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Gun control essay is aimed at discussing the situation deeply with illegal arms proliferation and various viewpoints concerning the issue. The use of a weapon by the citizens is quite a controversial issue. Thus we need to shed light on different aspects of the problem.

Arms restriction policy: is it a sufficient way to combat crime?


Gun control issue is a tricky matter that touches upon many day-to-day aspects and raises even more questions. The debates around gun control issues are unstoppable and seem to last forever since people cannot find a unified response to address this question. Since the latest alarming shooting events created panic not merely among the most vulnerable groups of people, but also among cool heads too, it is time to look for the best solution in regards to arms restriction.

On the other hand, you will find a great lot of people who still believe that gun control regulations are useless and bear no sense to us. People who object to the implementation of stricter arms limitations claim that these restrictions will fail to address the existing challenges connected with crimes or gun attacks. When the use of a weapon is well controlled and restricted, it can be a great hindrance to the uncontrolled outbreaks. Every law-abiding citizen has the right to defend himself in such cases when there is an imminent threat to their lives.

Main part: first side

If the use of arms and guns is strictly regulated by the state, it will not be a guarantee of safety. The interpretation of new and must severe laws will make no difference to the frequency of mass shootings that the criminals organize. The reason is quite clear and can put explained in the fact that criminals have a soft spot for disobeying the law, and stricter regulations will only worsen the situation.

Thus, the criminals will hardly listen to the laws that the government will try to introduce. Lawbreakers are used to particular behavioral patterns that they follow from day to day, and new laws implementation will not deter them from pursuing their course in public, causing massive shootings or even massacres in the most serious cases. In this respect, we cannot consider gun control regulations to be an effective means of preventing crimes, as obeying any form of rules is not the way the criminal’s act.

On the other hand, the essence of their disturbance behavior lies in their psychological disorders. Therefore, the administration of the country should seek for another effective way of preventing the criminals from performing outlaw behavior, as arms restriction seems to be fruitless.

The obvious question may arise in those who do not consider the implementation of a new stricter as a necessary action from the government. However, one must admit that the existing legislation regarding the sale of firearms fails to cope with the tasks. Therefore, there should be more rigid regulations to protect law-abiding citizens. For this respect, the authority should think over a more practical method to fight the crisis. There is one thing that we need to grasp, and it consists in the fact that massive shootings will continue to flash if the supply of illegal arms is still in the trade. The issue with the black market is present in the modern world. Furthermore, this illegal activity is thriving and bringing immense profit to those people who know the system from within. Thus, it is obvious that illegally sold arms will then go to the wrong hands. It happens that having money, almost every person can get firearms without any impediments.

The obvious thing is that a criminal who urges to get a gun will find a way to do it, even with the strictest regulations. If a criminal seeks additional weapons, it means he has trouble and is being watched by an enemy. Thus, to ensure one’s own protection, there is a need for a gun. Therefore, we can draw an obvious conclusion that restricting arms for the sake of minimizing mass shootings will have a reverse effect, and we will have our streets full of criminals with an illegally bought weapon. In this case, we will contribute to the prosperity of the black market.

Second side

There is another argument that works against arms limitations. The thing is that the more regulations the government implements in terms of weapon use, the more satisfaction and adoration it brings to the criminals. We should remember that these people are aimed at causing harm to the public and creating panic. Thus, when ordinary people have trouble with buying arms for self-protection, they thus become vulnerable to the aggression from the criminals and massive attacks.

In this respect, arms regulations play in the hands of the black marketeer. If we treat the issue from a more global perspective, the tension in the society will be much greater, as the civilians will not have the chance to protect their family from the illegal actions of the criminals. If we have a look at statistics, we can see that countries with less harsh arms restrictions are lower in criminal attacks, as their citizens are protected enough to stand against the aggression.

One should understand that the efficacy of the new arms restrictions will justify itself if it is implemented in the law-abiding society. However, it is impossible to find a community where every citizen act in full accordance with the legislation. Therefore, such weapon use limitations will work merely for the law-abiding subjects, when the criminals simply neglect it. It has practically no sense for the criminals, whether there are severe regulations in terms of arms selling. They will still find ways to get the weapon they need without following the rules.

Thus, the limitations aimed at stripping the freedom of criminals will not affect them at all and, moreover, will fail to decrease the number of weapons sold via the black market. If we take, for example, Chicago, where one can buy ammunition only with an owner’s identification card, we can see the real implications of arms restriction. In Chicago, you will find it extremely troublesome to acquire a gun. For this respect, Chicago Area is central to the flashes of violence, crime, and mass shooting.

Supporting Facts

If you have an urge to obtain a gun, you, as an individual, should undergo a procedure that includes a background check. When it is done, you should wait up to a month to get the authorization to use the weapon. Nevertheless, the legal process is challenging or even daunting; in Chicago, you can get the gun illegally with no worries. In this state, you can find the greatest number of unregistered arms that are in free access. Despite the measures that the authorities tried to implement to decrease the free proliferation of weapons, the situation is still tense. Unfortunately, the efforts to restrict guns trooping are not fruitless.

England is another place where there were countless attempts to prevent free arms sales and regulate the situation somehow for the sake of better social security. 1997 contributed to the situation with arms restriction, as the limitation imposed on the individuals made everything worse. The frequency of criminal cases has drastically increased after the introduction of arms limitation laws if compared with the previous statistics. England has always been considered as a nation with the most rigid rules that the population follows. However, the implementation of new rules made the citizens feel defenseless and have their hands tied in the face of offenders.

What is more convincing is real figures which state that the number of armed robbery cases, as well as crime in general, increased by up to 40%. A few years after the introduction of the law, criminal incidents have doubled throughout the country. For example, New York citizens are six times safer in terms of robbery and fraud, than the individuals living in the UK under the law of arms limitation. 13% occurrence rates of crimes vividly demonstrate that the criminals fear more armed citizens than the existing law. Arms limitation law has caused an increase in lawlessness on the streets since the citizens were unable to protect themselves and reciprocate the offenders with the firearms.


As the experience has shown, laws of restricting gun control failed to minimize the incidences of various lawless activities, though the restrictions have initially been aimed at it.  In many states where the restrictions have been performed in the form of an official act, the occurrence of criminal cases continued to rise.

To draw the conclusion, it is necessary to mention the obvious findings which one can observe from the evidence presented in the essay. The statistics demonstrate the inadequacy between the introduction of arms restriction laws and their implications. The obvious thing is that weapon control limitations will not ensure fewer criminal cases.

If we draw parallels between cities with severe arms restrictions and the states where the limitations are not that rigid, we can see a clear picture. It shows the inverse relationship and proves that stringent gun control laws cannot ensure safety and social calmness. Therefore, to address the issue, the authorities should resort to more effective methods that will touch the very essence of the problem, but not the after-effects of it. To decrease the frequency of mass shooting incidents, there should be more diverse and extensive interventions on the part of the Government.

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