Best Methods on How to Start an Essay


The process of creating an essay consists of preparing, writing, and checking the paper. In turn, writing an essay requires the creation of a strong introduction, persuading paragraphs of the body and summing up the conclusion. The most important element of any essay is the introduction. Therefore, starting to write an essay, you ask yourself the question “how to start an essay to set the proper rhythm?”. We have collected tips from professional essayists who will put everything on the shelves.

The beginning of the essay should catch the reader, make him continue reading. Besides, this does not have to be fake. In several sentences, you need to describe what will be discussed in the essay, which prompted you to write the paper. If you don’t have time to select a powerful essay start, be sincere and share your expectations. However, this article is to help you pick up a strong beginning.

Special elements for a stronger essay beginning

Of course, the intonation and laconicism of the beginning play a large role. However, there are several options to start an essay to grab attention from the first seconds. It is best if each element is powerful and attractive. However, we will analyze the role of title, introduction elements and ways to start each paragraph.

Your title is everything

The title of the paper is the first thing that a person sees when starting to read your essay. A strong title convinces the reader that the paper will answer his question. To create a good title, you must analyze the topic and select key information. Then pick up a pair of persuasive arguments and think about what resources can confirm them. By then, you will already have enough data to come up with an enticing title.

Consider writing a hook

The hook is a piece of information that catches the reader, makes him interested in continuing to browse or read. For example, in sales, the hook may be in the form of a discount, special offer or limited edition. For essay writing, use statistics, fact, or comparison. These data cause discussion and debate, which means that a person will have certain emotions when reading an essay.

Thesis statement to explain your position

Each essay should have a thesis, which is placed in the introduction. Moreover, this element determines the success of the paper, as it sets the tone for reasoning. To put it another way, a powerful thesis is the ability to tune readers to the desired frequency. An essay is a creative paper, so there are no strict requirements for your thesis statement. Be confident and use this element to express your point of view.

Consider adding a joke

When you are in the company of strangers, you are embarrassed and you are afraid to joke. First, you need to evaluate the sense of humor of other people, to understand their views and hobbies. However, there are well-established jokes and jokes that everyone knows. Such jokes can be used without worrying about the consequences and the way you are perceived.

If you do not know which element is best for starting an essay, a joke is your rescue. Browse the jokes that relate to your topic or argument. Then determine if you can combine that joke with your thesis and the introduction as a whole. You can create several options in a draft, and ask your comrades to rate each of them.

Rhetorical question

Teachers often use a rhetorical question to make students think about a topic or situation. This can be called a psychological device because the rhetorical question does not need to be answered. However, this element provides the reader with emotions and a subject for reflection.

Besides, sometimes a common question can have a rhetorical power if placed in a specific context. For example, every student wants to graduate from university and get a well-paid job. Therefore, the question “does every student want to get a well-paid job”, although rhetorical, does not make sense. Use up-to-date news or facts about an essay to supply your point of view with the readers’ trust.

Pick up a quote

Quotes are great for papers of any type and difficulty level. The words of a famous person who has confidence among your target audience will perfectly support the arguments. Carefully review people’s opinions about the quote you intend to use. Also, check citation rules to avoid plagiarism.

How to start each paragraph

If you are asking how to start an essay, this is about the introduction. However, each paragraph is introductory to position its arguments. Therefore, we have selected tips that will help strengthen each part of the essay.


Your introduction should contain a thesis and a hook. The thesis should be central to the extent that it states your plans and expectations. In turn, a hook is an element that attracts attention without containing useful information. However, the decision of the person to continue reading the essay depends on the quality of the hook.

Body paragraphs

Each paragraph should begin with an attractive element. In this case, the element must be combined with argument and proof. For example, you write that snacking in a cafeteria affects the environment. In this case, add statistics on sales of coffee in plastic cups and the term for their decomposition.


It is worth starting the conclusion with the formation of results. A well-known quote will retain the impression of the information received. Slowly move to the finish line. Do not cut the paragraph; invite readers to ponder the problem.

How to start the process of essay creation

  1. Create an outline. In addition to the draft, the plan will help organize the paper, create the perfect sample that you will strive for.
  2. Use brainstorming. Sit down and write down all the ideas that come to mind in short intervals. Come up with a strong title that matches the theme of the essay.
  3. Pick up some credible sources. Make sure you have enough relevant data to create a quality paper. Make notes to remember the name of the author of the publication and the name of the resource.
  4. Write a draft. Create an essay skeleton with a thesis, hook, and arguments. Rate the strength of each element. You only need to connect these elements and create smooth transitions.

Important tips to improve the paper quality

When you write the beginning of the paper, you can fall into a trap and make common mistakes. Most often these are minor inaccuracies, but they spoil the appearance and perception of the essay. So that you do not lose points, we will share useful tips in creating an essay:

  • Start with a draft. The trial version will show if the essay topic is right for you and how strong the arguments can be. Write an abridged version of the essay to evaluate your potential with those source data.
  • Alternate the writing process with relaxation. Set a timer and have time to write the maximum number of ideas. Go outside during breaks, use exercise as a rest. This will improve productivity.
  • Avoid clickbait and plagiarism. The title of the essay should be consistent with the content. If you used a quote or fact, indicate the author. Do this with each resource, so as not to get into an awkward situation at the end of the deadline.

Bottom Line

The beginning of the essay sets the rhythm for both you and the readers. It is better to spend a lot of time creating a strong beginning than to get stuck in the body of an essay without ideas and inspiration. To start the essay accordingly, you need to know your target audience and our tips. By following simple rules, you will provide yourself with a good essay.

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