Sociology research paper topics and structure


It is difficult to find an area of studies, which would be as interlinked with other disciplines as sociology. It studies people within the society and covers such topics, as religion, conflicts and behavior of various groups.

Sociology relates to economy, psychology, politics and many other subjects. That is why you need to have knowledge of most of the disciplines, when working on a sociology research.

A typical structure

Sociology research paper, as any other written assignment, has quite a common structure. Therefore, if you know how to write a research paper in physics, for example, you won’t find it too difficult to do the same in sociology. Just make sure you include every part of a typical structure to your research. This will make it smooth and readable.

A structure of a sociology research paper consists of:

  1. Start with a sentence about the problem you are going to solve or the question you are trying to find an answer to. It is a good idea to use popular hypothesis or look at a well-known problem from a new angle. If you start your introduction with a question, make it thought provoking. The reader should be willing to continue reading;
  2. In this section, you need to analyze sources you have used in your work. Try to deal only with academic papers, as the quality of your work greatly depends on the credibility of data you have used. Other researches and papers should organically fit in to your assignment and correspond with the chosen topic;
  3. This section is used to validate your work, make it solid and worth attention of respectable scholars. Here you need to explain what approaches you have used to prove your point of view on the subject. Methodology section is very important, so you shouldn’t forget about it;
  4. Proceed with the results of your findings. In this paragraph you need to present the numbers or graphs, which prove your ideas and give the reader necessary information on the topic. Make sure you are not adding too many tables, as they may make your text heavier;
  5. Here you need to explain why your research can be useful for the field and how others can use it in their future works. You can describe pros and cons of the topic. The discussion section is a great way to state your opinion in a clear and understandable manner;
  6. List main points of your work. Don’t be too detailed, just remind the reader what concepts you have used in your research;
  7. List of references. On a separate sheet list all the sources you have used during the research.

Now you know how to write a sociology research paper and can move the next chapter, where we will share advices how to make your research better!

Useful tips on writing a sociology paper

  • If you don’t know what topic to choose, search for examples online and you will surely find ideas for your own work;
  • Start your paper with stating your key arguments. This will attract attention and stir interest;
  • Create a sociology research paper outline before completing a final version;
  • Take introduction and conclusions seriously, as these parts are more than important if you want the audience to read the whole paper;
  • Using historical background is very advisable;
  • Try to avoid passive voice;
  • Avoid direct quoting and try to paraphrase your sentences if necessary;
  • Sub-headings are very important if you want your paper to look readable and structured;
  • All the information should be credible and backed with academic sources.

Sociology research paper topics

Need ideas for your work? Here are the topics you may use:

  • How socio-psychological environment influences the performance of workers in huge corporations?
  • Should a social dialogue be used to prevent a third world war?
  • Social activities should be closely interlinked with physical education;
  • Social performance of workers during the work hours.

Mistakes you need to avoid

To learn how to write a sociology paper you shouldn’t forget about the most common mistakes:

  • Too many details. Although a research should be filled with information, it shouldn’t bore the reader. Try to stick to the main facts that matter;
  • Loosing focus. When you choose certain aspects to discuss, you need to focus on them without unnecessary details and information;
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes;
  • You need to rely on facts and always remain objective, even if you feel the temptation of writing down your personal thoughts;
  • Losing cause-effect links. Always follow a strict order, when writing your research.

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