Narrative Essay Topics for All Students


Most effective way to choose the right topic

If you wonder what a 100% workable method to choose the topic is, you should opt for the theme that is appealing for you. It means you feel comfortable developing it and sharing your own experience regarding the topic. If you force yourself to write about the things that are nothing special for you, you will not execute a high-quality paper. Furthermore, your readers will not be interested in the writing, if it is not an engaging one. 

You should not obviously have profound knowledge of the topic or boast extensive experience in the field. It will be enough for you to be inventive and use your soft skills. There are enough topics and funny stories that can serve you as a basis for a personal narrative essay. If you feel difficulty in creating the content for the text, you can make use of our tips. First of all, think of your childhood. There must be appropriate examples that will add to the essay. Do not forget about your school life and all kinds of vacations or holidays. Your decisions and feelings that you experienced in the meantime are also detrimental when sharing your experience. Additionally, you can add any working experience if you have one. This information will be appreciated, as it demonstrates your great interest, motivation, and desire to develop. It proves you are an active and versatile personality. 

If you are more or less sure about the topic or at least the direction of your thought, you should find an example of an essay of a similar theme. It goes without saying that you cannot copycat or use the same examples as in the pre-written text. This essay can, however, inspire you and help sort your thoughts and reflections in place. With the help of a vivid example, you will manage to structure the ideas. 

Another point for consideration is making sure the heading is catchy and haunting. This way, the text will draw attention and make the right impression. You should also mind the coherence of the writing. Your text will be read by different people who can be confused by the inadequacy of the paper if there are some mistakes. 

Choose the most appealing topic and create the text that will impress the readers and encourage them to assess it properly. 

Narrative Essay Topic Ideas for high school

Here we suggest you take some inspiration from the list of interesting and up-to-the-point topics if you still have no idea where to start your personal narrative essay:

  1. Emeritus professors in my life.
  2. The challenge to start a new activity.
  3. Remember the day when you helped save someone from the natural disaster.
  4. Have you made an invention? Tell me more about it.
  5. What is more difficult: to lose or to gain faith?
  6. Treacherous experience or adventure from your point of view.
  7. The way you address conflicts with others: real-life example. 
  8. First time in the countryside. 
  9. The point of no return that changed your life drastically. 
  10. Tricky or confusing episodes that made you laugh. 
  11. People assisting each other in tough situations. 
  12. Tell about cases which made you change your opinion about another person. 
  13. Remember funny episodes that you experienced in your childhood. 
  14. Inventing new things or creating hidden places when being a child.
  15. Was there anything that made you believe what your parents said to you?
  16. Tell about your feelings when you managed to overcome any challenge. 
  17. A situation when you stopped being impartial and set aside your prejudice. 
  18. What was the time when you decided on your future job?
  19. Tell about the experience when funny things underwent more in-depth meaning.
  20. Your feelings about becoming the owner of a pet for the first time.
  21. An awkward experience. 
  22. Were there people whom you hated at first, but then changed your mind? Tell me about your experience. 
  23. Were you lost? How did you find the way out?
  24. First time experiencing a tornado, tsunami or any other natural disaster.
  25. Tell me about competing with someone.
  26. Participating in various social events or volunteering projects.
  27. Have you ever underestimated people? What was the case that made you think of them in a different vein?
  28. How do you treat nationwide challenges?
  29. Have you ever confronted with your parents considering a controversial issue? How was it? 
  30. Who was your childhood hero? How did this character change your perception of the world?
  31. Time when had to admit that other people were right and you were mistaken.
  32. The time when you understood that someone cheated on you. 
  33. The time when you realized that others were trying to copy your behavior.
  34. Was there a teacher that you liked the most in school? What did you learn from hem/her?
  35. Tell more about music in your life. What was the most memorable event? What role does music have in your life?
  36. Did you get the presents that you did not like? How did you respond to the present givers? were you sincere with your feelings?
  37. What was the most cautionary lesson from your childhood?
  38. The time when you looked from another perspective on other generations.
  39. Was there something that changed your relationship with the parents remarkably?
  40. Have you ever experienced racial or religious prejudice? 
  41. Have you ever been involved in the situation that required police intervention?
  42. The day when you lead the group of people.
  43. Workable methods to cope with procrastination. 
  44. When did you realize that the world is much bigger than you might have thought?
  45.  What was your favorite subject in school? What was so special about this discipline?
  46. Remember the last time you had to solve the dilemma.
  47. How technology influenced your personal life?
  48. The most exciting school or university experience?
  49. Do you have a sibling? What did you feel when you first realized it?
  50. Do you remember your first academic writing experience? Was it difficult? 

Topics for college students 

A narrative essay can help you reveal who you are and what skills you possess. It can be beneficial, especially for students in introducing their personality in the class.

  1. What are your most renowned achievements outside the classroom?
  2. What talk show would you like to broadcast on TV?
  3. What does social media mean for you?
  4. Clubs of interest in your life.
  5. What are the toughest tasks you are assigned at the university?
  6. Tell more about the devices that help you deal with the tasks.
  7. The adventure that you will never forget. 
  8. Tell what is the role of a woman in your family.
  9. The most confusing situation with a stranger.
  10. Do you watch TV?
  11.  Tell the importance of a diary, if you have one. 
  12. Remember when you tried something for the first time. 
  13. Tell what superpower you would like to possess. 
  14. Describe your attitude to books and movies. 

Topics for travelers

Traveling is what every student is passionate about, so sharing personal experience on this topic can be both helpful and exciting. 

You don’t have enough creativity to create the best topic/ Here are some examples that can help you:

  1. What is your dream vacation?
  2. Tell more about your most memorable vacation with friends.
  3. What is the best way to spend the winter holidays?
  4. Do you have any specific holiday traditions?
  5. What is the place where you want to spend the next holidays?
  6. Remember the most exciting time you visited your family?
  7. Would you like to go to space?
  8. Do you consider moving to another country?
  9. Do you like hiking? Why?
  10. Has traveling had an impact on your daily life?
  11. What are the most prominent places of interest that you have visited?
  12. Say a few words about your best vacation. 

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Tips to write a good narrative speech after the essay is done

Personal narrative speech is what can help the writer introduce his or her personality to the audience. Thus, if you wonder how to convert the speech on the basis of your essay, read on:

  • define which ideas are the most appropriate to show to the audience,
  • make your writing less formal, but more colloquial instead,
  • read your essay out loud, so that you can see what’s wrong with the text and then change it,
  • strike balance between telling your personal information and paying attention to the audience,
  • be sincere and illustrative. 

This task is challenging to some extent since you should share your personal story. However, it can be your trump, if you know which topic to use and how to frame it spectacularly. 

The speech always starts in the same way by revealing your personal experience, but then it aims at sharing the lesson that you have learned from the situation. Therefore, to feel more confident, you can choose any experience that you feel comfortable about. 

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