Friendship Essay Writing Ideas For Students And Schoolchildren


First of all, what does a friendship essay mean? Friendship is one of the essential human feelings. The importance of friendship is very valuable and high. Indeed, it is challenging for many people to find a person who will share your worldview, understand you in difficult times, and share with you experiences, grief, joy, and happiness, keep all your secrets and remain faithful. They say that friendship is when one soul lives in people. Everyone needs one, regardless of age and preferences. Friendship has its values ​​at every age. Friendship is rightfully considered one of the most essential and necessary feelings for any person, and even more so for a child. True friendship is precious, and it is a great joy when you have a true friend.

As you can see, writing about friendship today is very exciting and one of the common topics. To help students, we have developed a guide for this essay for students who are still confused in the background and cannot understand what to write. Here you will find recommendations that will help you get out of the impasse and lead to those answers that you could not find for so long. Study the article carefully, and you will succeed.

Examples of Short and Long Friendship Essay

We took care of each student and wrote two whole essays. One of them is 400-500 words long; the other is 150-200 words shorter. Choose the one that suits you best and get inspired to build your friendship essay.

500 Word Friendship Essay Example

I think this question is not easy to answer. Indeed, in the concept of “friendship,” everyone puts something of their own. For me, friendship is, first of all, loyalty and devotion. A true friend will never betray a friend; he is always faithful to him. I think it is essential to know that even if they turn away from you, a friend will never leave you; he will always be there. A loyal and devoted friend will always support you, whatever the situation you find yourself in. A good friend will always help, if not indeed, then at least with advice.

A true friend also knows how to listen. After all, sometimes you don’t need advice or help at all. You need to speak out to a person who cares about what happens to you. Also, friends are always honest with each other. I think an understatement or flattery is not better than a lie. They also know how to keep each other’s secrets.

I also want to note that real friends sometimes have to make some sacrifices. I do not mean that one should constantly ignore one’s interests for the sake of another’s interests. Better to try to find a compromise. For clarity, I’ll give you an example. Let’s say two friends were going to go downhill skiing for the New Year holidays, but one of them broke his leg shortly before the trip. In my opinion, the second one should stay with a friend and postpone the trip until his recovery.

I also think that friends should not limit each other’s freedom and get upset if one of them spends time separately from the other. In this, in my opinion, there is nothing objectionable. After all, the interests of friends cannot coincide completely. By the way, I consider common interests to be another prerequisite for a strong friendship. Having common interests, friends will always find something to talk about, what to discuss, and what to do together.

Sincere friendship should not be confused with friendly relations, a person can have many friends, but a true friend is always one. Friends may have similar interests, a commonplace of work or study, but there is no real spiritual unity between them, making people one whole (as much as possible). Friendship is a delicate and fragile thing, and have found this “dear diamond” in the dirt, and you need to make every effort so that it does not lose its brilliance.

Therefore, you need to be wary of potential friends, but, having found a loved one, it is worth making an effort not to lose her. And for this, there is only one way: to be a true friend, you must yourself be a true friend.

200 Word Friendship Essay Example

Friendship is a vast and complex concept at the same time. Each of us has friends. How much depends on us, but we are all friends. How to properly approve the idea of “friendship”? In my opinion, friendship is, first of all, mutual understanding. After all, to have a friend, you need to find a common language, common interests.

When people understand, sympathize, support each other, a process of intimacy arises. Secondly, friendship is work and patience. There are times when it is essential to remain silent, yield, and sacrifice something for the sake of a friend. Thirdly, it is to be yourself. You shouldn’t pass yourself off as another person to make friends with someone. Otherwise, you will not only lose a person close to you but also find new enemies. You can talk a lot about relationships, but what matters is not words but real understanding.

Thus, friendship is a combination of many qualities of a person, great work, and attention to relations between people. Whatever happens, there is always a person to whom you are not indifferent to your fate. Such a person is called both a friend and a brother and a friend. People are born to help each other; as the right hand, we help the left, and vice versa.

Essay About Friendship in Ten Sentences

If you need a minimal essay, then we have written for you a text about friendship in just ten sentences:

  1. Friendship is a phenomenon where people’s interests are based on the same ideas.
  2. A good friend is a person who is ready to listen to your feelings at any moment and give advice.
  3. Over time, friendships grow more robust and grow into strong relationships that are difficult to destroy.
  4. A friend always brings positive emotions to your day.
  5. An essential characteristic for friends is the ability to sacrifice their interests for the common good.
  6. Friends can move mountains together and, if necessary, help each other.
  7. Friendship based on respect for each other is stronger than any relationship.
  8. A friend is ready to help not only a word but, ideally, to help out in difficult times.
  9. Friendship is when you can trust essential secrets, and you are sure that no one else will ever know about them.
  10. A friend is ready to give the most cheerful emotions when the soul is hard.

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Friendship Essay FAQ

At what age can you have a friend?

Children start making friends when they go to school. But closer to 10 years old, most likely friends will change because interests change. But a strong friendship only emerges after 14 years.

Why should you be taught to be friends from childhood? 

Thanks to the fact that the guardians teach the child to be friends, they quickly adapt to society. Friendship will also help a child grow up emotionally.

How long can friendship last? If you look at the statistics, then friendship lasts from five to ten years, but there are times when friendship lasts.

Why do friends break up? 

We all grow up and, over time, build our own families, then there is no time to communicate with friends.

H2 Conclusion

The points mentioned above and the examples presented will help you to write an essay about friendship. Yet if you don’t know how to follow the structure, format the paper or just lack of time, contact our experts. We are always ready to help with papers.

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