The Main Features of Writing a Short Essay and Exciting Tips


In the beginning, it is worth noting that you shouldn’t think that writing a short essay is an extremely easy assignment to complete, which you will spend only a few tens of minutes. Despite the small volume, which takes about one page, the process of creating this type of academic work is similar to other scientific papers.

First of all, you should pay attention to an attractive and important topic that can cause public resonance and interest people who will read your work. However, don’t choose too complex topics as they require more extensive research while the number of valid words can’t allow this.

The Most Significant Elements of Paper

Although at first, it may seem simple to complete this task, many students experience much more difficulties precisely with writing a short essay because there is not enough space for clarification and explanation of the arguments that relate to the highlighted issue. Try to focus only on those materials that justify your point of view and eradicate all elements. You should pay attention to the key aspects that should be present at work, that we have mentioned below.

  • Introductory part (in the beginning, you need to submit a thesis statement that plays the role of a starting point for all work).
  • Main body (the information that you present here should support and justify the position that was presented in the previous paragraph).
  • The final thoughts.

A Bit More About Key Component

In fact, the main things to consider are the level of complexity and location information. The volume of the paper is interconnected with the moment of submitting the statement. The key to the success of the creation, a good thesis, is brevity but, at the same time, wide informational content.

Remember that you do not have time and place for stories about everything and at the same time. Also, this type of essay is not a great choice to present a large amount of evidence and quotes. Brevity is the sister of talent.

Justification of the Presented Position

To highlight the argument whose location is the beginning of each paragraph, add a thematic sentence to demonstrate a new aspect.

Don’t forget that the key phenomena that should be present at the same time are the following:

  • presentation;
  • support;
  • introspection.

Give Up a Lot of Evidence

Try to reduce the amount of work that presents the rationale for the expressed point of view. Of course, at first, this task may seem too difficult, but you should try, and the goal will be achieved. Get rid of the vast material that presents statistics, direct quotes, various stories, and so on. Focus on key details, the only function of which is to clarify your position.

If you can’t cope in order to meet the required amount, try to find other evidence. A number of ideas need research that can clarify all the important points. For this reason, you should avoid these kinds of topics.

If We Talk About Introspection

Thinking about the topic that you have chosen is a very important part of writing any academic work, as this is an illustration of a student’s ability to critically thinking and correctly demonstrate the arguments. You should focus on the most important aspects. Don’t forget about the basic requirements that are necessary for the correct and clear completion of the task.

Despite the fact that the supervisor can recommend focusing on standard types of essays, more important advice is the emphasis on the main idea. Sentences that are not related to the presented thesis contribute to the weakening of the key argument and simply take up space, which is very small. 

What About Final Thoughts

The main objectives of the conclusion are a brief presentation of everything that was stated in the previous paragraphs and the disclosure of key aspects related to the fate of the chosen topic in the future. Try to fit the findings into a couple of sentences. 

Some Tactics That You Can Choose

Below we have presented effective strategies that can facilitate the process of writing a short essay.

  • Start by creating bulk material and then gradually reduce. Creating a short essay is not an extremely easy task. For this reason, at the beginning of the work, many students resort to writing a large paper in which all their reasoning and ideas appear. The next step is to remove materials that are not significant. Try not to be attached to the item because, subsequently, they can be removed.
  • Take a highlighter. Provided that you went too far with the required length, carefully read the finished work highlighting the most important points. The key phenomena in this process are introspection and evidence. Feel free to ask others for help.
  • Double-check each written sentence and make sure that it is necessary. If you are too confused and cannot stop on one way of reducing the number of the used words, try to resort to an effective strategy called the Need Test, which can become the best assistant even in the most difficult tasks. Test each phrase and determine its effect on the arguments. To do this, delete the sentence and see if the meaning changes after that.
  • Constantly consider. You should not neglect a large number of repeated readings and checking since the quality of the paper depends on it and, accordingly, the final result that can affect the overall rating. Make sure the meaning of each phrase and combine several sentences into one, subject to the content of similar thoughts. 

A Few More Tips

Pay attention to the highlighted tips and use them during the creating paper.

  • Clarity and brevity are your best friends.
  • The main task of the presented materials is to explain the key position.
  • Feel free to consult with teachers.
  • Large and complex sentences are not a ban.
  • Contribute to supporting evidence giving way to introspection.

What to Avoid

There are certain flaws and incorrect components that can significantly degrade the work. Pay attention to them, and check your short essay again.

  • Sophisticated idea for analysis. We again repeat that the number of required words doesn’t allow big research.
  • Too voluminous opening and closing parts.
  • A large amount of materials doesn’t contribute to quality improvement.
  • Binding to the provided information. Remember that in the final, you may be forced to remove a certain number of words to match the required volume.
  • Thought that the elements of long papers and short essays are no different.
  • Pay attention to the work that we presented in the next paragraph.

Visual Projection of All Recommendations

Perhaps, the best way to familiarize yourself with the specifics of a particular academic genre is to read the finished text. We have provided you with such an opportunity.

Throughout ancient Egyptian history, floral and animalistic motifs of images found on jewelry, household items, figurines, and other small plastic products, as well as in murals of temples and tombs, have been popular. There is no doubt the magical meaning of such images, which can serve as sources of additional evidence regarding the ancient Egyptians’ ideas about the otherworld.

In the history of mankind, it is difficult to find another nation whose vision of the world would be as eloquent a palette of magical-religious ideas as the worldview of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. Once entered into Ta-Mary’s history, no idea or vision disappeared from her without a trace. Considering the enormous length of this story, about three millennia ago, one can imagine how complex and rationally disordered the spiritual experience accumulated in Egyptian culture was. 

With the common origin of the creative act of the demiurge, the natural sphere of culture and the ecumenical gods were immanent. They were, though different, but mutually found plans of one reality, between which there were no tangible boundaries. The religious cult of Egyptians can serve as an illustration of these ontological statements. We see that while living in heaven, their gods were simultaneously in the earthly temples, where they received the man-made faces of idols and, at the same time, worshiped in the images of sacred animals and insects. 

The Last Important Tip

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