How to Write an Essay about Yourself


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In this project, we created a fictional character to examine the functions of management. By discussing the character, we are able to establish that management is a social process involving responsibility for effective and economical planning and regulation of an organization to fulfill a certain purpose. The discussion of this character is symbolic since it reflects leadership skills that a person wishes to adopt. It is a good way that shows how to start off an essay about yourself.


How to Start an Essay about Yourself

The following section illustrates how to write a sample essay about yourself:

Sam is perhaps one of the most renowned women in business. She is the CEO of Alice Baking Company. She is an advocate for equal rights for all individuals; the minority, poor people, women, and workers and was an international ambassador of peace. To illustrate Alice’s rise to success, it is important to highlight her background and the challenges she has encountered. Alice was born in a wealthy and influential family in New York City. However, she did not have a joyful childhood. Alice’s mother was nervous due to her illness while her father had no job as he was an alcoholic. Consequently, Alice and her siblings were raised by their grandmother. Therefore, while Alice had a tragic childhood, she came from a family that had deep political ties as her uncle became president of the national labor union. After finishing her education, Alice became a civil rights activist and fought for the equal treatment of all individuals. She associated with other women who had similar ideas about elevating social conditions.

Alice’s complicated marriage to her husband is the primary factor that led to her success in business. Her husband started his political career in New York where he was elected state legislator. Afterward, he was appointed as secretary of the Navy by President Woodrow Wilson. Alice and her family moved to Washington. It was at that point, after being married for 13 years, that Alice experienced one of the most difficult time in her life. She found that her husband was in love with another woman. Alice wanted to divorce her husband but he urged her to stay in the marriage, and she did. However, their relationship was never the same as Alice decided that she would not stay in the shadows as the politician’s spouse. She started to pursue her interests to build her life.

Alice’s interests enabled her to gain influence in business. She began learning about business and was involved in groups and issues that were of interest to her. She became a member of Women’s Trade Union League and became part of the debate regarding the ways to involve women in business. In the years preceding, Alice argued that women must be involved in the business to boost the economy. She urged women to be advocates in business. Therefore, her calls for peace and fight for equal rights gave Alice a business political voice.

Alice is a dynamic woman, and she traveled across the nation giving talks and visiting women that need economic assistance. Her active involvement in the economic recovery program deepened her influence in politics. She writes a commentary for a daily newspaper, along with writing articles for numerous magazines. Such efforts enabled her to disseminate her business ideologies to every American and illustrated that women had a key role in business.

Alice’s enduring spirit also facilitated her success in business. She is regarded as one of the greatest advocates for equality. She opened up an entirely new domain for ladies. Undoubtedly, Alice has had numerous business achievements. After she returned to New York following her studies in England, she was compelled to become a social worker and cared for impoverished children to enable them to make something meaningful of themselves through literature and dance. She had a profound interest in politics and was an active member of the Red Cross. She set up organizations to help the Navy. Alice demonstrated leadership qualities and showed her passion for civic issues during this period. Indeed, she was an active participant of the women’s suffrage movement. Alice is also engaged in various initiatives aimed at elevating the status of the youth and the minority.

Alice has helped to elevate the status of women in society. As stated earlier, she held exclusive press conferences for female journalists to promote employment for women in the media industry and also discuss how they could influence current affairs. She used this opportunity to spread the word about the business and has managed to gain many customers. Alice was influential in the formation of the National Youth Administration (NYA) to facilitate financial assistance to learners and hands-on job training to citizens. She has fought for the betterment of black Americans and collaborated with organizations like the National Council of African Women and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

She has fought for what is right and is a visionary woman. She was the primary reason behind the success of her company. Further, she has opened many opportunities for women by empowering them and was influential in the creation of institutions aimed at uplifting the underprivileged in society.

Management Traits That Alice Possesses

The first management trait that Alice possesses is planning. Planning is a basic role of management and entails drawing out a course of action and making decisions in advance about the most suitable strategy for achievement of objectives. Planning bridges the gap from where a firm is and where it wants to be. As a manager, Alice has demonstrated a plan is a future course of actions and is necessary to ensure the proper use of resources.

The next trait that Alice possesses is organizing. Organizing is the process of joining financial, human, and physical resources, and creating a productive association amongst them to realize the goal of an organization. To organize a business is to facilitate it with its functioning or everything useful. To organize a business entails determining and facilitating human and non-human resources to the organizational structure. On that account organizing is a process that involves; (1) identification of activities; (2) grouping of activities; (3) assignment of duties; (4) delegation of authority and creating responsibility; (4) coordinating authority as well as responsibility relationships.

Another trait that Alice showcases are the ability to engage in staffing. It is the process of adding human resources to the structure of the organization; the human resources fulfill different roles that are aimed towards completing the organization’s objectives. According to Van den Bossche et al. (2011), staffing has taken a greater role in recent years due to an increase in the size of organizations, advancement of technology, and complexity of human behavior. They believe that the primary role of staffing is to put the right person in the right job. Indeed, it entails the effective and proper section, development and appraisal of personnel to fill the roles designed in the structure of an organization. Staffing also involves the ability to direct.  Directing is a multifaceted role since a manager spends most of his/her time communicating with team members. This means that people skills are key to enable efficiency and reduce conflict within the team (Gilley, 2010). Indeed, technical proficiency does not prepare a manager for certain circumstances. A manager is a change agent collaborating with teams that are composed of multifaceted individuals in a variety of roles (Gilley, 2010). He/she is supposed to be a leader and should be familiar with negotiation, body language, among other skills.

How You Can Develop Leadership Skills

To develop the skills, that Alice possesses, I have decided to engage in some group assignments with some volunteers who will pose as members of my team. To develop the trait of planning concept, we came up with a scenario where we had to plan for a budget for an IT office; to achieve this, we selected the areas that are of high priority and allocated the biggest percentage of the budget to these areas. In drawing the budget, we decided that the firm wanted to recruit more professionals. Therefore, we allocated the biggest budget to HR for recruitment.

Organizing is another skill I have practiced. Before embarking on this assignment, our team embarked on organizing so that we could do the assignment more efficiently. I have different team members different roles such as researching, writing notes, printing material, and coming up with exercises so that we could be organized. By engaging in this team exercise, it is clear that we engaged in all of these processes; this helped me to grasp the function of organizing.

Staffing was the next function I practiced. In our group, we had to engage in staffing as I gave people different roles like a team leader, writer, researcher, and even typist; these roles helped us to fulfill the objective of completing the assignment. In our team, I delegated roles according to the person who will best accomplish it; this is the basic role of staffing. Overall, the assignment was very insightful. I am familiar with the functions of management, and I have learned how to collaborate with other people. On that account, I will make it a habit of engaging in teamwork.

Disadvantages of These Traits

Even though these traits are important, they may block a leader from building a team that is self-dependable. To realize success, a leader must be able to delegate work and allow the workers to function their own. However, this is not possible with these traits as they require a hands-on approach from the leader.

How to Market These Traits

  • To market planning, I would be actively engaged in developing non-charitable events that empower the community.
  • To market organizing, I would ensure that I take of the logistics of the charitable event discussed above.
  • To market staffing, I would hand-pick a team for the event to enable its success.

My Relation to the Character

I relate to Alice since she has fought for what is right and is a visionary woman. She was the primary reason behind the success of her company. Further, she has opened many opportunities for women by empowering them and was influential in the creation of institutions aimed at uplifting the underprivileged in society. I believe that one should use their position to help other people in the same way as Alice.

How to Start a College Essay about Yourself

The guideline of how to develop essay writing about yourself is fundamentally the same of each formatting style. The keen part that a writer should look out for is the citation formart.

A Good Way to Write about Yourself

Many students are faced with the question “how to write a leadership essay about yourself.” Such an essay entails writing about your inherent chracteristics or what makes you unique.

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