Bullying essay: tips and tricks on writing a paper


Writing a bullying essay is one of the measures to enhance awareness in students. This is an educational measure, an integral part of the educational process in schools today. When dealing with such essays, a student is, first of all, asked to share personal experience. No matter what role students took, it is important to tell a story and reveal true emotions. Discussing various bullying-related aspects is another matter of concern. By comprehending its negative impact on the lives of people, students can analyze what forces them to act in such a way and manifest their behavior so cruelly. Writing a bullying essay can help compartmentalize everything and understand the motivation and purpose of the violence. 

Bullying essay: purpose and structure

When writing a bullying essay, a writer should understand its purpose and chief aims. For every student, the purpose of the essay will be special or even personal. But the aims are quite regular and unified. First of all, bullying essays will help the students better understand the problem and take into consideration various aspects of the phenomenon. Second, students will cover all the related issues connected somehow with the direct issue. This could be the motivation that rules the aggressors. This could also be dangerous behaviors that make it all possible and happen frequently. 

To eradicate the problem or at least make its impact less devastating, students are assigned to bullying essays. Communicating and discussing the problem should become common practice for students. The truth is that students are mostly reluctant to talk about their feelings and thoughts. They decide to keep it secret to eliminate the pressure from peers and adults. But if we treat bullying in the same way, it will become even worse. For this reason, it is crucial to talk with each other, understand and problem, and accept its existence. If we close our eyes to the fact and ignore it, we harm the child’s physical and mental health. 

Now, when we have considered the purpose and aims of the essay, it is time to move further and learn about the structure. In short, the bullying essay has almost a similar structure as any other academic essay for students. It follows a regular structure and has the key elements of it:

  • Introduction. This is an integral part of every essay. This is the first thing that a reader comprehends. Thus, it should be attention-grabbing and catchy. In the introduction, you should thoroughly explain the topic. But try to keep it brief. You have several sentences only to draw the attention of the reader. Use an interesting approach to catch the attention instantly. It could be a witty saying that would contrast the overall seriousness of the text. It could also be a statement from a book or a question. Try to create something that will make a person read the writing. Then you have to reveal the significance of the topic and introduce the required context. 
  • Thesis statement. To be true, this is the last sentence of your introduction. Here you should sum up the introductory part and naturally hint the reader what’s the purpose of the text. The difficult thing is that a thesis is usually one-sentence long. Thus, you need to think it over and try to fit in your thoughts so that they sound good. 
  • Main body. First and foremost, here you need to discuss the arguments and provide sound evidence to what you say. You don’t have necessarily provide undeniable details and evidence. The main body of the text can contain structured paragraphs where the starting sentences relate to the thesis somehow. You should also make use of some explanatory or supportive sentences. To include relevant information in the text, you can use evidence from literature, history, or personal life. Try to be diverse and not to focus attention mainly on one or another evidence type. When you point out the bullying problem in the literature or history, your work sounds more professional. When you incorporate personal stories, the text becomes more alive. Thus, it is better to combine it all in a dynamic and harmonious text. 
  • Conclusion. This is the last word that you will say in your bullying essay. Here your main task is to summarize the information and sum everything up with a sentence or two. Remember not to include any new or redundant facts in the conclusive part. It will confuse the reader. Look through the essay one more time and highlight the points which you should put into the conclusive part. 

This is just one of the examples that you may follow to write a bullying essay. To be true, this type of essay can take different forms and adapt to various scenarios. For example, it can be either an argumentative or persuasive essay. This way, it will pertain to different features and styles of writing. It can also be an explanatory essay where you will have to ponder over the motivation of the parties involved in abuse. Our example can be a roadmap for you. Take into consideration the structure and adjust it to specific requirements. 

Bullying essay outline

Outlines for bullying essays are different. They may vary depending on the purpose of the message. The content and contextual environment are also crucial for creating an outline. Nevertheless, bullying essays are unique, and there are some unifying elements. These key elements are necessary when crafting gain essay outline. 

  • The first thing that a student can do is reveal motivation for essay writing. It is necessary to mention the degree of the problem and how rapidly the risks grow in US schools. It is also crucial to tell in a few words about how children’s violence impacts the life of the aggressor and the victim. The personal experience could be another motivation to introduce. There are multiple incidents when students face cyberbullying together with a regular form of mockery. 
  • The next stage is developing the topic and presenting relevant evidence. In the following part, a student needs to make a deep analysis of the problem and introduce sound examples to convince the reader. It can be exact data, such as statistics, for the past few years. It can focus on various bullying-related cases. As a writer, you can also mention the problems common for the family of the aggressor and victim. If you focus more on the role of passive and active spectators, you need to dig deeper into the psychological aspect. Here you need to delve into the topic of self-analysis. Research the documents on social sciences to get a deeper understanding of why people behave in such a way. To provide a good quality essay, you need to know the subject well. If you have experienced bullying either as a victim, or aggressor, you need to research another side of the problem. Only by thorough research and competent knowledge of the topic, you will be able to carry the right message to the reader. 
  • In the end, you need to conclude all the above-mentioned information. To write an exhaustive conclusion, look through the text, and point out important elements. To make it easier for you, you can focus on giving appropriate recommendations on how to behave in such situations. Read relevant materials and share with your readers only credible pieces of advice. For instance, you can suggest a bullied person befriend an enemy, show personal disapproval of violent behavior, or report the incidents. You should also tell in detail what the perpetrators should do. In most cases, social environment, family problems, and psychological health contribute to the behavior of a bully. This is your choice, and you can choose any type of recommendation to introduce in the conclusive part. But keep it in mind that your advice should help the reader and not harm instead. Make sure you have consulted scientific materials and books, communicated with teachers, and soaked relevant information. If you doubt it, better avoid recommending redundant content. 

Bullying essay: 10 topics for your writing

If you lack inspiration or want to get some new fresh ideas, you can read the list below. We have compiled bullying essay topics so that you can choose one for writing. 

  1. How do perpetrators choose their victims? What is the psychological portrait of the victim? Can you undergo mockery if you fit the portrait of a victim? 
  2. Why do aggressors harm the life of other people? What is the motivation of their acts? Personal and social triggers for cruelty. 
  3. Bullying in schools: who is to blame? Do we need to blame children? What is the role of child-rearing in families? Who is responsible for the upbringing and who is in charge of bullying among students? 
  4. How can teachers prevent bullying? Can we blame them for such indiscipline? Can they suggest a way out? 
  5. What should teachers know about bullying in schools? What is the bullied person who is harmed? How do teachers need to respond to disorderly conduct? 
  6. Passive and active spectators: who role do they play in bullying attacks among children? Who are they? How can we analyze them from the perspective of group psychology? 
  7. Efficient methods and techniques to prevent bullying. What can enhance students’ awareness of the problem? 
  8. What are the types of bullying? `do they all have the same effect on victims? Why do perpetrators prefer one type over another? What influences the choice of a bully? 
  9. What measures should schools introduce to prevent bullying? The success of offline and online campaigns. Should victims ask for help anonymously? 
  10. Cyberbullying phenomenon: does it have the same effect on people as a regular form of mockery? 

Bullying essay has many different sides as and can be considered from various perspectives. You need to choose the topic that resonates with you the most. Think of the purpose of your writing. Consider related issues and select the topic that you will enjoy writing. Keep it in mind that first of all, a reader should benefit from the text.

Expert help for bullying essay writing

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