Topic Sentences As an Essential Element of Each Essay


So, what exactly a topic sentence is? It is a part of an essay, a better say of a paragraph of your essay, which plays the organization’s role in arranging your paragraphs. To be more specific, it lets you present the information your reader will find in the paragraph in a brief form.

It is usually the first sentence in each paragraph that gives the general idea of what is going to follow. Sentences that come after this one is more descriptive; they provide wider information about the issue. All the sentences should be directly related to the general topic you cover in your essay. And the topic sentences, in turn, are related to the thesis statement.

Topic sentences main functions

Topic sentences play several important roles. If you manage to present a distinct topic it will help you keep focused on the main idea. It also helps your audience quickly understand what you want to say. Such a sentence will be the starting point for each paragraph. Their important purpose is that they help your readers/listeners focus on the main idea of your essay and not get confused.

Check out the following examples:

Essay topic 1: ABC country if the most populated country in the world

Topic Sentence: There are several good reasons why ABC country is the world’s most populated country.

Controlling idea: several good reasons.

Essay topic 2: How to become an effective CEO

Topic Sentence: To be an effective CEO requires a set of certain qualities

The controlling idea is “a set of certain qualities”.

Tips for writing excellent topic sentences

  • Find out an interesting argument which will not be clear to your audience at once and present it;
  • Your last topic sentence should be not less than the most fascinating and unusual idea;
  • Make sure you use transition words and phrases that will emphasize clear connections between all the points and ideas in your essay;
  • The question-answer format may be a rather winning method;
  • Do not hesitate using different parts of speech – adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. They will help in making your essay interesting and alive.

Key qualities of topic sentences

If you want your topic sentences to help turn your essay into a winning project, you need to remember several important qualities they need to have:

  • Laconicism
  • Precision
  • Distinctness

Bad topic sentences characteristics

Like anything else, topic sentences may have qualities that will not do your essay good. You should avoid using them when composing your topic sentences. In the topic sentences you should not:

  • Use facts as topic sentences. Their purpose is to present your opinion or idea and support it;
  • Write about the effect only and nothing else;
  • Be boring and common when introducing our topic.

Examples of winning topic sentences

We understand that sometimes you might not have inspiration or be puzzled with something about composing topic sentences. Below we have selected examples of winning topic sentences in different types of essays.

Topic sentences in narration

  • Final words of my first mate made me realize that there was being planned a mutiny;
  • The ocean looked simply amazing that night. It even made me feel that I am going to lose a big number of my man very soon;
  • That very moment I came to the realization that my find was something really special;
  • We all thought there was nothing else left that nature could surprise us with, but the last night of our trip proved us wrong.

Topic sentences in argumentative essays

  • Armed security for ships is one of the best ways of protection from pirates;
  • Their players are really good, but I believe the real credit belongs to the coaches;
  • The plot is what makes Romeo and Juliet one of the best novels ever;
  • If you need proof of modern technologies creating new types of crimes looks at file-sharing websites.

Winning topic sentences in compare and contrast essays

  • The cast in the Dead Men Tell No Tales and the Pirates of the Caribbean make them really similar;
  • Those who ever heard Irish drinking songs and has an idea of sea shanties of pirates can sure say they sound very much alike;
  • Different ways brought Black Bart and Blackbeard to piracy, but they both were killed in battles;
  • In Hollywood, they portray pirates very similar to the descriptions one can find in historical sources.

Wining topic sentences for all types of essays

  • Let’s discuss the work and how productive it is at our next meeting;
  • American president Abraham Lincoln is rightfully considered one of the most powerful and influential politicians in history;
  • Education is a useful tool to lower decrease crime statistics;
  • The South suffered from the Civil War most of all because major actions happened on its territory;
  • Mastering different skills will allow you to become a cool athlete;
  • The accident when my uncle became a victim of a crime made me want to become a police officer.

Useful topic ideas for all cases

  • To become a good CEO, you need to possess a set of important characteristics;
  • Raising the education level will lower pregnancy statistics among teenagers;
  • Despite the efforts of different environmental organization, there are factors that promote pollution rate increasing;
  • To be able to cook you need to obtain several important skills;
  • Repeating discrimination pushed people to crime in high-poverty locations;
  • Your kitchen remodeling will work out well if you carry out thorough research and have a good eye;
  • There are several factors that contribute to continuous global warming;
  • If you think of investing in property a good idea is to make some good preparations;
  • Dogs are not only loyal pets, but they help to bring loving hearts together;
  • Having the first baby may turn into a tough experience because young parents will suffer a lot of changes in their everyday routine;
  • Those who live according to numerology must have serious grounds to rely on numbers;
  • Obtaining higher education is a must nowadays for many reasons


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