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Any time you are given a task of completing an expository essay, you may find it quite difficult to concentrate and select the one, which will reflect the subject perfectly and will help you to get high grades.

For most of the students, selecting expository topics becomes a hard task and they often postpone their essay, eventually being late with its delivery. We have created a list of topics for all of the students, who want to succeed in their studies and prefer getting quality assistance instead of hoping that their mediocre essay will get high grades.

Expository essay ideas

Is there any dependence between level of education and wealth? Explain your point of view

This topic is quite complicated, as it can stir up hot discussions and has lots of viewpoints. However, what can be better than a topic, which attracts lots of attention?

When talking about education, wealth or any other common fact, you need to back your arguments with statistics. Use credible sources to make sure your information is not only interesting but also reliable.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of owning a smartphone by a youngster?

If you don’t want to waste your time on a research, this topic will be a great choice. We are living in a world, where almost everyone has a smartphone and spends hours on social media and news websites. It mostly concerns youngsters, so the readers will definitely be interested in statistics and various researches on the topic.

Luckily, there is plenty of such data online and you won’t find it hard to collect necessary information.

How internet influences personal relationships

Have you noticed how much time you devote to your virtual friends chatting, exchanging funny images and videos? Every day we communicate with people we barely know, neglecting our family and friends in reality.

This topic may be quite controversial but it is very modern and will definitely grab attention of the audience. However, you should stay objective not to cause a hot argument even though this may be one of the reasons expository essay topics are for.

Should same-sex marriages be legal all across the world?

It is another controversial topic, which may be a great choice if you are not afraid of catching interest of the audience with an up-to-date subject.

It doesn’t matter what side you are on, you need to avoid offensive words and angry terms. Try to provide objective information on the latest trends around the world and the influence of same-sex marriages on the society.

Pros and cons of smart homes

If your audience consists of geeks, this topic will definitely be a great choice. Selecting matters, which will soon enter our lives is a way to great marks, so don’t neglect them!

Describe how smart homes are able to make our lives easier and complete functions, which may even save our lives. Don’t forget to mention that these systems may also promote laziness and make a person want to stay at home, making him or her lonelier.

Should learning of foreign languages be compulsory at schools?

Almost every curriculum has a foreign language to offer and many students find it both challenging and interesting. Make a research on how such subjects influence our brain, cognitive abilities and mental health.

Mention global citizenship and don’t forget to create a list of languages that are the most popular at the moment. Such expository writing topics will always be interesting and won’t demand too much of your time.

Is there life on other planets?

It is impossible to find a person, who is not interested in such topics, so selecting it for your essay will definitely be a success.

You can make a research not only based on literature but also on famous movies or quotes of specialists. You can also provide your essay with pictures and photos that may stir imagination of the audience.

Influence of materialism on a modern life

This topic can be a great choice for anyone. If you love all your material possessions and can’t live without them, you can support the idea of materialism. If you think that people are too concerned about money and various purchases, you can blame materialism, advertisements and so on.

Add a catchy quote at the beginning and you will definitely succeed!

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