What is a research paper?


Every day students across the globe are given multiple assignments: essays, reports, speeches, dissertations and, of course, research papers. The last are often considered the most difficult ones, as they often cause troubles and students don’t know how to handle them properly.

However, it is impossible to tell whether a research paper is the hardest task, as everything depends on the skills and knowledge you have on the subject. If you want to learn what is the purpose of a research paper and how it has to look like, you should definitely go on reading.

The main difference of a research paper from a simple essay is that it is not a simple description of a situation. It is a serious work on a scientific topic and is usually assigned to college students in all parts of the world. The main goal of such a task is to show student’s analytical skills, knowledge of the subject and an ability to find new solutions for an existing problem.

The common pattern of research paper writing consists of a few simple stages. First, you select a topic and write a thesis statement, which renders the goals of your research. Then you make the research and experiments, where you study the topic, process literature, gather information and analyze obtained results. After all these stages are completed, you need to write the paper. If you have collected all the details properly, the writing stage won’t cause you any troubles.

Now you are ready to move to a simple tutorial on how to write a research paper.

Research paper types

If you are looking for the tips for writing a research paper, you should first decide what type of a research you need to conduct. In such a way, you will be able to understand the task and apply necessary knowledge for the best performance.

Depending on the subject, topic and educational institution, you may be asked to complete a different research paper. That is why it is very important to get familiar with all of them:

  • Cause and effect;
  • Definition;
  • Interpretation;
  • Argumentative;
  • Compare and contrast;
  • Analytical research paper;
  • Report.

The main difference of all these types of papers is their goal. For example, your argumentative research should provide arguments of both sides on a particular topic and highlight your position on the matter, backed with credible information.

If you complete a cause and effect research, you need to describe how a certain issue was caused or what effects it had on the field. Those, who are assigned with a compare/contrast paper need to look at the same matter from different points of view and analytical reports should give a deep analysis of the subject.

All the tips you may need

When you have figured out what is a research paper and know all the types of works you may face, you should get familiar with the best tips. They will greatly simplify your life and you will be able to write your research paper without any mistakes. So what you need to know?

  • Give yourself enough time. A research is a complex task, which requires time. You should give yourself at least a month to plan every part of your paper thoroughly. In such a way, you won’t miss important details;
  • Work on your thesis thoroughly. A thesis statement contains all the key elements of your research and often reader uses it to decide whether to continue. Make your thesis brief and clear;
  • We are often asked ‘What is an abstract in a research paper?’ and it seems that this section causes lots of troubles. Just decide what the main elements of your work are and convey them in a readable and simple manner;
  • Make notes throughout the way. They will help you to remember important details;
  • Write as many drafts as necessary to be sure that your final version contains no mistakes and renders the main idea of your research;
  • Always follow your tutor’s instructions not to rewrite your paper anew in case you got some guidelines wrong.

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As you see, there are many types of research papers and all of them have different requirements and guidelines. Often students stress out, because they don’t know how to manage all the tasks and are not sure where to start their research.

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