Personal Statement Examples: Let’s Deal With the Task


Do you need to apply for a college or a job? If you have a need to get accepted in one of these institutions, writing a professional statement would be mandatory for you. A professional statement is also called a personal statement or a CV summary. In a few words, the paper has a lot of value and is considered to be the most important document when applying for a job or university. Why is this such an important document? The answer is simple. If you have a well-organized professional statement on hand, you can get more chances to be accepted by a board. The admission would be flawless, indeed. And you will also more likely get a job offer with a flawless professional statement.

With a professional statement, you can show your professionalism, skills, and knowledge that a particular school or employer would appreciate. If you manage your statement correctly, you will easily prove your importance to the admission board. If you want to learn the basic rules of a professional statement, writing this article is for you. We’ve gathered the most appropriate information and created a compelling guide to help you handle the task at the highest level.

Professional statement: how do we define it?

A professional statement is an important paper where you ponder over your personality, specific area of interest, and goals that you want to achieve. If we consider the business area, thus a professional statement would be a list of your career achievements briefly summarized in a document. If we take into account an academic field, a professional statement will look like a short essay where you tell in brief about yourself to make a presentation for a selection committee.

Since professional statements aim to introduce a person to a new team or group of people, you can considerably boost your success with a well-written document. In a paper, you should point out how the company or school can benefit from your knowledge and professional experience. If you convey the ideas correctly, you will surely interest the selection committee. In a good personal statement, there should be motivation, qualifications, main areas of interest, and some other crucial factors important for the person reading the document.

If we take a closer look at a scholarship or studying practice, there’s a need to mention how important a doos personal statement is for the final decision. This is one of the most important papers, together with a GPA and a recommendation letter. Nevertheless, there are 3 basic documents; a professional statement is especially vital for a student. Therefore, it must be performed at the highest possible level.

Tailoring a well-crafted and thoughtful personal statement will take time. But the results are worth it. This is your chance to hook either the employer or an admission board and boost your success.

Rules to write a good professional statement

A professional essay is a complex task. When writing, you should pay attention to various aspects and consider different factors to achieve a good result. So, what are the rules of a good professional statement?

  • Convey a distinct message. To interest the reader, you need to convey the message in the most beneficial way. Make up the sentences so that the reader understands that you are the best candidate for the position, be it a scholarship or job. Your message has to be clarified throughout the whole essay. To make the statement clear, you should define the pivotal elements that you want to convey. When you’re done with identifying the main specks for consideration, move on to list your achievements. Don’t forget to mention your experience and skills, which emphasize your professionalism and importance as a specialist. Even if you have some weak spots, make sure to benefit from them, and put them in a good light. Point out those qualities that are the best for this position.
  • Make sure to illustrate everything correctly. There are various ways to make writing more interesting. And providing the reader with eye-catchy illustrations is a good option. To sound professional, you have to show your immense interest in the company or school. For this purpose, research the latest news and important updates related to the institution where you apply. Read about their specific areas of work and think about how you can contribute to their processes. Don’t tell the facts if you can’t give appropriate arguments. If you say that you like this or that notion, you should explain why. Otherwise, your statement would be useless. Referring to your professional or personal background is another useful tip. You can relate the current message to your past experience and correlate it. You have to maintain natural flow and coherence throughout the whole text. This way, it will convince the reader.
  • Make them believe you are a perfect candidate. Writing a professional statement aims to help you get accepted to a particular structure. Thus, your task is to explain why you suit the job or position perfectly. Here you have to be careful. Don’t overdo with highlighting your strengths. It may turn out to be a simple boasting. You will only lose it. Try to stress slightly on your strong points, which define you as a professional in the field.
  • Mind your writing. A professional statement depends on a few factors, and impeccable writing is one of them. You can prove that you are a perfect candidate and show your strengths in a good light. But it makes no sense if you write the text badly. Making silly mistakes, either grammatical or contextual, will make you’re writing a complete failure. This is a difficult task, but you will handle it with our tips. The tone of voice has to adhere to the general mood of the writing. Thus, to make the reader trust your words, you have to choose the appropriate vocabulary and make the message conversational.

Let’s learn useful tips for a successful professional statement writing

A personal statement has a lot of options, and one of them is convincing the reader. But it is not an easy task, especially if you’re a beginner. But we want to help you manage the task perfectly. Let’s read the tips that will work on your personal statement writing.

  • Don’t worry about the word limit.

In every task, there is a specific word count required. But when you create a draft, you should have little worries about the word count. When you are at the very beginning of your writing, adhering to a particular word count can only distract you from the topic. You should tell a story and include all the necessary details. When you’re done with a narrative, you can adjust it by final text editing. This will make the process much easier and help you pay attention to the coherence and readability, rather than on some technical aspects of the task.

  • Be specific

There is information that may repeat in your CV or application letter. So, not to mention the same things again, and again you can take a different approach. Tell a personal story. It won’t harm your personal statement writing if you don’t get into too much detail. Focus on your professional experience while still giving additional background info to demonstrate your qualities.

  • Write it ahead

Nevertheless, you have a lot of time to create an immaculate paper; you should start early. This way, you will have enough time to make up an outline and choose examples to illustrate your traits, strengths, and other application-related qualities.

  • Make up a captivating introduction

The introduction is the first thing that a reader deals with. Thus, your task is to interest the reader right from the first lines. Tell an engaging fact or reference to an unusual story. It will draw the attention of a reader and make him continue the reading.

Professional statement examples

Writer professional statement

“I’ve been working in the industry for 3 years. I’m keen on writing and analyzing the texts. My mission is to make the life of others easier. I enjoy working with different data and composing various texts. I am a very flexible specialist. I know the market and I try to keep up with its changes. I’m a very scrupulous writer and can ensure error-free texts.”

Marketing specialist personal statement

“I’m a prolific expert in the marketing industry. I have an extensive background in e-commerce. My major is dealing with companies and creating their marketing strategy for a long-term perspective. I’m constantly studying to learn more about the market. I enjoy helping people and following their ideas.”

Professional statement of a hospice caregiver

“My job is to help others and I do it at the highest level. I have great communication skills and can organize the process efficiently. I ensure comfort for the patients and pay attention to their needs and desires. I’ve worked for years with patients and know how to help them physically and mentally.”

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