How To Write A Gun Control Essay: Expert Tips


Since the topic has been gaining popularity as of late, there’s a high chance your professor will ask you to write an essay about whether or not we need gun control laws, how to approach them, and so on. To put it simply, you’ll be asked to write a gun control essay, and that’s where you may want to familiarize yourself with other people’s experiences before diving in.

This article is intended to make the process of writing a gun control essay understandable, simple, and to some point, even fun. We’ve included powerful arguments, compelling headlines, great tips, and many other things you may find helpful. Should you not find that enough, don’t hesitate to reach us out with a writing request. A professional writer will take care of your assignment in no time at all.

Picking a Side Before Writing a Gun Control Essay

In rare cases, the professor expects his or her students to work with a ready opinion, meaning that they don’t get to decide whether they are for or against gun control when writing an essay. However, most of the time, a student is free to form an opinion on their own, meaning that their work begins with taking a stand.

To those struggling at this stage, here are some of the most popular arguments for gun control laws:

  • while guns aren’t the only way to hurt or even kill a person, they, unlike many other things that could be used as a weapon of crime, are specially designed for the sole purpose of injuring a person or a group of people with high efficiency and in a short time;
  • however sincere gun owners may be in their intention to use a gun only to protect themselves and their families from criminals, statistics show that the average person owning a gun is much more likely to injure a family member than a burglar, raider, or any other violator;
  • firearms are an extremely common suicide method in the United States. In 2017, at least twenty thousand people in America used firearms as a suicide weapon.

For those prone to jumping to conclusions, the facts above would be enough to decide that gun owners are more dangerous for themselves and their families than for anyone else; therefore, gun control laws are necessary – the stricter, the better. Relevant statistics reinforce this point of view, but rephrasing a popular show, being correct doesn’t necessarily mean being right. The arguments against gun control laws are crucial to fully understand the topic.

Here they are:

  • Guns don’t exist in a vacuum – people use them, and gun control laws won’t affect people’s psychology and behavior. In a society where people use firearms to hurt each other just because they can, it’s people we should be talking about, not guns. The whole anti-gun may be closer to fighting the symptoms than the disease itself;
  • Even though statistically, a gun owner is more likely to harm his or her family member than an intruder, the main reason for this is that house intrusions aren’t very common in the United States (but still have a place). Depriving one person of their means of self-defense just because of another person’s actions is controversial and shouldn’t be considered the ultimate solution. Self-defense is a legitimate purpose for having a firearm;
  • Gun control doesn’t stop criminals from getting access to weapons; instead, it makes law-abiding citizens more vulnerable to illegal gun owners’ attacks. Firearms don’t miraculously disappear when restricted or forbidden – they just change a point of sale.

The arguments above should be enough for you to take a standpoint. We recommend taking the topic seriously, but if you don’t have much time and are focused on finishing the assignment as soon as possible, choose the ‘I am for gun control’ position. Writing a gun control essay is generally easier in that case because you can use gun violence statistics in your favor instead of explaining why these statistics aren’t always relevant to the topic.

Nice Titles and Ideas You Can Use for Your Gun Control Essay

The titles for college essays are not as important as people make them out to be – your professor will read your paper anyway. However, the chance for getting an A is higher for a paper with a strong title, and the writing process is easier when you understand what you’ll be talking about from the very beginning. So, take a look at the ones below.

Gun control topics:

  1. America’s culture is the main reason why the number of shootings steadily increases.
  2. The Second Amendment must be adjusted if we don’t want to let more tragedies happen.
  3. Guns aren’t necessary to maintain safety.
  4. Gun rights are to be regulated by the federal government.
  5. Banning gun-shows won’t change anything – the world needs bolder decisions.

Anti-gun control topics:

  1. Controlling, forbidding, regulating are not solutions. The educational system is to change.
  2. Taking the guns out of our hands just to make us more vulnerable to injustice.
  3. Outlawing firearms won’t make our country safer.
  4. Gun control is an ineffective and discriminatory practice.

5. It is far too late to restrict access to guns.

Gun control. Advantages and Disadvantages

The points of view provided above gave you an understanding of the subject. If you need more arguments to support your point of view, here they are.

If You’re for Gun Control

  1. Eighty percent of the mass shootings in America between 1982 and 2012 involved legally owned weapons.
  2. Gun ownership in the United States has already reached the highest level in the world. It’s not even ‘among the highest’ anymore, and something needs to be changed about that.

If You’re Against Gun Control

  1. The Second Amendment and further gun restrictions cannot coexist.
  2. The concept of gun control shouldn’t exist in a democratic society.

How to Write a Gun Control Essay Properly

Just like any other paper, an essay on gun control requires you to do some research before even picking a pen up. In college, even opinion essays are not only about what you think – they’re about how you can support your opinions with facts. For other types of papers (including, for example, argumentative or persuasive ones), it becomes even more relevant, so never take your assignments lightly.

To properly write a gun control essay means to avoid various mistakes that make a paper unclear, hard to read, and useless for the reader, including the ones below.

The first mistake is not defining the main topic before jumping to the main part. The problem is common for high-schoolers, but having not been solved promptly, remains relevant for college students, too. Without defining what you’re writing about, you can’t compose a clear research paper because the reader will have to find that out by themself. While some casual readers could be fine with that, your professor will certainly not be that forgiving, so use your dictionary and save yourself from unnecessary difficulties. For a gun control essay, including additional information about various types of firearms may help, too.

The second mistake is focusing the body part of the gun control essay on your opinion and not on facts. If you have trouble adding specific information in your paper, consider:

  • using other people’s studies on the topic. As long as you cite everything you use properly, the detailed and documented information you’ve found in a paper (book, journal, magazine) will make your message stronger. Don’t overdo it, though, because you’re still writing your own essay, not a ‘what other people think’ copypasta;
  • adding statistics on gun violence and firearm suicides if you’ve chosen the anti-gun narrative;
  • providing the reader with the verified information on how gun ownership helped people to protect themselves and their families.

A paper that will impress your professor cannot exist without reliable data to back your opinion up. As a rule, you want to put specifics over information that is too vague, general, or abstract.

The third mistake is not caring about the conclusion to the point the final part of the essay feels like an afterthought, a filler added because the student had to write something at the end. The conclusion part performs an important function of summarizing the paper and repeating the main points made in the body. Moreover, it includes your own conclusion that flows logically from the information provided in your essay. A paper without a decent conclusion is arguably not even a paper – just a draft with some thoughts and facts that go nowhere. Make sure not to mess everything up at the very end.

That’s it for now. Writing a great gun control essay may be challenging even for the smartest and most talented students and should be treated as such. Begin as soon as possible, so you have enough time for editing and proofreading, carefully check every source you’re going to use, and don’t hesitate to ask more experienced people for help should a problem occur. Place an order if you’d prefer a professional writer to take care of your assignment so our specialists could start right now. 

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