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Continuing higher education and taking a deep dive into the subject is a very serious deal, which demands lots of attention, research and time spending. That is why not every student decides to write a dissertation, thinking that it is an unbearable task.

Working on the same subject may easily bore you if you don’t have enough motivation and energy. That is why dissertation topics are so important and require lots of consideration. If you choose a topic you are interested in, you will be able to research and collect information, work on the paper and improve it without any stress!

So how to choose a topic for your dissertation, considering the fact that their number is endless and the only limit is your imagination? If you are not given any strict guidelines and can choose the topic on your own, you can pick one by using such topics, as:

  • Those, which were already completed in the past;
  • Samples of dissertations in your field;
  • Those, which are offered by a professional writing company.

How a good topic should look like

Most of the students think that it is very simple to choose a topic for their dissertation but they are often wrong. The biggest problem is that they are not able to focus because of a huge variety of topics to choose from. That is why we have created a list of tips, which will be more than useful:

  • Your topic should be interesting for you. You shouldn’t write about nuclear weapons if you are a peace promoter. Try to choose a topic, which reflects your interests and your future years of research will be simple and fun;
  • Remember that your topic should be fresh and interesting. It will be a big mistake to choose a topic that was previously researched a million times. Try to select a topic, which is very fresh or can be a new side of an existing subject. In addition, you can select a topic, which is a broader picture of the existing research;
  • Before deciding what topic to choose, complete a brief research to understand whether there is enough material on the matter. If your topic is brand new, it may be very difficult to find necessary resources for your research;
  • Find dissertation topic examples online, write them down and decide whether they reflect your own attitude.

How to choose a dissertation topic

If you want your topic to reflect your personality, interests and ideas, try to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Note down every idea you have. It will be easier to pick one of many than to struggle with the single idea you have;
  • Test every idea on viability. This means that before choosing a particular matter you need to be sure that the topic is not only fresh but has lots of sources to rely on. If you are not able to gather information, it is impossible to write a great dissertation;
  • Limit the number of ideas you have to three or four and it will be much easier to decide what topic to choose.

Now when you know how to choose a matter to write about, let dissertation help service provide you ideas for education dissertation topics!

Examples of dissertation topics

  1. The importance of homework for troublesome teenagers and those, who are living in bad conditions;
  2. How can studies overseas improve tolerance and unite different nations?
  3. How to help elderly people to master new technologies?
  4. Is it possible to replace all the studies material with computers?
  5. Can social networks be an alternative way of learning and getting fresh information?
  6. Implementing virtual reality tools in modern museums can greatly attract younger generations;
  7. Brainwashing – a modern tool to create obedient citizens;
  8. How to implement sexual education in high schools;
  9. Ethics on workplaces of huge corporations;
  10. Write a business plan to improve profits of a local enterprise, which creates dairy products;
  11. Response of modern consumers on advertising;
  12. Select a country and make an analysis of their justice system;
  13. How to help ecology using latest software achievements;
  14. How e-publishing is going to harm libraries in a long-run;
  15. Can anxiety and emotional instability be called a disease of the modern society?
  16. Analyze the link between the episodic and emotional memory;
  17. How a child and an adult brain differ?
  18. Psychology of religion;
  19. What is happiness and how to achieve it;
  20. Web design: a modern form of art;
  21. History of art in various regions of the world;
  22. How modern culture influences obesity among children;
  23. Management of chronic illnesses;
  24. Should euthanasia be legalized across the world?

Remember, not depending on the topic you are going to choose, it should be controversial, catching interest of the audience, and reflect your ideas on the matter. Try to choose the topic wisely, as you will need to spend two or more years on a research and it may greatly influence your future carreer.

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