What Is Freedom And What It Takes to Write an Enticing Freedom Essay?


Freedom essay is one of the most frequent academic assignments. Although you have a fair chance to get such a task, some students don’t have the slightest idea of what to write in such an essay or how to structure the content. In this article, we will discuss several approaches on how to write a successful freedom essay.

To write a top-notch freedom essay, choose a new angle from which you will highlight your topic. Write what freedom means to you; give examples of freedom and significance of freedom. Writing about freedom from a new angle will help you create an authentic and original essay.

What Is Your Personal Opinion on Freedom?

If you want to get a concise definition of freedom, you can find it in any dictionary. This essay is unique because, in it, students usually express their opinion on a peculiar topic. For example, immigrants may write about their trip to the USA. Writers or painters may write about freedom of speech or expression in their art in totalitarian countries. Students should think about the significance of freedom in their lives, which is somehow related to what happened to them in their past and what will be important for them in the future.

Laws on Freedom in a Contemporary Society

To get more substantial information about freedom, you can easily read the Bill of Rights with its ten amendments to the US Constitution. In it, you can find information on the universal human rights that are given to the citizens by the authorities. These rights and freedoms were new and unique for that particular time the US Constitution was written. These amendments assigned the US citizens with rights that were not yet even known at that time. For instance, such a human right as freedom of speech. In the European Union, there are also basic freedoms that are protected by the law. For example, mobility rights (also called freedom of movement or the right to travel) is an essential European concept of human rights that allows the citizens of the EU to travel from country to country on business and personal matters.

Another key point. If you are going to write a freedom essay, you should choose one amendment of basic human rights and dwell upon this topic. An essay is too short for even one certain aspect of human rights. In case you are writing a longer essay, you might be able to write about several aspects of human rights.

How Do People Understand Freedom?

Various people can understand freedom in different ways. People have the freedom to do whatever they want, but there are definite limitations. We live in a society, and for it to function to our benefit, people limit their actions or words, for example, adhering to the laws. For example, to live somewhere, a person should buy land or get a registration. One more example: a person has no right to threaten to harm anyone. It seems a violation of freedom, while in reality, it is meant to protect the other person’s wellbeing. Before you decide what your freedom essay will be about, you should carefully weigh all such aspects.

People have been fighting for their precious freedoms for hundreds of years. They fought to be able to express their thoughts freely or to be able to practice their religion. Freedom is an integral part of our life, cherished by every individual.

There were a lot of cases in history when people’s rights have severely violated, which lead to massive protests. In a contemporary world, freedom is being widely discussed on TV and in the media, but some people still complain that their lawful rights are violated. Although freedom includes a lot of various aspects, it’s something difficult to be researched. Among students, essays on freedom are rather popular.

Useful Tips on How to Write an Incredible Freedom Essay

If your assignment is to write a freedom essay, there is no reason to worry, even if you haven’t written such an essay before. Below you will find several essential tips that will help you to write the paper.

  • When you start writing your freedom essay, imagine that you write a compelling blog post. In your blog, you share your thoughts and ideas with your readers. Writing blog posts, people don’t only share their opinions, they get rid of stress. Your readers will definitely like your stories, what you tell about freedom, and how you fight for freedom.
  • Be passionate about what you write in your essay. Freedom is an interesting subject to write about. Try to discuss a topic from a new angle.
  • Your point of view is important, and you don’t have to agree to anyone’s opinion. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to be original. Whatever interests you about the topic of freedom can be of interest to your readers too.
  • Use various sources and consider many points of view. Before you start writing your freedom essay, research the topic well. You should have a lot of ideas before you start writing.
  • You can quote someone else’s smart idea. When you write your freedom essay, your writing should be logical and precise. To use an interesting quote sometimes is not a really good idea. In many cases, it’s better to rewrite an interesting idea in your words and add your point of view. To put it differently, paraphrase your freedom quotes.
  • You might start writing your essay with a body, and only after that, write an introduction and conclusion. After you’ve done the research, write your introduction. Present your main point in the opening and summarize it in conclusion. It’s not a usual way to write your essay, but sometimes it might work better.
  • Writing is also freedom, so enjoy it. If an interesting thought comes to your mind, write it down at once, so you don’t forget it, whether it is a paragraph or a sentence. You can insert it in your freedom essay a bit later. Sometimes one day is not enough to finish your essay. Sometimes it may take several days to write your essay. On some days, you feel creative and full of inspiration; on others, you can’t even see your keyboard.
  • You should remember several essential things concerning the content of your essay. You shouldn’t write about taboo aspects. Either complicated language or clichés will spoil the impression of your essay. It is vitally significant to avoid plagiarism. If you copy a paragraph from someone else’s work, your essay can be banned. Your freedom essay should be written well, and it should always be original and unique.
  • Find a topic that is compelling and contemporary, both for you and for your readers. You can choose among a variety of topics:
  • will and getting your goals.
  • Does freedom of speech mean for your life?
  • Freedom of conscience essential? Why?

There are different types of freedom, which is a part of our life, and we can describe it in many ways.

After you’ve got an assignment to write a freedom essay, you can search for a sample on the internet to have an idea of how to write it well. Pay attention to an outline, how to write an introduction and a conclusion.

If you write your paper as if it is a blog post or a story, it makes the process of writing a lot easier.

Freedom vs. Boring Rules

Some students dislike writing academic papers. There are certain reasons why students may hate writing essays:

  • When the topic is not interesting or is not clear enough, it may be clear to concentrate on writing your essay.
  • Teachers give topics that are more interesting to them rather than to their students. That doesn’t motivate students to write creatively, and it is the absence of freedom.
  • Students try to get the highest grades instead of writing something interesting and of high quality.
  • The topic doesn’t seem worthy of attention.
  • Students aren’t focused enough on their writing and pay attention to social media more than to their essays.
  • Students must adhere to strict rules. For example, an essay should be formatted correctly. Using the correct academic style, numbering pages, etc. may take a lot of time and be rather boring.

To make writing your freedom essay an easy task, you should apply the right approach. Try to take your task as something pleasant and interesting, not just as a difficult duty. Be creative when you are writing your freedom essay. Hopefully, this article helped you by providing the necessary information. Good marks to you!

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