Types Of Research Papers And Their Classifications


This section decided to write about all possible and known types of research papers that appear in students’ difficult life. This section will help you understand how to write the kind of scientific work you need or are interested in. Recognizing the need to classify research, we should note that modern science does not have an official system for its strict ordering by classes, sections, categories. Therefore, it would be logical to use a loose distribution of objects or phenomena into qualitatively defined types based on their common essential features. Well, let’s take a look at the types of research papers.

Analytical Research Paper

Analytical research is the most in-depth type of sociological analysis, which aims to describe the phenomenon’s structural elements understudy and determine the reasons that underlie it. And also determine the character, prevalence, acuteness, and other features characteristic of it. This type of research is very often used in practice. If, in descriptive research, a connection is established between the characteristics of the phenomenon under study, then in analytical research, it is determined whether the discovered connection has a causal nature.

Argumentative Or Persuasive Research Paper

The argumentative paper is a document in which a student discusses two sides of the same issue or problem. When writing an argumentative paper, the student’s main task is to convince the reader to accept and support your position on the issue or problem. You must study the two sides and find support from influential people. In the end, however, you have to provide arguments only in favor of one side and convince the reader that you are right. You don’t have to push or show emotion, and your key is logical facts and statistics. Only in this case will you be able to convince the reader of the integrity of your words.

Definition Paper

The definition paper is a document that contains information about some facts or phenomena without the use of arguments or evidence. All you have to do is give a definition. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader. You should add information from reputable sources, but you should not express your opinion on the topic or analyze the data.

Compare and Contrast Paper

Compare and contrast paper is a document that discusses the situation and analyzes the difference between two objects, points of view, stories, characters, buildings, etc. In such a paper, you are expected to have a detailed analysis of both similar sides and the sides that distinguish these objects. You cannot compare objects that are too similar, but you should not compare objects that do not have common functions. It is necessary to provide theses and arguments for both analyze objects.

Cause and Effect Paper

Cause and effect papers are the document most often written by students. In colleges and universities, teachers pay the most attention to this paper. In such a document, you need to track the likelihood of a result occurring, provoked by certain actions. Your task is to answer the questions “Why?” and “What?” By giving accurate answers, you will find out the causes and consequences of the result obtained. In marketing and business, directors value such a document very much because they clearly show what reasons provoked the situation and ultimately led to it.

Interpretative Paper

An interpretative paper is a document in which you need to show all your knowledge when researching a specific topic or case. Most often, these are topics related to law, history, mathematics. Having studied the disputable situation by law, you will solve problems based on your knowledge. Such a paper requires not just your point of view but also a theoretical basis, reliable sources, laws that confirm your position, and you can draw the correct conclusions in favor of one or another side of the dispute.

Experimental Research Paper

In such a document, you should describe a particular experiment that you conducted. With the help of an experiment, you can explain a chemical reaction, physical action, or biological interaction. It is necessary to follow the experiment’s exact data and write them down in such a document. With the information you provide, other students will be able to obtain similar results.

Survey Research Paper

This is the most straightforward research paper in which you need to provide the survey data in which the respondents answered the questions. The student analyzes the information received and gathers it together to conclude a specific topic that he studied.

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FAQ About Types Of Research Papers

What Are the Two Main Types of Research Papers?

Most often, students are asked to write argumentative papers and cause and effect papers. However, depending on the educational institution, the type of papers may differ.

What Are the 7 Types of Research?

There are seven types of research:

  • analytical research;
  • argumentative or persuasive research;
  • definition research;
  • compare and contrast research;
  • interpretative research;
  • experimental research;
  • survey research.

What Are Research Papers?

The research paper is a document for increasing the knowledge level in the field of the studied science and teaching students to apply the knowledge gained during training in practical activities creatively.

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