How To Write 500 Words Essay


It is impossible to find a student, who has never heard of such a task, because a 500 word essay is one of the most popular assignments not depending on the subject and topic. This relatively short assignment aims to show your experience on the subject and an ability to put your thoughts into words in a brief manner.

Some students call such a short paper a real blessing, as it doesn’t require much time to complete but others consider it a disaster, as they don’t know how to fit in all the information. As usual, truth is somewhere in the middle and knowing key features of a 500 word essay you will always complete it without any difficulties.

If you still doubt whether you can write my essay on your own, you can hire a professional writing service or download a 500 word essay example on a corresponding topic. Such samples will help you to understand what issues to concentrate on and what aspects to include to the text. However, you need to avoid temptation of simply copying the example, as it is quite easy to check any essay on plagiarism.

Below is a list of all the information you may need, while creating your 500 words essay. Pour yourself a mug of coffee and be ready to note down all the useful tips we have in store!

Useful tips

You may be quite amazed to find out how many requests like ‘what does a 500 word essay look like’ we receive every day. However, it is not surprising and we will gladly share our knowledge with you!

There are a few things that you should pay attention to, when completing your essay:

  • Take your time to write an outline. It is not a secret that a thoughtful and reasonable planning may greatly help you in writing any sort of a high school or college assignment. Such a short plan or a so-called outline may save lots of your time and make the essay much better, as you will always remember what elements to include to the text. Start with noting down everything you want to see in your essay and gradually add or delete some elements while working on the essay. In such a way, you will always concentrate on the things than matter and will follow a smooth and readable structure;
  • Avoid plagiarism. If you decide to use a 500 word essay sample not only to get ideas but also to deliver it as if you were its author, be ready to face consequences. Modern tutors always have access to plagiarism checkers and it is a matter of a few minutes to see whether your essay is original or not. Do you want to risk your grades?
  • Always follow formatting guidelines. Most students think that plot is the only thing that matters and don’t pay attention to the formatting style. However, your grades may reduce significantly if you decide to neglect all the formatting requirements. Make sure you know the required style or ask a professional editor for help.

Structure of such an essay

If you want to know how to write 500 words essay, you should definitely start with paying attention to its structure. Luckily, there is nothing difficult in the matter and any essay, not depending on its topic and size should consist of three main parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Conclusion.

It is a real challenge to catch interest of the audience, so you need to be very attentive and skilled, when creating the introduction section. It is a sort of an exit to the rest of your essay, so your audience should be willing to enter it!

Your introduction should consist of a couple of sentences. Start with the main topic, shaped with catchy words or phrases. If appropriate, you can add quotes or statistics to make the essay more interesting. At the end of the introductory section, you need to present your thesis statement. Its main aim is to show the goal of the whole work and usually it is written only after the whole essay is ready.

Body paragraphs occupy the biggest part of your essay, so you need to work really hard on completing them in the best possible way. Every evidence you provide should be written in a separate paragraph. However, try to limit them to two or three, concentrating on the key elements. Every argument should be backed with credible data, like facts, quotes from academic sources and so on. Despite its size, a 500-word essay is a serious paper, which demands research and analysis.

The last but not the least section is the conclusion, where you need to highlight all the key features of your work. You should also make a powerful statement for the future, engage the readers and describe how your ideas may influence others. Be creative and make sure you give yourself to the fullest from the first to the last line!

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