Economics Essay: Tips, Tricks, and Topics


Economics today is considered to be one of the most popular majors at the university. This is an area that always needs good specialists. In addition, it is very interesting to study, so many students have not only professional but also personal interest.

Honestly, studying economics is rarely easy. Especially if you really study, and not procrastinate. You will encounter a huge number of diverse tasks. One of them is writing an economic essay. You need to provide a paper with a mini-study, competent arguments, carefully crafted ideas. Some literary and social essays are easier to write because they involve the use of your personal ideas and your own opinion. But when you write an economic essay, you should be guided by facts and evidence. Fortunately, you are not alone: ​​we have prepared for you a detailed guide that will help you write an amazing economic essay that deserves an A-grade.

What is an Economics Essay?

It’s simple. An economics essay is an essay on economic topics. It can be simple, for example, when you explain the influence of the state on the country’s economy. But some essays can be really complicated. They require research and analytical approach. Using the following recommendations, you can easily master the art of writing an economic essay.

Step 1. Make sure you understand your task

As soon as you receive a topic from your professor, you need to read it several times. Make sure that the topic seems clear to you and does not raise any questions. If you have any doubts, discuss them with the professor. After that, write the topic on the sheet and put this sheet in a conspicuous place. This will help you always keep your focus on your essay.

If the first courses are already over and you are preparing for the diploma, the essay topic will be much more complicated. In this case, you can divide it into several “subtopics” for a better understanding.

Step 2. Do your homework

If you know your topic and understand it well, you can start preparing. The more information you find, the better your essay will be. In some cases, you can get material from textbooks, as well as a list of additional literature. Your professor will always recommend interesting books and magazines. You can also use the Internet, but remember that you need trusted sources that are trustworthy.

If you encounter unfamiliar concepts, terms, tasks in the process of writing, this means that you need to delve a little more into the topic. But only if it has to do with your topic, otherwise you’ll just waste your time.

Step 3. Think about the structure

When you conduct a deep review, you will receive a large number of ideas regarding your future essay. This is what helps you come up with the perfect structure. This plan does not have to be clear, just write down all the good ideas that come to your mind. You may find just a first-class idea, but it will not be relevant to your topic. When you make a list, you will get a more detailed idea of ​​how your economic essay should look.

Step 4. Organize all the information

Now that you have a rough understanding of what your paper will be, you can organize all the information available. Think about what data you can use in the introduction to seed. What statistics and analytics will be useful to you when writing the main content? When planning an essay, always keep in mind its volume. Do not rush to cover all the ideas at once, the paper should not be too long. Better choose some of the most important questions and work through them carefully.

Step 5. Write an introduction

So, you have a plan, the necessary materials, and an understanding of what your economic essay will be. Now you can start writing. Many students claim that the beginning is the most difficult stage. Therefore, we advise you to finish with the introduction as soon as possible so as not to procrastinate.

The main task of the introduction is to introduce the audience to your essay and provide an overview. You have already formulated the main question of your paper and now you can present a more extended version of it. Show why you think this problem is important and relevant, provide intriguing and non-standard statistics.

Step 6. Plan the bulk of the paper

Now that you have set the tone for your economic essay, it will be easier for you to cope with other steps.

This section will be the most voluminous and informative, so you should make a detailed plan of all your paragraphs. There are a large number of techniques that will help you organize your thoughts, for example, mind map. Put the main argument in the center of the paper and write down all your ideas side by side. Now you can track communications and then organize your letter.

If you have several ideas make sure that each of them has its own paragraph or section.

Step 7. Write the main part of the essay

The better your plan, the easier it will be to write. Your task is to expand each aspect of the plan, to illustrate it with facts, statistics, quotes from experts, etc. Use relevant information from trusted sources.

Remember that you are writing an essay, not a study or a scientific paper. This means that at the end of each paragraph you can use transitional sentences. They will help you to connect the text, make it more convenient for the reader, to demonstrate the logical connections used.

Step 8. Make sure your essay is helpful

An economic essay differs from other papers in that it contains a large amount of information: facts and data. It’s not enough just to quote an author who inspires confidence from the audience. You need to provide statistics, numbers, confirmations to any of your arguments. This is exactly why your essay will be read at all. You do not just argue on any topic, you show your expertise, offer a new look at the problem, new options for solving it. Even if you do not yet have enough knowledge and experience for this, you can offer your own video.

Step 9. Write a conclusion

When you are done with the main parts of your economic paper, you can relax. But not for long. A good essay should have a good conclusion. This is the part that will leave an aftertaste for your reader. And you can influence him. The best solution would be to reiterate your main argument and take stock. If your essay is of social importance, you can end it with a compelling call to action.

Step 10. Read Your Paper

When you put the last point, you have the opportunity to finally rest. But don’t think that your work ends there. You wrote a draft that requires careful editing. If you send the paper to the professor right now, most likely you will get a C-grade. But do not rush to get rid of spelling or punctuation errors. There are some other points that you should pay attention to.

After writing a conclusion, re-read your text and make sure that it is logical and understandable. All the main paragraphs should correspond to the topic and your main question. If you notice that this is not the case, get rid of unnecessary text.

Step 11. Analyze your economic essay

After you have made sure that your essay has a logical structure, it is relevant and interesting, think about whether you managed to convey the main idea?

Introduce yourself in the place of your reader or ask a friend to read your text. This will help get rid of weak sentences, ambiguities of perception. If you use any expressions, metaphors, examples from real life or literature, the reader must understand why you are doing this.

Step 12. Get rid of mistakes and plagiarism

Now that the content of your economic essay can be called flawless, you can polish its shape. You can do it yourself or order paper editing from a professional author. Of course, spelling or punctuation errors do not affect the understanding of the essay, but they can seriously ruin the impression of reading. They will also affect your rating. Economic papers containing errors do not inspire confidence among readers; they do not look authoritative and convincing. Do not let inattention ruin your academic reputation.

When you write an economic essay, it is very difficult to avoid plagiarism. You refer to studies published on the Internet, quote phrases from famous people, etc. You should be very careful with such information since your paper must be unique. Check the text in the plagiarism recognition application, and also make sure that you correctly quoted all sources. The modern academic community is very bad at plagiarism and considers it a fraud.

10 Perfect Economic Essay Topic

  1. The basic principles of modern economics
  2. What is the difference between short-term and long-term economic success? How can the short- and long-term economies affect business?
  3. Can the government intervene in the economic development of the country? Historical retrospective and modern realities
  4. Analyze the economic situation in one of the countries of Asia of your choice. What problems does this country face? Do residents take part in solving economic problems? How is the economy developing?
  5. Analyze the successes of the US economy over the past 10 years
  6. Why is the country’s economic situation improving and why is it getting worse? What factors influence these phases? Are they natural or artificial?
  7. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the financial system of the European Union
  8. Imagine you have 15 thousand dollars. How do you use this money with maximum benefit?
  9. Do you agree that economics is an experimental science?
  10. Analyze any book from an economic point of view.

Economics is a fairly broad topic, which includes a huge number of subtopics. You can get a topic from your professor or come up with it yourself. If the second option is closer to you, conduct a small research. A lot of economic issues are being actively discussed today, and it will be difficult for you to come up with some original ideas. Try to find a custom approach to interest your audience. It is important that the topic is interesting to you, then you can immerse yourself in it, give it enough attention and be creative in the process of writing an essay. For example, many students like the topic of 15 thousand dollars. On the one hand, you just dream about money and spending. On the other hand, you are thinking about how to invest this money in order to get the maximum profit. This develops analytical thinking well. And this is certainly interesting to readers because they get practical benefits.

Economics Essay Sample

If you are looking for inspiration to write your essay, you can read examples from other authors. Remember that you cannot use excerpts from these texts in your paper, as your essay should be free from plagiarism. If you order an essay written by a professional author, you can count on uniqueness. But when you write by yourself, it is entirely your responsibility.

Here you can find a short sample of an economics essay.

15 thousand dollars is a good sum for any person. It does not matter if you are a student, a beginner specialist or an experienced professional, this money can open up new opportunities for you.

On the one hand, you can spend this amount now: buy a new laptop, smartphone, make gifts to your family or friends. Maybe you want to invest this money in a business.

Or you can learn how to invest. Here are some ways to spend 15 thousand dollars wisely:

  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 3

Thus, having analyzed the proposed solutions, it becomes clear that a competent investment is key to your successful future. Having $ 15,000 in hand, you can increase this amount several times using the right economic approach.

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