What Is a Reflection Essay?


Various academic courses utilize a reflective essay. When composing such a piece of writing, the students are supposed to look back at the lessons they have learned and reflect them in their essays. For instance, if you are an internship student, you should generate an internship reflection paper to conclude about their experiences. If you wonder what the reflection paper is and how to write such an essay correctly, read on this ultimate guide to impress your teacher and write it fast. 

Before writing the paper, it is recommended to select the title. Writing a reflective paper is similar to writing any other type of academic work, but here you will need to reflect yourself. So, check out the tips and nuances of how to compose a perfect reflective essay here.

First of all, you will need to define the term “reflective essay.” Actually, it is a reflection of your personality. You choose a certain topic that focuses on you. Your target reader expects your life evaluation of a specific time. Your professor might ask you to make a reflection on different emotions, feelings, and memories of your past. They should be interesting and exciting. It is very important to follow this rule so that your potential audience will not get bored.

This is a personal paper type and very special: you will have to explain, reflect, and consider many things. You must show different feelings that you have felt previously. For instance, you might show the way you changed since you were a child and the way you played with your closest friends. Your professor might ask you to emphasize certain events that are related to political and social aspects. It is obvious that you might have such memories. However, some of the details might be missing to make your story full. Take some time to reflect on everything you need. 

Go back to the previous life experiences. Provide a clear account of a definite feeling, happening, or event. When you show the way, you feel or reflect the thoughts, it is important to select the right phrases and words. To completely describe what you want, you should make up your mind on selecting proper words. To make your content more positive, readable, and clearer, you should find your writing style. Reveal the thoughts originally. Share only happy and important feelings. However, remain honest: if there are negative things, mention them too. 

Have a look at other essays. Find the illustration paper to help you if you have time for that. It might be complicated to complete the task and make a solid reflective paper. Nevertheless, do your best to make your essay interesting – so order a paper online!

How to Start a Reflective Essay Correctly?

As you are aware of what a reflective paper is, you will have to be aware of how to compose it. This is useful data. Study the matter to have a proper understanding of the way of connecting body paragraphs. It goes without saying that you will need a decent plan to compose your paper (there are many benefits of doing it).       

Even if you write a scholarship paper, it will work. When you generate the outline, you will get a clearer view of the literature work further development.         

Having a decent structure, you will know how to compose the story page by page and step by step. You should gradually develop the task and be organized. It will be much easier to write such an essay. Pay enough attention to the next points:

Reflective Essay Outline

To write the reflective paper fast and easily, you should outline every single part of it. Check out these steps:

  • Selecting a topic.
  • Collecting data.
  • Refining the informative resources. 
  • Composing a draft.
  • Generating main project parts.
  • Making references.

Reflective Essay Structure

There are three main parts of every solid reflective essay:

  • Intro
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion 

How to Make an Introduction to a Reflective Essay?

Begin each academic task with intro. It must be:

  • Brief
  • Informative
  • Catchy

You must explain your most important ideas and the things you are planning to describe. If you start properly, your chances of success will increase.

How to Make a Good Reflective Essay Thesis?

         The main purpose should be revealed through the thesis statement. You are to:

  • Describe a certain change, experience, or event.
  • Include 1+ strong example to make the picture complete.
  • Show the consequences, effects, the way certain events impacted you personally, and lessons learned from these experiences.

How to Write a Logical Conclusion for a Reflective Essay?

The final paragraph should present the summary and general overview of the reflective essay. The solid conclusion must:

  • Emphasize the main points.
  • Retell your story in different words.
  • Logically conclude your investigation.

The last part of your essay must be effective. When you make good conclusions, you will present a profound level of understanding of the things you have described in the story. With this ultimate guide, you will get the tips and recommendations to write a perfect reflective essay.

Useful Tips to Create a Professional Work

To make a successful reflective essay, follow these effective and simple tips:

  • Avoid dragging someone else to the reflective essay. Don’t write about people, but about actions. Compose your conclusions accordingly to the influence of these actions.
  • Don’t write from the 1st person in the reflective essay. Use pieces of evidence to back up your feelings and viewpoint.
  • Don’t use slang words. This is a serious essay, so do not turn it into a personal journal. Compose the whole text like a paper for the readers.
  • To introduce details, utilize transitional phrases. For instance, you might include here such phrases as “on the contrary,” “as a result,” “for example,” etc. 
  • Make sure your story is short and bright. It must contain 300-700 words, but not more.

How to Write a Reflection Paper: Example of a Good Formatting

If you wish to write a good reflective paper, you would better read the reflective essay examples. Read the ones that are common for your institution and meet your targets. Note that it might be rather difficult: there are certain things you will need to know. Here they are for you to take into account:

  • Composing a draft. Depending on the targets, compose a draft to see how things are organized. You will have a chance to rewrite all the weak places and add some new and interesting material.
  • Following the formatting rules. A certain format should be followed 100%. It might be Harvard, Chicago, APA, or MLA. Ask your professor about the details.
  • Writing the proper references. You should cite all the information sources. So, name them and organize them accordingly to the rules.

The reflective essay is utilized in a variety of academic courses. When you write it, you must look back at the lessons learned and reflect them on the essay. Each internship student is supposed to compose a reflective paper to make conclusions about their experience. This piece of writing should be written in a certain format. For instance, you might utilize the APA style if you are composing a reflective paper in law, science, history, and psychology. Check out the main requirements of this format:

  • double space
  • 1-inch margins
  • 8.5×11 inches (printed on the standard essay)  
  • Times New Roman
  • 12-point font

Take these prompts into account. Note that you might need extra assistance when writing a reflective essay. We offer to order a paper online if you feel you need some help.

How to Choose Bright Reflective Essay Topics?

Sometimes you might miss good ideas for the reflective paper topics. Check out our list of interesting topics to grab the best one:

Good Reflective Essay Topics

  1. What is breaking your heart?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. What is the experience that you will never forget?
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. How do you manage to reach your goals?

Personal Reflective Essay Ideas

  1. Which are your biggest fears?
  2. Which things do you prefer about yourself the most?
  3. What are your main dreams?
  4. How do you manage to overcome stress?
  5. What do you wish to do in your future?

Reflective Essay on English Class

To make a solid reflective essay on English class, you should explore the Internet and local libraries. Use this web source to find proper topics. Take some notes when you select a certain topic and do your task.

How to Proofread the Work and Correct Mistakes?

As soon as you finish your reflective piece of writing, you would better fix the grammar and revise it to make paper look pro. Take your time and do not be in a hurry. So proofread your paper to correct some logical errors. For instance, you might take a break for several days and then go back to your reflective essay with a bright and fresh look over the mistakes. You might also use various vocabulary. Also, you might utilize online grammar checkers to make sure the grammar is okay. 

How to Get Professional Help in Writing a Reflective Paper?

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