What Are Biology Research Topics?


Biology is one of the basic disciplines that students study at college and university. It deals with everything that is related to the growth, evolution, functions, and structure of living organisms. As with any other discipline, Biology has particular issues that you should understand before you start to write a research paper.

The first thing that you should mind is a scientific explanation that Biology comes up with in terms of living and non-living things. Only by fully realizing the insights and perspectives will you be able to create unique content. The second thing that is important to be aware of is the connection of Biology with another discipline that is related to sustainability of life and includes food quality, roots of diseases, ecosystems, etc. 

Exactly such a complicated nature of the discipline makes choosing the best idea from numerous Biology research topics not very easy. Current papers come up with interesting information that you should research well to produce unique content. Crafting the project in the given field, you should find an interesting topic depending on your own interests and field of specialization. If you are wondering how to choose Biology research topics, then keep reading and find out helpful tips.

Biology Research Topics: How to Choose the Best One

Picking up the best idea from an endless list of Biology research topics is quite a challenging task because it must be interesting, engaging, appealing, and relevant to the current world. Moreover, the project should deal with recent findings, hard data, and controversial questions. In case you still can’t decide what direction to select, then consider a few efficient tips to help you with the final choice.

What is the best topic in Biology? First of all, the topic must be interesting, particularly for you. It would be rather challenging to write about an issue that you do not care about.  The process will be long, tiring, and nervous. Start with writing down all ideas that appeal to you and look at them closer. Decide which one is narrow and which one is broad. The latter will not give you any specific information to craft a paper, while the narrow topic will provide you with all the necessary details. That’s why it is better to avoid general topics.

Once you decide what idea to pick up, you need to search the relevant sources to make sure there is enough information that you can take advantage of. Luckily, Biology is never-ending as a discipline. Hence, there are always plenty of Biology research topics to choose from. Remember that a good topic is the ground of a scientific argument providing value to the community. It must encourage people to discuss the issue further and conduct extra research. 

The Best Biology Research Topics

What are the current research topics? The most popular and at the same time hottest topics currently are the significance of the human microbiome for preventing different diseases, immunotherapy in cancer research, perspectives of genetic engineering of individuals who use CRISPRs, etc. Due to a large number of Biology research topics, the final choice depends on your own preferences and the teacher’s expectations. Here is the list of the most popular Biology research topics from experts. Read them carefully, decide which one appeals to you more, what you can say on a particular issue, and whether the paper will be able to grab the attention of the target audience.

Immune System

Among the most common topics related to the immune system are:

  1. The influence of stress on the person’s immunity
  2. The resistance capacity of the immune system
  3. The advantages of vaccination in a modern society
  4. Asthma and the rest of allergic reactions
  5. What diseases does the immune system malfunction cause?
  6. Tolerance and the nature of autoimmunity
  7. Immunotherapy on the person’s body
  8. Graft rejection and its prevention
  9. The perspective of society on vaccination
  10. Immune system agents and their functions

Behavior and Hormones

Look at some inspiring ideas in a person’s behavior and hormones:

  1. Physical disorders and biological basis for them
  2. The present growth of oxytocin science
  3. Hormones and their influence on a person’s behavior and mind
  4. The impact of hormonal therapy
  5. Metabolism and endocrinology
  6. Cell structure and the resistance of antibiotic
  7. Why are psychopathic disorders hormone-specific?
  8. Importance of definite hormones and their effect on the body’s functions
  9. The long-lasting effect of diseases related to the endocrine system
  10. What are hormonal changes during the pregnancies

Plant Pathology Biology Research Topics

Do you think that topics that are related to plants will be suitable for you? Then look at these topics to understand it at last:

  1. Invasive and weedy plants
  2. The prevention measures for plant pathology
  3. The genetics and evolution of plants
  4. The fundamentals of natural disease resistance in plants
  5. Photosynthesis: aspects and functions
  6. A research on plant-related microbes and present genomic tools
  7. Microbial evolution and ecology: a literature review
  8. How can modern technology manage plant diseases?
  9. The causes behind the most common plant disease
  10. Plant pathology impact on life on the Earth

Human Cloning, Genetic Researches, and Abortion

Another important issue for modern society involves such ideas as:

  1. Various types of cloning
  2. Is cloning able to change the state of medicine?
  3. The effect of addictive substances on genes
  4. Feminism and abortion: is there any relation?
  5. The effects of DNA modifications on humans
  6. Is homosexuality genetically based?
  7. What are the possibilities of human transplantation and cloning?
  8. The genetic grounds of obesity
  9. Human cloning and moral intricacies
  10. The origins and development of DNA-modified organisms

Ecological Subjects

What are some Biology topics on ecological subjects? Look at some great prompts:

  1. Is global warming truth or a myth?
  2. How does the person’s behavior impact the animal’s forms?
  3. How do the plants and animals adapt to rapidly-changing environments?
  4. A variety of means to protect the wildlife
  5. The pollution of the environment and renewable energy
  6. What is the relation between living beings and their environment?
  7. How can rare species be protected?
  8. How animal’s behavior is affected by evolutionary and ecological factors?
  9. Tropical forest extinction and fast food industry
  10. How does environmental psychology influence the current world?


Are you a big fan of animals? Here are some nice ideas to write the paper that will be interesting for you:

  1. What role does the fashion industry play in animal abuse?
  2. Is testing beauty products on animals ethical?
  3. The relation between home pets and obesity
  4. What factors of animal growth should you consider?
  5. Studying primate language and cognitive functions
  6. Food sustainability and animal science
  7. Projects on wild animals to consider
  8. The impact of veganism on meat production
  9. A study on the behaviors of birds
  10. The peculiarities of the traditional dog diet

History of Biology

Some students prefer to start with this field. If you are one of them, then look at this list closer:

  1. Whale hunting and its effects
  2. Edward Jenner: the roots of vaccination
  3. Genetics: history and development
  4. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek – a famous biologist
  5. The impact of archeology on animal Biology
  6. Evolution factors: a detailed overview
  7. The importance of Darwin’s theory for Biology
  8. The relation of Edward Jenner to the Environmental safety
  9. The theory of Stephan Jay Gould
  10. The dead branches of the person’s evolution

Neurobiology Research Topics

Are you interested in Neurobiology and related issues? What about crafting a unique research paper on one of the following topics?

  1. The responsibility of genes and proteins
  2. Interaction between anxiety and gut bacteria
  3. How are brain and memory connected
  4. What are the reasons for migraine?
  5. Brain injuries and the rest of related disorders
  6. Robotic technology and neuroscience
  7. How is cognitive neuroscience important for problem-solving?
  8. How can music impact the human brain?
  9. The basis of visual-motor coordination
  10. Brain self-repair: top mysteries

Other Good Biology Research Topics

  1. Traditional & alternative medicine
  2. Using cannabis for medical treatment and its legalization
  3. How does pollution affect people?
  4. What do people know and don’t know about the drug addiction
  5. DNA testing and its peculiarities
  6. The possibilities and challenges of space travel
  7. The unsearched future of steroids impact
  8. The influence of diabetes and its ongoing threat
  9. The planet health and its relation to the extinction of species
  10. Neurobiology:  what are human memories    

Last Tips

Students are expected to craft lots of academic assignments, and exactly a research paper seems to be one of the most challenging, with its own peculiarities that one must constantly keep in mind. You should always remember that a research paper on Biology must demonstrate the evidence of research. 

It is possible to do this by selecting a topic that comes up with lots of related materials. If you are lucky to pick up the Biology research topic that is interesting for you and also is rich in information, that you will easily craft a great paper. In other words, finding a suitable idea means that you win half the battle. This is a starting point to realize the rest points in your plan: craft the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Editing a research paper on Biology is also important. Mind that the final result depends on how well you did your work.

Summing – Up

The complexity of the Biology discipline is evident, so it’s not surprising that writing a great research paper will be quite difficult. That’s why you should choose the best topic, and attentively follow the teacher’s requirements. Where can I find scientific research topics? You can find them online or ask the tutor for a recommendation. If you come across any difficulties, then it is better not to waste time and get in touch with professional writers. 

They will help you identify the most suitable topic and guide you through the whole process of creating the paper. As a result, you will easily come up with a unique research paper that will be worth the highest grade. Moreover, no one will find out about your cooperation with experienced writers since it is kept in absolute confidentiality.

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