Tips and Great Ideas for Chemistry Research Paper Topics


It can be a real challenge to pick the right and interesting topic for your research paper or any other piece of academic work. Sure, there can be a lot of options for chemistry research topics, but students often cannot come up with them instantly. But in fact, there are so many issues that can be relevant to the subject and interesting to research and perform. Our team has collected some great ideas for your potential project to help you in preparing the engaging and useful paper. You will also discover how to choose the right topic and some guidelines for the writing process. Enjoy the article and get educated with us!

Recommendations for choosing chemistry research topics for high school

When you have to select the topic for your project you may think about the easiest one first. In some cases, you may be guided by the level of your knowledge and the difficulty of the material. But today we want to focus on the ideas that will be available for researching as well as interesting to work with. But most of all, you will be able to grab the attention of your listeners.

So the first area you can take a look at is the food chemistry. People nowadays are obsessed with what they consume as the mass culture encourages us to watch what we eat and how food can affect our health. For instance, you can explain the difference between organic and non-organic products and what chemicals can be added to the food. Come up with the popular products or dishes in your area and provide an investigation of the quality of the nutrition of that food.

The next field that can be an interesting option is the innovations in the chemical industry. Tell your audience about the new materials and their practical use. What are their remarkable features that have seemed impossible a few decades ago? Which of them are available for mass use and which are on the trial? You can use scientific articles and relevant sources to collect and understand the information. If you can, consult with inventors or other people related to the industry and use their insights in your research paper or presentation.

And the last but not the least area that can be the source of the chemistry research paper topics that are interesting to the vast majority of the concerned people is the environment condition, especially the pollution of it with chemicals resulted from human activity. Discover how we can level down the negative effect of the chemical industries on nature and how we can fix the harm that is already made.

Why choosing interesting chemistry research topics?

As we already mentioned, you can consider the level of difficulty of the topic rather than whether it is interesting to your readers. But if you want to get the attention of your audience or to impress your professor and get a high grade, you should think out of the box. As soon as you present a research paper that will provide insight into the new and engaging topic, you will be able to cover both of these tasks.

Chemistry research topics list

Another insight that helps us to generate interesting ideas is that along with relevance, the topic should be a bit controversial. You can perform the paper about food chemicals disclosing the fact that almost all products today are not organic (in its real meaning). Combine these approaches to come up with your own variants. But for now let’s take a look at our list:

  • Plastic usage: do the benefits compensate the consequences?
  • How can we call a pharmacist: a chemists or a medic?
  • The invention of the periodic table: a supernatural insight or an explainable phenomenon?
  • How to stabilize lithium to diminish the corrosion resulted by the contact with oxygen?
  • What potential do the sugar strands have in medicine?
  • Significant trends in the medical chemistry industry.
  • Non-Petroleum plastic production: what benefits it will have for the environment?
  • Recent discoveries in DNA chemistry: what we still do not know?
  • Ionization approaches and their place in mass spectrometry.
  • What differences and similarities in ionic and covalent bonds we know?
  • Artificial organic tissues: their properties and the use in various industries.
  • What chemical processes take place during the allergic reactions?
  • Evolution: how non-living elements grow into the complex living forms?
  • The phenomenon of the bioluminescence: what technology can learn?

Peculiarities of chemistry research topics for undergraduates

In fact, all these non-organic and organic chemistry research topics suit for academic writing of any level. The difference will be in the complexity and the depth of research. In high school, students will have mostly general material and will be able to base their research on the works of other scientists, while undergraduates have access to the laboratories and tools that will help them to conduct their own experiments. This will help to provide deeper research and give the opportunity to come up with unique discoveries.

Guidelines for writing

We have already talked enough about the importance of selecting the topic that will be interesting to you and your audience. Now let’s disclose some other tips that will help you to implement the great idea into a great form.

  • Stick to your academic level requirements and expectations. If you are in high school you may have a bit simpler task, for instance, discovering some organic chemistry issues. Why for college students the expectations will be much higher.
  • Use the available resources. This is also about the difference at an academic level. College and university students can have access to more books, works, experimental results, and professional tools. So it is reasonable that their works should have a higher level of expertise.
  • Do not neglect formatting. You work will be taken seriously only if it will have the standard structure, font, style, and language. We even do not mention grammatical mistakes. They can spoil even the most interesting chemistry topics for research project.
  • Make it understandable to your target audience. If your paper will be performed to the professionals only, you can use a lot of terms and specific notions. While for the more mass readers you should make the information understandable.
  • Create an outline. It is the basic principle for any writing. It will help you to organize your material and thoughts and you will be able to perform interesting material in the best way. Conduct available info in a way your readers will be able to understand the material properly.
  • Use the active voice. It is the most appropriate way to express your thoughts in academic writing. When you describe the scientific facts and processes use the present tense. This will make your paper clear and trackable for the reader.
  • Write a conclusion. Lead your paper to the logical results. If you have a controversial topic, provide the opposite thoughts and repeat its strong and weak sides. Mention that both of the options have their followers. Or provide arguments for the conclusion you consider the right one.

These recommendations are universal for any type of academic writing. But considering the fact that chemistry research paper can be complicated for the average reader, you should pay attention to the tips that will make it clear and understandable.

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Best chemistry topics for research for you

We have worked on this article to provide students of all academic levels with inspiration for their scientific researches. But keep in mind that the ideas we have offered can be altered and adjusted to various requirements. We advise consulting with your teacher before starting working on any of the interesting chemistry topics to research. You may receive advice that will help you to pick the more suitable variant or to disclose the chosen one in the better way.

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