Journal Prompts for Teens


Creative writing is surely one of the most challenging assignments any teenager may face. It not only takes lots of different skills and knowledge but also a deep understanding of yourself and the ability to share your story with others.

Unfortunately, most teens tend to lock themselves from the world, trying not to seem vulnerable or worrying that they will be treated wrong. That is why putting words on paper is a great way to calm down, relax and to solve lots of the arising issues.

Creative writing encourages youth to learn more about themselves and to think about different issues from various angles. That is why students often look for interesting teenage topics both for their high school assignments and for a personal diary.

If you journal on a daily basis, you will find it much easier to express your thoughts. You will be able to communicate with strangers, to share your point of view with others and may even fight your fears. You will give freedom to your thoughts and will no longer be afraid of judgments.

Creative writing also allows students to dive deeper into the topic and to avoid being superficial. When teenagers put their thoughts on paper, they find it much easier to control themselves and to come to important solutions and conclusions.

That is why today we will introduce you to creative writing prompts for teens, teach you how to choose them and where to look for help if you don’t think that you can manage the task on your own. Let’s start our wonderful journey!

Writing Prompts for Teens

During school years you will have to face multiple tasks. Some of them will be easy (like writing a descriptive essay), others will require more time and effort (research papers or laboratory works). However, not many of these tasks may compare in complexity with creative writing.

Most students find it quite simple to write a paper based on sources and books but they are completely lost, when there is a need to share their thoughts and to talk about personal matters. Even if you are journaling for yourself it may be hard, to be honest, and reveal your deep thoughts.

However, the first step is always the hardest and if you come up with good story ideas for teenagers you will find it much simpler to get started. Some students are lucky enough to be given a ready prompt by the tutor. In such a case you only need to start writing!

Here are a few tips that may help you to choose a good topic on your own:

  • Think about the things that interest you the most. It is difficult to write an outstanding story if you are not interested in the topic. It can be a hobby, a problem of your local community or any other issue that stirs your interest and emotions. You must be passionate about what you write;
  • Choose a catchy subject. If you are writing an essay for your school, it will be wise to choose a catchy issue. It may concern violence, abortions, alcohol, graduation or other issues that are important for you and for your classmates. To be on a safe side it is better to ask your tutor in advance whether your topic is appropriate;
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a provocative or controversial topic. The above problems may seem too risky but that is the whole point of creative writing! It is personalized and aims to render your own ideas on a particular topic. That is why don’t be afraid to show what you think on the issue even if it is controversial;
  • Make sure it won’t hurt others’ feelings (if your essay will be published). Still, there are topics and issues that should be avoided. Moreover, it is better to omit offensive statements or thoughts that may hurt others. This may concern religious, nationality and other sensitive topics. Before writing something rough always try to wear the shoes of the readers and think whether you would be happy to hear that.

All these tips are mainly applied to school assignments. If you are writing for your journal and sure that no one will read it, you are free to put any ideas on paper without fear of getting a low grade, being judged or evaluated!

Journal topics for teens: how to choose the subject?

Let us introduce you to writing topics for teens. All of them were carefully collected by our experts and writers, so you can be sure that each of them is modern, interesting and allows to discover the potential of any student!

  1. Are you the same person offline and online?
  2. Did the area you grew up in influenced your personality?
  3. Do you prefer getting up early or staying up late?
  4. What is your strongest belief?
  5. Your favorite inspirational quote;
  6. What are the best lessons your parents have taught you?
  7. Do you think you can keep secrets? If not, why so?
  8. Tell about the time, when you sacrificed something for someone;
  9. If you had a voting right, would you be a Democrat or a Republican?
  10. Tell about a situation, which surprised you;
  11. Choose five objects that characterize you the most. Why did you pick them?
  12. Are you able to detect whether a person is telling lies?
  13. What makes a good family?
  14. What benefit of becoming older you are waiting the most?
  15. Do you have much freedom online?
  16. What things inspire you the most?
  17. Do you want to have a tattoo?
  18. Do you want to have children one day?
  19. What do you prefer: watching a movie or reading its paper version?
  20. The most difficult thing you had to learn;
  21. Were you ever forced to give away something that is really important?
  22. If you could travel back in time, which era would you go to?
  23. What would you do if you could control dreams?
  24. Do you meditate? If yes, what is your favorite practice?
  25. Where do you go to, when you feel that you lack energy?
  26. What achievement makes you proud the most?
  27. Do you feel comfortable working in a team?
  28. What can be improved in the US political system?
  29. How did you change compared to yourself a year ago?
  30. What childhood memories you cherish the most?
  31. What is your favorite quote? What do you like about it the most?
  32. The best choice that influenced your life;
  33. The time, when you did something good to a complete stranger;
  34. Is there life on other planets?
  35. The smell you like the most;
  36. Are you ready to fight for what you truly believe in?
  37. Write a poem about being a modern teenager;
  38. Do you still communicate with your kindergarten friends?
  39. What qualities do you want your children to take from you?
  40. Are you the same person you were five years ago?
  41. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  42. Which subject you like and dislike the most?
  43. How do you feel, when you need to give something away?
  44. Do you prefer spending holidays with friends or on your own?
  45. Tell about the time, when you lost a precious thing;
  46. Should students wear a uniform?
  47. Do you like classical or modern literature?
  48. Where would you travel to if you didn’t have to think about money?
  49. What is it like living in the US?
  50. Do you think your family is close-knit?
  51. Do you like saving or spending money?
  52. What is your biggest talent?
  53. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  54. What is your favorite hobby?
  55. Have you done anything extreme lately?
  56. What lessons have you learned from your grandparents? Did they influence who you are?
  57. Do you have trouble falling asleep? What thoughts usually disturb you?
  58. Do you sometimes feel that you are out of place? Do you feel alone among others?
  59. The things that you crave but feel too shy to tell about;
  60. Write about yourself. Who you are?
  61. Have you ever had a supernatural experience? If yes, tell about it;
  62. The best road trip you have ever been to;
  63. The part of the day you like the most. Why?

Even though the above prompts for students seem quite simple, they are a great tool to show your personality, social and political position. They also cover such topics as family, relationships, responsibility and helping others.

If you were lucky enough to choose the topic on your own, just read our list above and pick the subject that sounds close to you!

Teens topics: get professional help

On one hand, it is quite easy to come up with a prompt for a journal. Creative writing gives students the freedom to discuss anything they want. However, the absence of borders may eventually play a bad joke with you, because you won’t know what to concentrate on.

In case you don’t know how to choose a prompt, here are a few options:

  • Find interesting articles for teens online. Every day thousands of new stories are published, which becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Make a list of the topics that interest you the most and start writing!
  • Download lists of prompts. There are hundreds of them online, so you only need to Google them and choose the one that you like more;
  • Ask your friends or family members to help. They surely have a few topics to discuss, so you can use them for your own writing;
  • Listen to yourself. There are always ideas and thoughts that bother you. If you are writing for a private journal, these thoughts are a great source and can give you lots of pages!

However, if you are writing an essay and need to complete a creative essay urgently, you may need professional assistance.

Writers and editors from various online companies are ready to choose a prompt or even to complete the assignment for you. Not sure which company to choose? Pay attention to us! We are a team of professionals, who love writing and have years of experience in the field.

Together we will choose the best topic and you will create an outstanding story that you will be proud of!

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