Interesting Math Topics For Research


Are you in search of an outstanding subject matter for your Math research paper? We will help you out. In this article, you will find a list of first-class topics for your paper and pieces of advice on conducting it. 

Some people may consider writing Math papers unexciting. But we are going to prove the opposite. Mathematics is considered a global science that can explain anything in the world. We are confident you will select a good topic for your research that you are engaged in. We provide a few helpful tips for it.

If it’s not the only paper you are writing on this subject, try to connect the researches with a single subject matter. This way, you won’t spend too much time and effort looking for new information: the base from previous papers for conducting further researches is already prepared. All you need to do is to concentrate on a certain aspect and investigate it more thoroughly. This approach will also show your advisor your persistence and dedication to a certain aspect of a subject matter.

Pay more attention to the practical part of your research. Check it twice to avoid any kind of mistakes. Some points you may interpret as a personal opinion or innovative idea may be classified as an unnecessary or mistaken research part.  Bear in mind that introducing new mathematical theories can require a couple of years to research and prove

Try to think wider. Even if many other scientists already investigated your subject matter, it still involves some details, which need a fresher look.  Try to think about an approach that wasn’t used for this topic. Math can be implemented in any area of life.  Find an interesting, unusual use, and your research paper is going to stand out.

Some topics for your inspiration for future researches. We wish you good luck!

  1. Greek contribution to Math
  2. The Math in ancient architecture
  3. Math and Astronomy. How can we define what we have never seen?
  4. The prominent mathematicians and their influence on Math history
  5. The connection between Math and Philosophy
  6. The most important math inventions
  7. The connection between Math and Art
  8. Math and sports
  9. Time math
  10. How does Math influence our everyday life?
  11. Unresolved issues in Math
  12. Nature and symmetry
  13. Percentages and fractions in our daily life
  14. Topology and Geometry
  15. Theory of numbers
  16. Ancient Egyptian Math and its influence
  17. Different methods of statistics
  18. The best approach for solving Math issues
  19. Geometry in paintings
  20. How to solve rebuses using Math? 
  21. Math strategies in gaming
  22. Math and logic
  23. Probability in Math
  24. Artificial Intelligence concepts and Math
  25. Algebra

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