Best ideas of research paper topics in 2019


Not everyone knows that selecting a proper topic is already a half of the success. Most of the students still think that they will create an outstanding research paper even with the weakest topic. However, it is not true and you need to think on research paper topics really carefully to be able to deliver an outstanding paper.

When it comes to a research paper, it is very important to choose a topic you are interested in, as you will need to spend lots of time and nerves on the assignment and it is important to be interested in the matter.

If you lack time or inspiration, don’t worry! You can always contact EssayWritingHelp for help or just go on reading to find out what topics are stirring attention of the audience in 2019!

Think of the things you are interested in

Best research paper topics are those, which you are passionate about. Before getting fresh ideas, try to think of the things that you like: sports, collections, music, books and so on. Can your interest correspond with the subject? Will it be interesting for the reader?

If the answer is yes, you will surely have no problems with choosing a proper topic for a research paper. However, if your hobby has nothing to do with the subject, we have categorized the most popular topics to simplify your life!

Please note that apart from choosing an interesting topic, it is important to make sure that you will be able to find lots of information on the subject. Write down a couple of topics you like and try to look for the necessary data. Make sure you will be able to back your research paper with academic sources and provide interesting information on the subject.

Education topics

  • Is it possible to prevent bullying both at high school and college? If yes, what the most effective methods may be?
  • Home schooling: a popular trend or a modern necessity?
  • Is it possible to check student’s knowledge, using a standardized test instead of a written assignment?
  • Can college education influence the size of the salary you make?
  • How can we contribute to making education more affordable?
  • How technical devices influence modern teaching?
  • Should every school be equipped with metal detectors?
  • Is it necessary to prohibit access to social media and other web resources during classes?

Medical topics

  • Should vaccination be compulsory or should everyone have a chance to make a decision?
  • Drug addiction among patients: when damage overcomes use;
  • Can life-sustaining treatment be useful for terminally ill patients?
  • The market of placebo medication. Its influence and profits;
  • Should every patient have access to prescribed drugs?
  • Direct influence of obesity on health conditions;
  • Is it necessary to avoid meat consumption in childhood age?
  • Pros and cons of drinking cow milk;
  • Should medical marijuana be legalized in every country?
  • Ways to prohibit testing on animals.

Topics for research papers on environment

  • Are we capable of influencing the global warming?
  • Is GMO food as dangerous as it is advertised?
  • How can we reduce nuclear power supply?
  • Ways to predict global weather catastrophes;
  • The most effective ways of saving trees. How to prevent wasting paper?
  • Should it be compulsory to watch movies on environmental issues at schools and colleges?
  • Influence of the mankind on rain forests;
  • The most effective ways of building houses on hurricane-affected zones and territories.

Entertainment topics

  • Positive and negative influence of social media networks;
  • How platforms like Facebook or Instagram are able to lower self-esteem of teenagers?
  • Should using animals for entertainment be prohibited? How to protect them in zoos and circuses?
  • Standards of beauty on screens: a perfect picture or a real example to follow?
  • Should TV shows with low morality be banned?
  • Should different genders be allowed to compete with each other?
  • Virtual reality replacements: how to protect youth from gaming addiction?
  • Will newspapers disappear one day, replaced by websites?

Good research paper topics on technologies

  • How can virtual currencies like bitcoin influence the global financial market?
  • Are we ready to replace regular cars with self-driving ones?
  • When will the global community replace fossil fuels on alternative sources of energy?
  • How cryogenics will contribute to the society?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of nanorobots in medicine;
  • When will the first settlement be created on Mars? Is it possible to find life there?
  • Alternative treatment methods that use light and radio waves.

Remember that easy research paper topics are those, which you are interested in! Your research will always be of a great success if you take your time to select a topic you like.

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