Dissertation Acknowledgement Example


The dissertation acknowledgements part is a special section of a dissertation or research paper where you thank those people who have supported and helped you with your academic paper performing. There are two main types of acknowledgement dissertation acknowledgements including professional and personal acknowledgements. When you work with a dissertation paper, you must follow the full set of paper’s requirements and keep its proper structure. Therefore, the acknowledgements must be placed after the title page and before an abstract in research papers. Moreover, do not make acknowledgements section longer than one single page.

The writers usually use an informal writing style to perform dissertation acknowledgements, especially when they provide personal acknowledgements. Moreover, you can make this part of a paper more personal if needed. Therefore, you can use personal pronouns. Since there are two main categories of dissertation acknowledgements, you must learn who to thank first and how to make it properly. You need to check your college or university guidelines to reach additional information.

How to Write Acknowledgements

There are no solid differences in the ways how to write acknowledgements for a thesis, research paper or dissertation. In general, it must be written after a title page and before an abstract in a dissertation paper. In other types of academic papers, make sure it goes after a title page. Choose what kind of acknowledgements to pick – professional or personal ones. The choice of keywords and phrases used will greatly depend on the category of chosen acknowledgements.

There are no strict rules or standards on how to prepare proper acknowledgements. In the same time, make sure to place professional acknowledgements first to make your written piece a solid part of an academic paper. You can thank a lot of people, including your academic supervisors, funders, colleagues, family, and friends. In fact, in your acknowledgement thesis, you need to reference only those people who were directly involved in the process of your paper performing. You can also outline how they helped you and how important it was for your academic success.

Dissertation Acknowledgements

Among the dissertation acknowledgements examples, there are two main types of acknowledgements, including professional and personal once. You can use any of the categories of acknowledgements depending on your tutor guidelines and personal preferences.

  • Professional Acknowledgements
    It is important to thank all the people who were involved in your writing process. You must recall all the professionals who helped you with your research paper. Moreover, it is good to mention your supervisors, members of your academia, and also the funders. You can thank librarians, editors, proofreaders, classmates, professors, laboratory assistants, and other colleagues. When providing acknowledgements, take care to use full names with titles. If you want someone to stay anonymous you can use only his or her first name.
  • Personal Acknowledgements
    One of the top dissertation acknowledgement samples is a personal acknowledgement. Surely, there is no need to mention all members of your family and a huge group of friends. But if you have someone who helped you a lot with your paper and inspired you, you should thank these people in your personal acknowledgements section. The writers usually use an informal writing style to perform personal dissertation acknowledgements. Moreover, you can make this part of a paper even more personal if needed. Therefore, you can use personal pronouns. Make the acknowledgements no longer than a one single acknowledgements page. It is great to thank those people who encouraged you and helped you to improve your academic paper.

 How to Write Acknowledgement for Thesis

When you deal with an acknowledgement sample for thesis, make sure to follow the next guides and tips.

  • Use a simple and informal language in personal acknowledgements
  • Use full names with titles in professional acknowledgements
  • Make acknowledgements section no longer than a single page
  • Do not write any conclusions or summary at the end of the acknowledgements page

There are no strict rules or standards on how to prepare proper professional or personal acknowledgements, but you must always provide error-free and original content in your academic paper.


Acknowledgement Sample

When preparing personal or professional acknowledgements, make sure to remember about proper grammar and spelling. You can use the following samples to start your acknowledgements with, or you can modify them if needed.

  • I would like to thank my talented supervisor, James Connor, for helping me to prepare an excellent dissertation paper and for his guidance through an entire writing process.
  • My bellowed friend and colleague, Janie D., was my real inspiration and defined my way of research conduction. I am extremely grateful for her professional and friendly help.
  • I would like to acknowledge Professor M. Fanning for inspiring my interest in the computer sciences and information technology innovations.

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