Descriptive essay about a person


Globally essays remain one of the most popular written assignments and they offer a huge variety of opportunities for students of all levels. For example, scholars can share their stories with the world, describe a certain event or thing, compare various items and much more. However, essay about a person is surely one of the most favorite types of essays not depending on the academic level and subject.

You can be asked to write about a member of the family, a scientist, a writer, a popular singer or a character from your favorite book or movie. That is why it is crucial to be able to complete such type of an essay and know all of its peculiarities.

Unfortunately, writing a descriptive person analysis is considered quite a difficult assignment, as students rarely find examples of such works and should possess lots of skills to be able to deliver a thorough and detailed description.

descriptive essay should contain information about person’s appearance and character or specific features, which have influenced or lead to certain situations.

The main goal of such a task is to give a clear picture of a character and highlight the features you want to share with the audience. Examples of such descriptions may be found in novels or biographic articles. However, what should one do if he or she doesn’t have enough time to read a book or watch movies?

One of the best ways is to download samples of such works online. In such a way, you will get familiar with the structure, lexical and grammar components, and all the tools, which distinguish such an essay from the rest.

However, if you don’t want to entrust your essay to a doubtful sample, just continue reading and get all the information you need for a perfect performance.

Structure of a descriptive essay

Structure of a descriptive essay about a person is quite similar to the structure of any other essay. It should consist of three main elements:

  1. Introductory section. Here you need to explain why you have chosen a particular person to describe. However, your text should be interesting and intriguing to make the reader want to learn more. Your thesis statement should give an idea of what you are going to discuss in your future work;
  2. Body paragraphs. If you don’t have any specific requirements, your main part should consist of three paragraphs. The first paragraph should contain information about a person: his or her character, appearance and so on. In the second one you need to describe the environment of a person and the final paragraph should convey his or her emotions and feelings;
  3. Here you need to make a brief summary of your work and explain why it is worth attention of the reader. If possible, you can write about the significance of your essay.

Most common mistakes you are going to face

By now, you already know what is a personal descriptive essay and its key elements. However, you should also know about the mistakes every student may face with time, while working on his description. Note them down or learn by heart:

  • Not making drafts. Trying to save time, students prefer writing a final version of their essay at once. However, they forget to include important elements or simply make multiple mistakes in their text;
  • Not structuring properly. Such a mistake makes your text difficult to read;
  • Lack of writing skills. Unfortunately, if you are not able to present a person you are describing in an interesting manner, your essay will just be one of the thousands others;
  • Long sentences. Try to make your text simple and clear, without complicated constructions;
  • Absence of editing and proofreading. Even the best plot will fade if your lexis and grammar are poor.
  • Absence of checking paper on plagiarism. Find out what types of plagiarism exist?

The best advices you may get

If you find essays describing a person difficult and lack patience, you will surely need a bit of assistance. Here are the tips, which will be useful throughout the way:

  • Choose the topic and the character wisely. Think of the things, which will distinguish them from other works;
  • Write down words, which may be the most powerful. Lexis is crucial, when it comes to describing a person;
  • Use dialogues, quotes and other examples, which may bright up your essay. It will be a great idea to use visual materials if allowed by the guidelines;
  • Make your description as full, as possible. Think of the hidden motives and characteristics your person may have;
  • Choose a feature, which you will highlight in your text. You shouldn’t write about everything at once: concentrate on particular aspects.

Following all these simple rules will surely make your description vivid, interesting and catchy!

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