Good hooks for essays: simple guide


Many students think that writing an essay requires a great talent and they simply avoid such a task, not knowing that everything is much easier! To become a good writer, you don’t need to be born with a writing talent: you just need to be willing to improve and be disciplined enough to devote a couple hours a day to this useful skill.

To become an essay writer you only need to write every day (even if it is a couple sentences), read various articles and newspapers to get fresh knowledge, and be patient to read and revise your essay over and over again to eliminate all the mistakes. Do you have enough nerves and time to develop such a useful skill? If the answer is yes, we guarantee that you will success.

Our article aims to give you an insight into the world of brilliant essays! You will learn how to write a good hook and make your paper catchy and interesting.


The hook gets its name from a famous punch in boxing that usually knocks the other participant down. It is a tool, a word or a sentence, which acts with a thunderous speed and the reader is no longer able to put the text aside!

Such sentences usually intrigue the reader and make him want to continue. These hooks make you want to learn more and find out what happens next. Good hook for essays are a great way to catch and hold interest of the audience from the first sentence to the last, so you should definitely go on reading to find out more!

Useful tips

Good hooks for essays always follow a common pattern and have a range of tips to keep in mind. Such tips include:

  • Always think of the audience. Before starting your essay, you need to have a clear picture of your audience: whether it is a class, your personal blog or a conference. You will get an idea of the things that unite your readers and will be able to understand how to surprise them. For example, scientists will probably require an interesting statistical data, while youngsters may find an anecdote very appealing;
  • Understand the goal of your essay. Think of the emotions you want to stir in your audience: if it is fear, start with a scary story. If it is a cheerful mood, choose an anecdote. Always think of the aims of your paper and this will greatly help you to choose an appropriate hook;
  • Start your paper with good essay hooks. The audience should be interested in continuing reading, so the hook sentence at the beginning is a must.

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Types of essay hooks

Now when you know how your hooks should be chosen, it is a right time to enumerate the main hook types, which you can apply depending on your paper.

  1. It is one of the most popular types of hooks and the simplest one. All you need to do is to choose an appropriate literary quote on the topic and put it at the beginning of your essay. Experience shows that readers won’t put your paper aside if they see a famous author and will be willing to know what he or she thinks on the matter;
  2. It is a great way to entertain the audience and can be called an example of good hook sentences. Start your paragraph with a short anecdote even if the whole tone of your paper is about jokes. However, make sure that you can use first person in your essay, as it is often prohibited;
  3. This type of a hook is a bit more challenging, as it requires your thoughtful consideration. Such a hook should be intriguing, readable and clearly constructed if you want to encourage the reader to find the answer in the next paragraphs. Your hook question should always have an answer with the choice (for example, ‘yes’ or ‘no’). However, you are not obliged to give a clear answer throughout the text;
  4. Facts or terms. It is one of the best ways to provide a catchy beginning of your essay. Just find an interesting fact or an unknown definition and your reader will be intrigued!
  5. Statistical data. This type of a hook is universal and can be used both for a serious research and for an entertaining essay. Just make sure your sentence is brief and clear not to bore the reader. Experience shows that people automatically want to read the whole sentence if it starts with numbers. What can be called a better hook?

Now you have a clear idea of what an essay hook is and can make your essay not only readable and bright but also interesting and intriguing!

Using all our tips, you will be able to grab interest of the audience and make it want to read the essay from cover to cover. If you still doubt whether you have enough experience and skills, you can always contact us and ask for advice. Our skilled writers and editors are professionals in creating outstanding hooks for any types of essays!

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