How to write an analytical essay


The term analytical essay may sound quite complicated and vivid, as it combines a huge variety of features that should be followed. That is why most of the students find it disturbing, when they are assigned to analyze a particular topic and don’t know how to behave.

If you are on this page, you probably experience certain difficulties with writing analytical essay and are looking for the tips and advices, which could help. Luckily, we are living in the times of Internet and it is quite simple to find all the necessary information online.

The whole point of an analytical essay is to distinguish facts from thoughts and to give the reader a chance to understand the topic without any difficulties. It is not a simple essay, where the reader only gets familiar with the general meaning of the term or topic. It is a paper, where the audience can dive into the analysis of the matter and see the whole topic from within.

Now you see that it is quite difficult to write an analytical paper and you need to be a skilled writer, a devoted researcher and a talented editor to make your essay shine. You should also spend enough time on studying the topic and getting familiar with the basic information.

First advice you can obtain is to get familiar with an analytical essay example, which is available online. In such a way, you will get fresh ideas for your analytical essay and will be able to decide what direction to choose.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should copy presented works. This is considered a crime and is called plagiarism. The best way is to use samples for your inspiration and create a background for your own, unique work.

Follow the structure

When you look for the information how to write an analytical essay, you surely need to learn its typical structure and key elements. In such a way, you will be able to complete your essay not depending on the topic and deadlines. A common essay includes such parts, as introduction, body and conclusion.


This section welcomes the reader to the text, so it is crucial to make your introduction as interesting, as possible. Try to make your first paragraph not only catchy but also informative. Depending on the topic and the style of your writing, add a quote, statistics, an anecdote or an interesting fact to stir the interest of the audience.

Proceed with a thesis statement, which will indicate your main thoughts on the matter and will offer possible solutions of the topic. At the end, you need to ask a rhetoric question or make predictions for the results of your work. Don’t forget about various lexical tools and phrases that will make your introduction interesting.

Your introduction should inspire the reader and make him want to learn more on the subject. Make sure you use all the possible tools!

Body paragraphs

Depending on the topic you choose, your analytical essay should consist of three to five paragraphs. This section is the heart of your work and you need to pay all your attention to these paragraphs.

The whole point of the body section is that every paragraph starts with a topic sentence, followed by the information that supports it. For example, you state an argument and then provide all the evidence you have on the subject. You should try to provide all the arguments in an order of rising importance. This means that you should start with a weaker fact and finish with the most powerful one.

If you are not sure whether you are able to complete body sections at once, it is better to complete an analytical essay outline to keep in mind all of its key elements.


It doesn’t matter what type of analytical essay topics you are dealing with: your conclusions should be a sort of a summary of the whole essay.

This is the closing part of your work and its quality greatly influences the final impression from your essay and the grades you obtain. Try to briefly explain the key features of your analysis, give the reader a chance to remember all the arguments and supporting facts.

It is better to provide the audience with clear answers to the subject and give a useful advice or predictions on the matter. Your conclusions should paraphrase your thesis statement, making your analysis useful for the field.

Keep in mind

Now, when you know what is an analytical essay and are ready to start working on it, there is nothing more important than making sure it is readable and flawless. After completing your paper, don’t forget to do the editing and proofreading. It will help you to avoid mistakes in future and get highest grades.

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