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The conclusion paragraph usually seems to be not so important. Yet, if you will work on it, you will definitely succeed. This paragraph is as important as the introduction. That is why it is crucial to know its rules and have a plan to write it properly.

Conclusion Paragraph Example: General Rules and Forms

A conclusion paragraph example aims to summarize the evidence and facts said above. Writing it, a student should highlight the gained achievements. The introductory chapter is a perfect guide that is fundamental in the compilation of a conclusion. The specific features of a conclusion paragraph are:

  • follows the path stated in the introduction;
  • responds the thesis statement;
  • observes the chapter frameworks (for extensive paperwork);
  • leaves the readers the field for further investigations;
  • provides suggestions; 
  • proposes solutions to the discussed problems.

According to the style of the monologue, a conclusion has different ways of expression:

  • summing up: includes the numeration and a short analysis of the main points;
  • framing: returns to the introduction part, confirming its verity;
  • call-to-action: appeals for an immediate reaction of the readers;
  • impressive story: culminating the text;
  • citation: provides a succinct expression that will leave readers thinking;
  • universal: expands the topic emphasizing its global meaning;
  • settles the perspectives: sketches ideas for the further theme development. 

Depending on the type of research papers, a conclusion paragraph has several forms:

  1. Embedded conclusion. This form of finalizing is specific for a narrative essay. It provides a personal experience in chronological order. For example, it may finish a storyline. This form of conclusion does not summarize the entire paper but determines the current situation only. An embedded conclusion can not restate the thesis statement or change an essay structure. Ending a narrative presenting vital information in a sequential order is its primary purpose.
  2. Retrospective conclusion. This form is appropriate for essays that display a series of events, including past times. Its purpose is to illuminate the outcome reached from the historical events after examination and convincing the readers that the provided information is meaningful. A retrospective conclusion is specific for historical essays.
  3. Reflective conclusion. It is typical for persuasive essays. Aiming the consideration of a broader scope, it elicits lessons, the problem insight, convinces in the accuracy and advantages of the provided arguments. It must finish the offered idea basing on the facts mentioned in the essay.  Its role is influential.
  4. Projective conclusion. This form focuses on the results of the findings, explaining their negative or positive impact. It may include suggestions and state the necessity of the following investigations towards the problem solutions. This type of conclusion is typical in expository essays and research papers

Hence, different conclusion forms depend strictly on the purpose of the entire essay and the message which a writer intends to transmit to the audience. Choosing the most appropriate conclusion is the key to a successful outcome of the work and the complete theme disclosing. 

How to Write a Perfect Conclusion Paragraph Example

A good conclusion paragraph has several vital points:

  1. A text must lead to the conclusion. Bring the outcome naturally to finalize the paragraph using the transition words: «As a result,» «By and large,» «Accordingly,» «In summary,» etc. The flow should be smooth and logical.
  2. Maintain the conversation manner of the entire essay. For instance, writing an objective essay, do not switch to an emotional ending. In the same way, do not close a narrative with statistic reports. Such techniques look confusing and mislead the readers.
  3. Wrap up all your ideas. Reply to the question if it was settled in the introduction and provide another way of closing a discussion. Your paperwork should not leave a feeling of incompletion or a lack of understanding.
  4. Emphasize the importance of the assignment. Your readers should realize why this paper is valuable, which new knowledge they have gained from it.
  5. Avoid your thesis statement rephrasing. A conclusion is broader. It is more than proving the thesis statement. Rephrasing the introduction part calls a disagreeing reaction and shows up the incompetence of a writer. A perfect summarizing should analyze the achieved findings and look at them from the perspective.
  6. Use the points summarizing for short essays only. A brief overview is beneficial, although it will look poor in expanded paperwork. To make an impression, add more valuable outcomes to your assignment.
  7. Exclude any new information in the summarizing. The body chapters are quite enough for the facts discussing. The series of evidence will call the following questions and a new field for research. It distorts the purpose of a conclusion chapter completely. Underline the importance of the achieved findings instead.
  8. Mention all hypothesis given in a thesis statement. Bottom-up reviews may set several questions or points. Observe them all in the conclusion part. Dismissing one of them, you leave the purpose of the other claims and the reasons for their including unclear to the readers.
  9. Sound confident. Confusing, uncertainty, questioning yourself, apologizing are inappropriate for an essay. The conclusion and the entire paperwork must sound informative, respectful, argumentative. Use powerful words. You aim to convince the readers and transmit to them your point of view.

Regardless of the topic and the conclusion type, end your essay with a positive note. Following these suggestions, you will write an astonishing conclusion making your readers thinking of your ideas.

Conclusion Paragraph Example

Have a look at the sample of a conclusion chapter.

The examination of the living standards for seniors presenting in the home for elders people after the care program implementation was the purpose of this experiment. The program transformed the ways of interacting and connecting among the family members to a better level. Senior residents who participated in the study made up the complement of three groups. The first group of people was familiar with this program but did not use its benefits. The second group followed the enforcement procedure of commitment. And the third group has chosen to participate in the program deliberately.

The quality estimation interviews and informal conversations have been the methods of this examination. The findings demonstrate an increased level of life in the group with the enforced residents comparing with the second two groups. Since the program implementation has become mandatory for the family members and the staff of home for elders people, the level of care has enhanced by 70 percent.

The achieved results have been astonishing and create a ground to consider extra mandatory participation of the people from other groups to estimate the program advantages. Basing on the details received throughout the experiment, the home for elders people staff, including the management sector and medical specialists, intend to implement the program for other groups and increase the entire quality of life for all customers.

This sample provides overall analyzes of the findings and meets the basic conclusion requirements despite its limited size. It represents a brief summarizing of the experiment, providing laconic and comprehensive results. The conclusion part responds to the thesis stated at the beginning. The information obtained in this field of studying is valuable and influential. Also, it expands the research field and illuminates the perspectives of further investigation. These all factors are the crucial elements for any summarizing.

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