Your Own Creative Writing Portfolio: Inspiration and Tips


When we bring up the topic about the creative writing examples people often think about poetry or some fictional writing. In fact, there can be many more sources of inspiration that can trigger your creative side. You can focus on one specific type of writing that is good as you will be able to master particular skills. But you can get much more from learning and researching the other genres and types. Even the regular blog posts and journal articles can serve as a great example of storytelling. Want to know more? We have prepared the article that will provide you with a detailed guide on how to search and find the inspiration and master your writing skills in order to design a great portfolio that will impress any university or the publishing house.

Where to find creative writing portfolio examples?

So, as we have stated, any piece of writing can become an example to follow. Just think how much time you spend texting with someone or writing posts on your Facebook page in order to share your thought or simply the funny story that happened to you the other day. This is when you master your writing skills without even realizing it. This discovery reveals the fact that you can train in writing in the places that from the first sight are not meant for this. What about inspiration or examples?

As far as you express your thoughts and share ideas with people in this way, other people do exactly the same thing. And some of them definitely can be better in this in some way. So, why not take advantage of the free source of information and stories? Some posts can inspire you to write a short story about an average person that has made the heroic action. Or you might feel like writing about the events that bother you at the moment. Or you can simply copy the style and approach of other social media storytellers and develop your skill in a way you need.

With the availability of the internet, the question of searching the inspiration for creative writing portfolio became just a matter of persistence and hard-working. There is no need to have wide life experience as soon as you are good at processing someone.

What is a creative writing?

Let’s take a step back and define the meaning of the creative writing term. Generally speaking, this is a piece of writing work, like an essay, that contains a story with an engaging plot. But this definition is pretty formal. The best thing about this academic writing task, that you practically do not have any restrictions. Sure, there are some basic rules like a correct grammar or the 5-paragraph structure. But the obligatory is only the first one; the number of paragraphs can be optional (but the 5 are the most common and convenient way to tell the story).

Types of examples of creative writing

Now let’s take a look at various options for creative writing works. As you already know, there are many more sources of inspiration than fictional literature or poetry. We will disclose 12 types of creative pieces you can use as a base for completing your school or university task.

  • Free writing. This technique is called to stimulate your creative thinking and help in generating new ideas. All you need is a notebook or any other place to write in and start writing. Without focusing on the idea, plot or any other limits. This is the main training for mastering creative writing.
  • This is any type of writing dedicated to one thing, phenomenon or purpose. The variations are countless: dream journal, travel journal, goals, memories and many more. Many writers have journals that keep journals to write down spontaneous ideas or for brainstorming. Also, a rich source of creative writing examples for high school.
  • This is also some kind of journal where you write down your everyday life. This is also a great tool for training writing skills as you already have some set of events to describe. All you need is to work on the form of your narration.
  • When you want to describe the particular experience in your life, you can write memoirs. It can be a short-term event like a trip to some impressive place or the life-long issue that you had to deal with (unfortunate love, family issues, the bad political situation in your country, etc.).
  • Sure, we can communicate with people via quicker ways, but the art of writing letters is still can be inspiring. There is no need to write a letter to a distant friend. You can express your thoughts, complaints or appreciations in a written form and address the letter to the direct receiver of those expressed thoughts, complaints, ideas, etc.
  • You might think about the academic writing, but in fact, you can find a lot of variants of essays that can have creative and personal character without sticking to the academic requirements and topics.
  • At first paper and journal articles were meant to describe facts and events in order to inform people. But now this type of writing has evolved and it can affect people’s minds drastically.
  • This is obvious but still a great source of inspiration. However, it is often underestimated when it comes to developing writing skills. You do not even need a rhyme as there is free-form poetry. Anyway, creating and reading poems and even short kids’ rhymes you can learn how to express thoughts to touch readers’ hearts with minimum words in your creative writing portfolio for college.
  • This is a combination of poetry and the melodic combination of the words and phrases. Moreover, just like in poetry, you can come up with words that will be specific but truly suitable to touch humans’ hearts.
  • Movie scripts. This is a more technical but still very useful writing skill. You learn how to express your vision of the scene to make sure the actors and director will understand what emotions it should contain.
  • As well as lyrics or poetry they are aimed at people’s hearts and minds. Set the goal to persuade, inform or inspire your potential listeners and practice in writing speeches.
  • Blog and social network posts. We have already mentioned that these types of today’s most popular type of writing can have a great impact on you as well. You can find inspiration for creative writing essay examples or to become one for someone if you will practice in this sphere as well.

How to make a creative writing portfolio?

The main secret here is to be inspired and brave to try your skills in any possible type of creative writing. The more versatile your portfolio will be, the more chances for you to impress the right people. We have discovered where to find the inspiration and examples of creative writing. Now let’s move to recommendations for how to stay inspired.

  • Do what you love. Let this feeling fill your heart and you will see how your mind will produce ideas and motivation to create. This is pure happiness to do what makes you feel this way.
  • Keep reading. This seems obvious, but you will get the great examples to follow only if you will love reading as well as writing.
  • Surround yourself with creative people. People can inspire us even more than books and other art pieces. The creativity of minds is what can stimulate your creative abilities and give you the ideas for creative writing thesis examples.
  • Spend time with nature. Clean your soul and mind staying away from cities and people from time to time. Listen to the natural sounds, observe plants and animals, feel the sunshine and smell fresh air.
  • Try new experiences. Positive stress is the best creative stimulator. Moreover, you will never find out that something is your passion until you try it. So do not keep yourself from something new.
  • Use your past experiences. Your memories can give you the ideas for creative writing or the new point of view on the current events.
  • Learn from children. Young minds are open to everything new and they are free from limits and prejudices. So, they can see the world in a way average adult simply cannot.
  • Listen to music. Music can touch the deepest strings of your soul, bring up images and ideas that cannot appear on their own. It can also bring up the emotions and memories from the past that can trigger your mind as well.
  • Talk to strangers. Be considerable but do not feel fear to talk to a person in a cafe or the book store (wherever you spend your time). Even the smallest talk can open you to new worldviews and insights. That’s gold.

Good creative riddance!

Remember that your creative personality requires nutrition so feed your inner creator with the best inspirations possible. Consider our recommendations and discover new ones and do not be afraid to experiment in your life. But most of all we want you to keep writing and never run out of the creative writing portfolio ideas. We wish you the best!

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