What Does It Mean To Write A Nationalism Essay


Before we know where this essay comes from, you need to learn about the concept of nationalism, what its definition is, and what it means. Nationalism is an ideology based on recognizing nations as natural evolutionary units of humanity, the highest form of social unity, and a power source in the state process.

The formation of nations and nation-states are inseparable from the concept of nationalism. In a narrow sense, nationalism is interpreted as the stemming of the nation, or rather, the national elite to the state, simply the desire to have a state. This approach is shared by many experts on national issues, especially in the United States, who adhere to the political understanding of the nation. The logical conclusion from this approach is the opinion that nationalism ends with the state’s receipt.

Nationalism is a kind of protection, a way to survive, or at least temporarily find shelter at home as a full-fledged individual with its advantages and disadvantages. All nations, all state nations are bearers of their nationalisms in one form or another: American nationalism is a belief in the destiny of its nation as a civilizer, a kind of Prometheus for all the humiliated, a permanent supporter and destroyer of the frontier. Or – as opposed to the liberal side of American nationalism – Trump’s conservative nationalism, which originates from the era of Monroe’s isolationism, Pan-Americanism “America for America only.”

You learned about the concept of nationalism; then, your task is to reveal in the essay your idea of ​​nationalism and what it means to you. To make it easier for you to understand which position to take, positive and negative, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of nationalism.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nationalism

If you think nationalism is good, then you need to know a few of its positive aspects:

  1. Nationalism affects the development of a nation. First of all, you must understand that this concept is for the nation as a motivating factor. That is, nationalism allows the country’s people to work for the nation’s good, develop and make a profit. If we consider each country separately, then nationalism is like a big thread that unites all residents; they have their social hierarchy and adhere to it. It is much easier to lead a country when the nation is striving for one idea.
  2. Nationalism affects a person’s success. Surely you have heard the concept of the American Dream, but who among you conceived of its meaning? This slogan means that America is a country where everyone can succeed and fulfill their dreams. Therefore, anyone who subscribes to this concept becomes a part of American nationalism.
  3. Nationalism influences community activities. If you study the 19th and 20th centuries’ events, you can see one very important detail: the nationalists helped to rid many countries of colonialism.
  4. Nationalism influences war. For example, if we study Ukraine’s situation and Russia’s aggression, then we can see several facts. In 2014, Russian troops came to Ukraine’s territory and captured the Crimea peninsula because Ukraine was completely unprepared for their neighbors to attack them. But thanks to the fact that the people are madly in love with their country, they were able to stop the rebellion, and at the moment, only two regions are still waging war. Also, during martial law, Ukraine made progress in terms of the economy and solved many domestic issues.

Negative sides of nationalism:

  1. Nationalism can affect separation. Nationalism can take the form of aggression, and in this case, all attention turns to the nation. That is, there will be problems with export and import. For example, let’s take a situation when Barack Obama called for buying only American products. On the one hand, more products will be produced in the country, profits will grow, but a war will start between trade markets and lead to a collapse of exports. Another important factor is that if many countries turn their backs, it will be impossible to buy equipment produced in other places outside America.
  2. Nationalism can take the form of aggression and generate racism. There will be a problem that people will be divided into groups depending on the nation, religion, and social status. Let’s see a few examples: people in Germany, Brexit, Mussolini’s Italy are divided into groups depending on race.
  3. Nationalism can breed war and terrorism. Suppose the community decides that it is superior to other companies in terms of principles, values, and will, by all means, demonstrate this. In that case, this can lead to attacks from the disaffected or even to a big war. For example, there were such uprisings when Hitler, without warning, entered the territory of Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, USSR. On the other hand, the ruler Mussolini conquered the lands of Ethiopia. We also know how the Second World War ended. The same is the example of Ukraine, when there were invasions from the part of Russia, for the reason that in all kinds of ways, there was humiliation towards the Russian inhabitants.
  4. Nationalism can lead to the birth of imperialism or colonialism. Many countries concluded that it was necessary to wage war to expand the product market or expand the territory. From countries such as France, Russia, Japan, Germany, America, Italy, Spain, there were mass shootings of people, those countries that they captured or slavery.

Based on these provisions, you see that nationalism has two sides, one positive and the other negative. From this, it is therefore worth concluding that you need to maintain a balance in your country. Consider many of the facts we have provided before you write a nationalism essay.

Elements and Structure of Nationalism Essay

We’ve covered all the factors of nationalism, now let’s look at how to build an essay:

  • The first part is an introduction. Here it would help if you told the reader why this topic is important to you and people of the twenty-first century. Use the technique when you can compare two states and their nations. The thesis you write in the introduction should closely intertwine with your idea and show its relation to the text;
  • The second part of the essay is the body. Hard facts must support a good essay on nationalism. Books from history may come to your help, because nationalism is, first of all, a story about humanity. For example, take the two countries Germany and Italy. You can see that they were too carried away by the concept of nationalism, and their actions led to the fact that a revolution arose between people. It will also be interesting for the reader to read your essay if you compare the two concepts of globalization and nationalism, show how they are related and how they differ. Therefore, you should turn to sources about the country’s history, and then you will have the opportunity to find reliable facts for your essay;
  • The last part of the essay is the conclusion. In the final part, your task is to show the teacher that you understand the concept of nationalism and have your point of view on this topic. Your task is to briefly topic the thesis and proves that it was true, express your opinion on the issue and prove that you are right in your expressions.

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Exciting Themes for Nationalism Essay

I hope our advice helped you and you understand that writing such an essay is not difficult. Of course, you need to research the topic, find reliable facts from books, and only then write. Now let’s get down to choosing a theme:

  1. Nationalism in an Arab country and its impact on the world’s economy.
  2. The difference between nationalism and liberalism.
  3. Nationalism in Germany and how it influenced the world war.
  4. What is economic nationalism?
  5. How did nationalism develop in the twentieth century?
  6. What is the difference between globalism and nationalism?
  7. How European nationalism influenced the formation of Israel.
  8. How are two concepts related to each other: nationalism and religion.
  9. How is nationalism described in Orwell’s novels?
  10. Why Nationalism Influenced the French Revolution?
  11. Do you think nationalism is good or bad for people?
  12. Compare and contrast the concepts of nationalism, internationalism, globalism.
  13. How Russian nationalism affects the political system of the world?
  14. What role did nationalism play in the world war?
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages you can name about radical nationalism?

We have told you about all the secrets of nationalism essay; we advise you to use our advice to achieve the most positive result. Choose the topic exclusively from your interests because if you have a desire to understand the issue, the teacher will appreciate your efforts at a high score.

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