How To Write A Persuasive Speech: The Right Steps To Your Success


Convincing people of something is a part of our daily lives. Thus, the persuasive skills are necessary for everyone. It is clear, and even the educational institutions set one of their goals to help the students develop such skills. Every time you work on a persuasive essay or prepare a persuasive speech for the audience, you get that training.

What starts in a school may lead you to the most important speeches of your future career. Thus, it is crucial to understand how to write a persuasive speech. 

The Essence of a Persuasive Speech

When we deal with this type of paper, it is a specific talk that should appeal to the audience and reach two main goals: 

  • Inform the public about the subject;
  • Deliver your opinion about it and prove it’s right. 

The success of a persuasive speech depends on the background, style of writing, and performance. It comes by default that you must be clear and concise, explore the topic correctly, and provide valuable information with unbeatable arguments.

At the same time, you need to appeal to emotions, not intelligence only. Thus, you need to make the presentation bright and exciting. 

Writing a Persuasive Essay Step by Step

Any writing task is a complex process. The right organization means much, as it helps you not to miss an important stage. That’s why we’ve composed the below guideline to write an appealing and impressive speech.

Start With the Right Topic

Having an appropriate topic is always the most decisive ace you might have for any paper. When you talk about something that you know well and feel for, you can make the speech brilliant. Your involvement is crucial, as it ensures the emotional impact in many ways.

So, when you consider the topic for your persuasive speech, pay attention to the following criteria: 

  • It should interest you. Then, it provides you with an excellent motivation to research it thoroughly. When you establish yourself as a sure expert, you can make a better impression on the audience. 
  • It has to provoke discussions. The goal of your persuasive speech is to convince the public of your rightness. Thus, there must be an alternative point of view that you’ll disprove. 
  • It should be relevant and appeal to the audience too. The best way is to refer to the current social, political, and cultural trends and events. Check the Twitter trends, watch the TV news, and you’ll indeed find some attractive variants. 
  • It should ensure that you stay in control. Don’t choose the topics that can be too painful for you or your audience, or you risk losing control and provoke aggression.

Ground Your Expertise

Even if you already know much about the topic, research it more. You need to get the latest information about the status of the issue. Besides, it is even more critical to learn about the current public discussion on that matter. The peculiarity of the persuasive speech is that you have to “predict” the opposing audience’s possible reactions. Therefore, you need knowledge about both sides’ positions and arguments.

  • Having in-depth expertise on the subject ensures that you can state yourself as an expert. You don’t have to mention all the materials you’ve found on the matter. But the details are necessary – they make your overall position stronger.
  • Be very careful about the sources you use for research. They must be fresh and relevant. Note that you need to explore academic resources and public discussions like forums and dedicated social networks. The first option gets you the trustworthy information about the issue. The second one illustrates the current public opinions and trends.
  • The research stage must include the examination of your audience. Define the people’s backgrounds and which options they stick to at the moment. When you know it, you can plan your presentation style and choose the right language.

Develop the Correct Structure

When you work on this type of speech, you’ll note its resemblance to some essay types. You can even consider it a relative of the argumentative essay, but with more stress on oral presentation and emotions. So, you need to ensure the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. 

  • The opening of the persuasive speech needs a hook. It can be a quote, a story, a question, or any other grabbing piece. As you are supposed to present your speech in public, you may also involve some pictures or videos. In any case, you need to attract your audience. Thus, you require a relevant and catchy piece of information.
  • The thesis statement should present the theme and purpose of this speech. Also, you need to let the public know how you’d think to resolve that particular problem and why it would be efficient. 
  • Describe your opinion and offer the evidence in your favor. It’s helpful to get familiar with other successful persuasive speeches on similar subjects. Learn from them and note how the authors composed those speeches, the structures, and how they described the issues and introduced the arguments. You can quote other speakers. Of course, you must give them credit, or it will be plagiarism.
  • Consider the arguments contra. While preparing for this speech, you need to collect the information about the opposite points of view. Thus, you should be familiar with the leading statements and arguments of your opponents. Mention these arguments, explain why you consider your point of view right, and what the opposite perspective lacks.
  • Finish with a call to action. Refer to the thesis statement again and restate it, stressing that you are right. Also, relate to the purpose of your speech. It should be to inform about the issue and convince that the point of view you defend is correct. Call your audience to share your vision. The conclusion is the right place to be more emotional. So, make sure to end the speech on a high note.

The speeches often include the questions-and-answers stage. Your audience might ask you some questions on the topic. Be ready to answer. If you did the preparations properly, it wouldn’t be any trouble for you.


Of course, your expression, your voice, and knowledge of the rhetoric means will be critical. It is a different aspect, and you should train your oral skills. The combination of excellent writing and high-class performance makes the most successful persuasive speeches.

Note that if you have troubles with the speech writing, you can address the professional assistance. Eventually, even the best public speakers use such services. Collaboration with professional speech writers guarantees that you get the most substantial background, both academic and exciting.

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