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GRE test is a standardized test that the US colleges and universities use to check the abilities and skills of the graduates. It is similar to the SAT and ACTs and helps to evaluate students’ knowledge in a variety of spheres.

Even though the results of the GRE exam are only one element of the admission process, it is very important, so more and more students decide to take a GRE practice test and to prepare for it well in advance.

GRE is created to evaluate quantitative and verbal reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking. All these skills are important for the majority of specialties, so without thorough preparation, you will hardly succeed. Below we will tell you about the test, its main elements, and stages of preparation. We guarantee that after finishing this article you won’t have any questions left!

GRE Practice Test Questions: Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning

GRE questions differ depending on the section. The first two are verbal and quantitative reasoning. The first one evaluates students’ ability to understand the meaning of vocabulary, different sentences or even of whole passages. Your task will be to find key ideas and topics of the text, summarize it and render its structure.

Skills that the verbal reasoning section evaluates include analyzing text and making a conclusion, making predictions based on incomplete information, understanding various opinions and finding the author’s ideas and assumptions.

Questions in this section are given in the following formats:

  • Sentence equivalence. Such questions consist of a single sentence with a blank space and six answers to choose from. You will need to choose answers that match the meaning of the sentence and complete it. There are two right answers;
  • Completion of the text. You will need to read a passage (maximum of five sentences) with three blank spaces. Every blank will have three options with one answer;
  • Reading. In this section, you will be given a text, followed with questions: multiple-choice with a single answer, multiple-choice with several answers and choosing a sentence in the text, which matches certain criteria.

Free gre prep questions contain the most popular variants, so when practicing them you can easily understand the concept of verbal reasoning and to avoid the most common mistakes.

Quantitative reasoning is a section, which tests your ability to evaluate quantitative data and to interpret it if necessary. Here you’ll need to apply different mathematical models, arithmetic skills and knowledge in algebra and geometry. It is not surprising that for most of the graduates quantitative reasoning remains the most challenging section.

Students, who take the test online, will have access to a calculator on the screen. If you are writing the test on paper, you will be given a calculator.
Questions in this section include:

  • Numeric entry, where you will need to enter an integer, fraction or decimal answer without any choices given;
  • Multiple-choice with a single answer;
  • Multiple-choice with several answers;
  • Quantitative comparing. Here you will need to compare quantities A and B and decide which of the given statements is correct.

Free gre prep for analytical writing

Practice gre questions also include questions of the analytical writing section. It is one of the most challenging ones because it evaluates students’ ability to understand and evaluate complex terms and concepts. You will need to use various examples and tools to support your claims, and will also be back all the arguments with evidence.

To get a high score for this section you’ll need to remain focused and organized, showing great understanding of texts’ structure and peculiarities of English. You will need to write answers on two different tasks:

  • Analyzing an issue;
  • Analyzing an argument.

Gre test preparation and scores

GRE sample questions help students to increase the chances of getting a higher score for the exam. It is a great plus considering that the plank is really high and students find it quite difficult to succeed at GRE.

The test score consists of the following elements:

  • 130 to 170 points for verbal reasoning (1 pt increments);
  • 130 to 170 points for quantitative reasoning (1 pt increments);
  • 0 to 6 points for analytical writing (0,5 pt increments).

If you are completing the test on the computer, the first two sections will be scored based on the computer approach. It means that the computer algorithm chooses the second section of the measure considering the results for the first section. You can see non-official scores for verbal and quantitative reasoning if you opt for a score’s report. Official results will be available in 10-15 days after the test is taken.

If you are writing the test on paper, the number of correctly answered questions is computed and transformed into a score.

GRE tests have a so-called Score Select option, which means that you can choose the scores you want to send to a particular school. You will have a five-year gap to choose from.

Benefits of answering GRE practice tests questions

As you see, getting familiar with GRE practice questions and viewing samples of previous works is a great alternative to failing on the test day. You will be able to prepare for the test and to do it absolutely for free!

All the questions are divided into categories, similar to the GRE online test and you will see the score right after the practice ends. Then you will get an online report with your final score and explanation of the questions, where you have given the wrong answer.

We are happy to announce that we constantly add new questions, so you can come back to our free questions over and over again. They will be different and will highly improve your chances of getting a high score on a real GRE test!

Still, doubt whether taking training tests is not a waste of time? Here are only a few benefits of practicing the GRE test with us:

  • You will solve problems better. Such tests as GRE not only evaluate how good you are at memorizing data but also how well you are able to solve problems. That is why your problem-solving skills should be on a high level. Thanks to our rationales in the final report you will see how solid your skills are and will be able to work on them;
  • You will familiarize yourself with the format of the test. We will introduce you to a common GRE format, so when taking the actual test, you will know the structure and will feel comfortable giving answers;
  • Your speed will improve. When practicing every section of the test you will eventually increase the speed with which you are giving answers. This will help you to fit in the tight time frames and to make better decisions;
  • You’ll understand what topics you need to focus on. You will be able to evaluate your strong and weak sides and will see which spheres need more attention and additional time.

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Practice GRE tests for the best result!

If you are willing to enter a college or university, most likely you will need to take GRE, one of the most popular standardized tests. The obtained score may greatly influence your future, so it is necessary to get ready for it in the best way.

What is the best way to prepare for the test and to avoid GRE practice problems? You can start by improving your knowledge of different subjects and topics. There are many free resources and databases, where you can fill in the blank spaces in your knowledge and to greatly improve your skills.

However, one of the most effective ways is to take our free practice tests. They consist of the same sections as an actual GRE exam, so you will get familiar with them and won’t have to stress out during the test.

You can take our tests as many times as necessary, and always get access to more and more new questions. With their help, you will learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and will be able to improve your knowledge in different areas.

Don’t worry if you give many wrong answers at first. We will send you a report once you finish the test and you will see where you have failed and how to change that! With the help of our free preparation tests your scores will improve, you will get a better idea of the GRE test and its structure, and will be able to obtain the highest possible grades.

You have a unique opportunity to prepare for a standardized test well in advance without spending a dollar. So what are you waiting for? Visit our homepage, choose the GPE practice and start your journey to outstanding results!

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