How To Find Nursing Research Topics: An Extensive List For Students


Nursing research topics are a part of your writing routine. They can help you pick up the right topic for your paper. It is quite difficult to cope with the task without a clear topic. Thus, we have decided to compile a list of interesting topics for every student.

Working on a well-structured nursing research paper is such a challenging task. You should consider a set of requirements and perform a structure paper in the end. It may be a real headache unless you have the relevant knowledge.

How to write a nursing research paper? If you want to get good grades, you should work on the issue. In our article, we will discuss tips for writing a nursing research paper. And we will primarily accentuate our attention to the topics of nursing research writing. You will learn useful tips and find the topic for your task.

How to Write a Nursing Research Paper: Powerful Tips for Students

Working on the task is easier when you have a plan. Let’s see what we offer to students when they wonder how to write a task. There are simple steps. You should follow a guide to performing great results. Let’s see what you should do to manage the task.

First of all, choose the topic. We will provide you with the necessary topics to choose from. When you are done with the topic, you can move further. Now you need to find the information. Where will you get the information for your research?

On the Internet, there are so many sources to find necessary facts. You should work on the necessary bullet points to be discussed in the paper. It can be a simple draft. Work on it and write down crucial topics for discussion. Then you should look for information sources to prove your ideas, present arguments, and offer solutions, if necessary.

The next step is working on the outline. This should be a real plan for your writing. Here you should draw your attention to the sections of the paper. Define the structure and allocate your points to the necessary sections of the paper. You can adjust your structure while working on the research. But make sure to have at least some plan at the beginning of the process.

Can you trust the information? You should know that the resources are credible. You can’t take information from steam sources. If you want to express your ideas and investigate the issue correctly, look for verified and proven works. You go to an online library or ask your professor for necessary works. There are different weird papers online. You can’t use all of them. Some of the facts would be silly and far from being truthful. This is why you should first check the credibility of the source information.

When you are done with the previous steps, it is time to write. You have your information, arguments, and a plan. It is time to work on the paper. Divide your paper into relevant sections, create an introductory part and express your topic. You should let the readers know about the topic of the writing.

Then you should move to the main part of the research and discuss the problem. Introduce statistics, perform real facts, and let your reader understand the significance of the issue.

When you are done with writing practice, it’s time to edit the paper. Read the text and look if there are no mistakes. You don’t want to reread the paper? Ask another person to do it. Or use an online tool for checking the papers. It is always easier to see if your text has any blemishes. One way or another, you can’t forget about the editing part. With a well-edited text, you can get high marks.

Topics for a Nursing Research Paper

There’s no need to tell you why it is necessary to find the right nursing research topics. Choosing a topic should be your paramount task. Do you have any ideas? If you lack the ideas, let’s introduce our extensive list to you.

Here you will find a list of provocative questions. By reading them, try to find the topic of your interest. We offer a huge list of ideas. So, go ahead and find something useful for you.

Current Challenges in Nursing Industry

There are so many things that we should point out. So many issues that can’t be resolved. We should raise the relevant questions and draw the attention of society to them.

  1. What treatment do nurses get in the workplace? Are they mentally abused? Is there any violence in their work? How do doctors treat the nurses?
  2. How do nurses see their responsibilities? What do they say about the conditions of work? Do they receive proper remuneration?
  3. What education should a nurse have to be ready to work with disabled people? Is it necessary to obtain high-quality education to help patients? Or should you know only the basics to start working in the hospital?
  4. What are the roles of nurses? What responsibilities do they have? Is it true that they are thought to be secondary staff members?
  5. What can a nurse do to help a patient manage eating disorders? Can a nurse take measures if a person struggles with bulimia?
  6. What is more important in the work of a nurse: experience, education, or sympathy? What is a crucial skill for a nurse?
  7. What if a homeless person asks for help? Can a nurse introduce her professional help to a homeless man or woman?
  8. What if a patient has a chronic disease? What things should a nurse do to resolve the situation and relieve the symptoms?
  9. What are the roles of nurses during a pandemic?
  10. Can nurses treat patients with COVID if they aren’t doctors?

Compelling Topics for a Research in Nursing Writing

These nursing research topics will give you a better idea of how nurses work. You will know what questions to ask and in what matter these questions should be posed.

  1. What is a migraine? What are the symptoms? Should a nurse know the symptoms and identify the disease?
  2. How to take care of adults experiencing mental health issues?
  3. Does a nurse need a license to work with the patients?
  4. What education programs should a nurse follow to keep up with the novelties in the healthcare industry?
  5. Is it necessary to learn new information and improve knowledge to become a good nurse?
  6. Does a nurse need some knowledge in psychology? What is important to find a common language with complicated patients?
  7. How does the work of a nurse differ from the occupation of a doctor?
  8. Online nursing: do we have this kind of job today?
  9. Should nurses follow their patients to their homes and take specific care outside of the hospital?
  10. How to treat bipolar disorder? What are the measures to prevent the development of mental disease in young people?

Healthcare Topics for Nursing Research Paper

There are different topic-related issues to be discussed in the paper. Your task to look through the topics and choose the one you prefer the most. You can’t ignore the following questions. They draw attention to crucial challenges that our society faces today.

  1. What problems does the digital age provoke? Why do children suffer from different new diseases? Does it relate to the more often social media use? What are the typical types of problems in children due to their passion for the Internet?
  2. How to prevent obesity in children? Why do kids start eating more? What are the causes of such an obsession with food? Should parents get concerned when they notice the obesity in their child? Are there any mental issues that provoke the desire to eat?
  3. Do you need to visit private healthcare institutions or go to regular hospitals to resolve your issues? What are the differences between these kinds of institutions?
  4. Do you need to trust a doctor providing online services? Is it possible to receive a correct diagnosis when you are examined online?
  5. What roles do parents play in upbringing a healthy and active child?
  6. Why are children inactive? What are the causes for them to stay at home, scroll their phone and forget about active sports?
  7. How many children start smoking? Why do they get obsessed with it?
  8. Do many children follow a healthy lifestyle? Does social media influence the choices of children?
  9. What to do if you need a specific medication? Should you trust the pharmacist when choosing the medication?
  10. What is telemedicine? Is it effective these days?

Topics to Enhance Your Knowledge About Nursing

Many people have little understanding of the work of the nurses. They are important elements in the work of the whole healthcare system. But do you know a lot about their responsibilities? Let’s figure out more about this important job.

  1. How should nurses respond to the offensive behavior of their patients? Should they call a doctor? Or do they have the ability to respond to the offensive statements?
  2. What are the responsibilities of the nurses?
  3. Are there different types of nurses?
  4. What education should you obtain to be ready to work in the hospital as a nurse?
  5. How should nurses manage urgent cases? What is the role of a nurse in the operating theatre?
  6. What skills should a nurse have to help people cope with their symptoms?
  7. Do nurses have the right to consult patients? Should patients follow the guidelines given by the nurse?
  8. What do you need to become a nurse? Why do people decide to do nursing?
  9. Can anyone become a nurse? Do you need to show sympathy to work with patients? Who is considered the best nurse? What character traits should the person perform to find common ground with patients?
  10. Do nurses experience mental pressure when working in hospitals?

Health Nursing Topics for a Research

In this section, we are going to discuss the topics related to women’s health. There are so many issues to be discussed. Let’s see what the challenges we need to address are.

  1. How does the cultural environment affect the health of women?
  2. What is menopause? How should women react to the changes in their bodies?
  3. Do women get addicted to various substances faster than men do? What is the reason for such a tendency?
  4. What is the issue of infertility? Is it ethically correct to ask a woman about her infertility? How should women respond to such questions?
  5. How to prevent pregnancy? What are safe and effective measures? What should a woman do if she gets accidentally pregnant?
  6. Why do women often turn to cosmetic procedures?
  7. Are sleep disorders often for women? How is it possible to combat the disorders?
  8. What if the reproductive system is broken? Are there any methods to save the situation?
  9. How do women treat their sexual health? Are there any obstacles in understanding sexual health in women at a young age?
  10. Labor issues: is it mentally difficult to give birth to a child? How does the health of a woman react to pregnancy?

Topics for Discussing Mental Health Issues

Mental health has always been underestimated. Some people don’t understand how important it is to monitor if their mental health is okay. Let’s ask some questions to raise the topic and accentuate the significance of the problems.

  1. Can a person be healthy if his or her mental health isn’t good?
  2. How do people receive treatment when they are mentally ill?
  3. Should nurses possess any specific skills to work with mentally unstable people in the hospitals?
  4. How to evaluate the mental health of a nurse? Do they need extra assessment procedures to get access to working with the patients?
  5. What is depression? So many people struggle with the disease? How should you react if you are diagnosed with depression?
  6. So many people deal with bipolar disorder? What are the reasons for such a disease? Who is more exposed to get bipolar disease: young people or adults?
  7. Can you use forbidden substances to combat mental health problems?
  8. How does stress affect our body? What impact does it have on our regular life? How to identify that a person is suffering from stress?
  9. Why do modern teenagers get more aggressive? What are the reasons for them to raise aggression and show cruelty to the world?
  10. How to communicate with a mentally disabled person? What is the ethical code that a nurse should use?

Important Nursing Issues to Take Into Consideration

Here are some of the topics that need more accurate discussion. These topics relate to necessary aspects of our health. Thus, they should be talked about more among professionals and regular people not engaged in nursing.

  1. What if the labor is preterm? What are the risks for a woman? Are there any risks for a child?
  2. How to facilitate the delivery process? Can a nurse help a woman feel better and less stressed?
  3. How to teach a mother-to-be how to test a newborn? Should nurses consult young women who are going to give birth to a child?
  4. Why should teenage girls visit their gynecologists? Is it necessary to check women’s health regularly? What if a girl abandons her visits to a doctor?
  5. Caesarean Section: how to get prepared for the operation? What knowledge is to be learned when preparing for the case?
  6. Why is the role of nurses as healthcare workers so underestimated? They play such an important role and help their patients recover faster. So, why don’t they receive appropriate treatment?
  7. Who is responsible for funding the hospitals? What should the doctors do if they don’t get enough financial aid from the government?
  8. Should a doctor have a social media account on the Internet?
  9. How to take care of a newborn? Are there any specific rules to take care of the children?
  10. Can a nurse become a doctor? What steps should be done to receive a proper qualification?

Final Thoughts

Nursing is a complicated occupation. It has so many interesting cases. But it is also underestimated in today’s world. We should pay more attention to the work of nurses. By learning more information and raising crucial issues, we can also raise awareness about the job.

It is a demanding occupation. Nurses are psychologists. They help patients with their recovery process, and they follow people through the most difficult times in their lives. And it is a great idea to learn more about the subject and research the information. When working on the paper, you can use our guide for writing. It will help you considerably in choosing the right topic. If there’s an issue you want to discuss, you should find it in the list of the ideas in the article. We hope our guide will assist you in the writing process.

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