How to write 1000 word essay


When studying at high school or college, you may often face such a challenging task, as a 1000-word paper. For most of the students, it may sound too scary, as the number 1000 is quite impressive.

We are often asked how long will the assignment take but there is no clear answer: some need a couple of hours, while others struggle days and still can’t succeed. If you are lost in multiple guidelines and need a credible and clear guideline on writing a 1000 word essay, go on reading.

With the help of EssayWritingHelp experts, you will be able to complete an outstanding essay and spend as little time, as possible.

What you need to know

There are many essay writing guides online but not all of them are serious and credible. Some of them are written by foreigners and cannot be applied in your own country, while others are simply created to add a blog post to the website.

We have collected all the information you may need in order to cope with a 100-word paper of any complexity. With our guide, you will work on any assignment with ease! Make yourself comfortable and continue reading to know more. We guarantee a great success of your essay!

Choose a topic

It is not a secret that a 1000-word essay creating should start with choosing a proper topic. In most of the cases, you are free to select it on your own, which is a big plus. You can concentrate on the issues that matter to you and stay motivated along the way.

However, it is easy to loose objectivity if your topic engages you too much, so try to avoid too emotional topics or subjects, which influence you directly.

Take your time to research information online. It is important not only to select an interesting subject but also to have access to a big amount information on the topic. In such a way, you will always be ready to back your arguments with reliable data and make the whole essay catchy and smooth!

Make a draft and follow the structure

After choosing a topic, you need to create an outline to make sure you remember all the things you wanted to include to the text. An outline is a sort of a plan, which is considered the skeleton of your essay and it renders its key elements.

When you have an outline, you can start creating a first 1000 words essay draft. As any other written assignment, your essay should consist of three main elements:

  • In a couple of sentences, you need to introduce the reader to the topic and make him want to go on reading. Close this section with a thesis statement, explaining why the matter is so important;
  • Main paragraphs. Mark two or three arguments you want to discuss and divide them into separate paragraphs. Provide credible data and don’t forget to dilute the text with charts, statistics, quotes or pictures if appropriate;
  • Finish your essay with a brief summary of the conducted work. You need to paraphrase your introduction and remind the reader why your topic is important. If possible, try to make predictions for the future.

Remember that every paragraph should consist of logical sentences and interlink with each other. Use various lexical elements and connective words to make your text readable and smooth. Don’t forget to reread your essay a couple of times to fix all the possible mistakes. Ask your friends or relatives to read the text again and make corrections if necessary.

Be original

Many students wonder how to write 1000 word essay and turn to various websites and educational resources. Surfing for information, they easily get lost in multiple websites and feel a temptation of downloading ready samples of similar works.

It may sound a great idea at first, as it doesn’t require lots of your time or money. However, it is very easy to check any paper on plagiarism, so you always risk, when pretending to be the author of the paper. Do you really want to be caught?

It is better to start your work well in advance and create the essay anew, checking it on plagiarism software multiple times before the delivery.

Stay inspired

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t download a 1000 words essay example. Such sample is a great way to get familiar with the topic, its common structure and the main tools, which can be used in your own work.

Choose a couple websites with academic works, download a few examples, make notes and write down key elements, which can be used in your own paper. Such an approach can be of a great use for boosting creativity and remaining inspired from the end till the beginning.

Writing a 1000 word essay is very challenging and can cause lots of stress. However, after reading our guide you will know what such written assignment is about and will master all the tools to complete it without any problems.

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