each cloud type.
  3. How are acid rains formed? What are their possible consequences? 
  4. How did primeval nature influence the development of modern ecosystems?
  5. The best green energy sources and their influence on the planet’s environment.
  6. Nuclear catastrophes. How did they influence the life of the whole planet?
  7. Why are coral reefs so significant, and what may be the outcomes of their being extinct?
  8. How can people take advantage of our planet’s sources without harming it? 
  9. Global warming: is it a natural process, or is it caused by humanity?
  10. The best ways to prevent endangered animals from becoming extinct.
  11. Is animal extinction a normal thing, or does humanity influence it? Is it necessary for people to get involved in this process?
  12. How did World War II influence the environment? What kinds of weapons are the most dangerous for our planet?
  13. Can plant new trees prevent deforestation? What are the possible outcomes of deforestation?
  14. The consequences of glaciers melting. 
  15. The significance of national parks? How can national parks save our planet?
  16. Why is Gulfstream so crucial for our planet? How did it change?
  17. The definition of little ice age? Is it waiting for our planet in the future, and what will be the consequences?
  18. The harm of the oil industry. Can oil bring benefits to our planet?
  19. Is desert spreading an inevitable process? How does the desert spreading influence the ecosystems?
  20. Is recycling a profitable business or a real way towards saving our planet?
  21. How to deal with forest fires? The influence of forest fires on ecosystems. 
  22. The significance of lakes and rivers. What will happen if they disappear?
  23. The extinction of waterfalls: what should humanity do to prevent it?
  24. Cars – the main source of chemical pollution of the atmosphere. Are electric cars going to improve the situation?
  25. Stray dogs as an element of the city ecosystem.
  26. The influence of different transport means on the environment.
  27. The most popular ways of cleaning water from pollution, are they effective?
  28. The poisons around us: how to avoid them?
  29. Nuclear waste: is it safe for the planet and how to keep it?
  30. Does the population have enough water to survive? The prognosis for the future.
  31. How to deal with periodic weather changes in certain areas? The best methods of preventing them.
  32. The use of pesticides and herbicides. Are they a necessity, or do they bring only harm to the environment?
  33. The underground water contamination: should we be afraid of it?
  34. The role of surfactants in our daily life. What harm can they cause, and should we avoid them?
  35. Soil pollution: what can we do to improve the situation?

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