Best Tips Regarding How to Start an Essay


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Powerful Headline Is the Key to Success

Of course, this article could begin with the following words, ‘Ways to start an academic essay to get a better result’. Each of us wants the success to accompany him at all stages of life, both every day and related to the academic world. For this reason, the above phrase is rhetorical, which significantly increases the level of its attractiveness for use.

After the appearance of a hook, a person who is engaged in professional writing goes on to reveal his basic thoughts and ideas about arguments. In fact, the task of the hook is only to interest the audience. This trick is one of the smartest and most interesting strategies for starting an essay.

‘The Sex Lives of Siamese’, ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘The 120 Days of Sodom, or the School of Libertinage’ – all these powerful words are the names of some literary works that are famous around the world. The quality and relevance of the content give way to a competent start. Of course, this does not mean that the writer can create very boring and uninteresting text, provided that an excellent title is created. However, a bad start contributes to a collision with a series of difficulties that are worse than the problems in the middle of the workflow.

What About Quotation

If you are confused and do not know which way to start the paper, resorting to one of the best options is to include a quote from a famous author or any other that you like. When the main topic of the paper is to discuss a literary or cinematic work, starting with interesting, powerful quotes will be a very good idea. Many controversial reasoning of famous people contributes to creating an excellent starting point for deep reflection while the level of emotionality will allow you to influence the reader with a demonstration of your opinion on this subject.

A Range of Different Ways to Start a Paragraph

The next point that we will discuss in this article is the first paragraph of the essay, whose function is to interest the target audience and present original thoughts. There are a large number of such hooks.

Start with a question that is intriguing or rhetorical. Subject to the use of this method, while the presented questions do not have an obvious answer, the student has to disclose them in the text. At the same time, rhetorical questions do not need an answer. Below we suggested some of the options.

  • Have you ever thought about the fate of ducks, which hundreds of people daily feed bread?
  • Is there a relationship between media resources that tells about any violent events and crimes of young people?
  • How can intuitive nutrition change your lifestyle?

Playing with a variety of facts and statistics from a variety of resources is a great idea that helps substantiate the importance of the chosen topic and your point of view.

Another interesting aspect is the use of jokes. Nevertheless, you should not think that this method is the best beginning of a persuasive essay. The latter is connected with the requirements of serious documents in which there is no place for thoughts and such ideas.

You can also imagine telling a story whose wit will significantly improve the quality of the essay. Do not forget to leave space for drawing problems and formulating the main thesis.

For a compelling essay, a good start would be to use statistics or shocking facts. These essays are interdisciplinary in nature and present in such scientific fields as philosophy, jurisprudence, and many others.

Let’s Consider the Final Paragraph

When we talk about ways to start the final part, one of the key positions is the transition sentence, the main purpose of which is to maintain the logical consistency of the presented material. Pay attention to how you can make these transitions and relate the conclusion to the last body phrase.

At the same time, you should refuse to use words like ‘At the end of this study.’ The above parts play the role of the basic rules regarding the work with the final paragraphs. Remember that there should be a clear task that appears at each point of your essay.

A Pinch of Elements to Avoid

An introduction to the topic of an essay is the primary and most significant goal of each student. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of shortcomings and mistakes that everyone may encounter.

  • Refuse the demonstration definition from the dictionary at the beginning of your essay. This option is very boring and known to every layman. At the same time, professors and academics advise avoiding the use of resources such as public encyclopedias. Describing your point of view or using a creative approach to define complex concepts or phrases will be much better.
  • You should also avoid broad and generalized text styles. Use the timer to make sure that the introduction takes no more than 25 seconds. Otherwise, it will be an option that requires adjustment.
  • Forget about the purpose of the academic assignment as the first step in creating an essay. Most often, a similar aspect appears in the middle of the paper and without indication. However, the latter does not concern the creation of a guide.

Other Important Tips

Many students are afraid to turn to the professor and teachers for help, hoping to cope with the task on their own. Nevertheless, try to overcome yourself and do not hesitate to consult with others. First, studying is designed to make mistakes and learn to correct them. Secondly, teachers are professionals in their field. Their job is to teach other people specific skills. Keep that in mind.

At the beginning of the article, we emphasized that this subject can cause some difficulties; you can contact our company for help. Situations are different, and each of us may face certain problems. The latter can concern any aspect and, as a consequence, influence the quality of academic work. Nevertheless, you should not be upset and panic. Remember that the mission of our professional company is to help in difficult times.

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