Does Homework Really Have Multiple Benefits?


Are you concerned about the question of whether schoolchildren and students need homework? Will hours of home study help improve grades and learn the material? The discussion about the appropriateness of homework has been going on for years. We dived into this topic and now share statistics, research results, and practical advice.

When it comes to doing homework, students can be roughly divided into three groups:

  • those who always do everything, and also ask for additional exercises;
  • those who sometimes watch the exercises but do not always perform them;
  • those who never get their hands-on homework.

Where does the homework come from, and why does the teacher set the quality for specific exercises? No matter how hard the teacher tries, it is impossible to work out a certain material 100% in class. There are several reasons: this is a limited time, the number of people in the group, and the amount of information that needs to be submitted. However, the teacher notices what is causing the problem and what the students still need to work on. Homework is a different practice and an opportunity to work on the topic to assimilate and study the material.

Homework Role Is Very Important In Education

Students often have questions when doing homework – and this is great since the teacher is not around. You have to look for a solution to the problem yourself. Thus, you can find many additional materials, applications, articles, videos, ways to memorize the rule and practice it. The learning process does not end in the classroom after the lesson – it is an endless process.

Today, teachers motivate students to make them attractive – this is how new formats appear. For example, Steve Darne, in his article “The Role of Homework,” notes that we live in the age of the Internet and should be used. Among other things, he recommends the sites Learn English and Learning English – there you can find a variety of videos and audios, exercises and rules that correspond to a certain level. Also, there are platforms that you can use to explore different subjects in depth. They make homework interactive and fun for students. Therefore, there is no feeling that you are automatically doing some boring exercise.

Top 10 Homework Benefits

Pupils often don’t understand why academic homework needs to be done on time. The answer is straightforward because homework has many benefits:

  1. This task allows the student to monitor time management and distribute it correctly.
  2. Homework allows the student to distribute essential and secondary tasks.
  3. Homework helps the student to solve various problems and assimilate the material better.
  4. Based on homework, teachers can grade a student for a lesson if they doubt his knowledge or the student is inactive in the lesson.
  5. When parents see that their children are busy with their homework, they know what they are doing outside of school.
  6. Homework will help you get acquainted with the lesson’s topic in more detail and learn the not immediately clear rules.
  7. Domashka teaches students to do work that does not excite them and thus prepares them for adulthood.
  8. Homework teaches students to cope with problems on their own and not ask for help.
  9. The homework shows the student himself is responsible for the entire educational process.
  10. Homework allows the student to understand how to plan their day to do assignments and attend other circles.

How can Homework Help Students?

Each student must do their homework because in return you will receive many advantages:

  1. Consolidation of the passed material. Methodologists note that up to 50-70% of the information obtained in the classroom is forgotten if not repeated. If you do not work at home, then the duration of studying each of the topics will have to be significantly increased, which is impossible in the conditions of the traditional educational process and a limited number of hours.
  2. The positive impact of homework on academic performance. The academic journal High School Journal of the University of North Carolina reported research on this topic. Those who spent 30-90 minutes each day doing their homework outnumbered those who didn’t think scores. The gap was about 40 points. Similar studies were carried out by the Institute for the Study of Labor. It was possible to find out that with an increase in workload, the average academic achievement grade also grows.
  3. Self-organization. Psychologists believe that the skill of doing homework is useful. He teaches self-organization, which will come in handy in adulthood. Students acquire prioritizing skills, allocate their own time, search for information, think critically, and isolate the main thing from the data set. In the future, such students have more chances of becoming successful than those who have not acquired these properties.

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FAQ About Homework

How Does Homework Help Students?

As you complete the assignments, you delve deeper into the studied topic, and you may have questions. You can try to find the answers yourself or ask the teacher in the next lesson, but in any case, your understanding of the topic covered will increase.

Is Homework Good or Bad?

Of course, homework is good. You will become more disciplined, collected, attentive, successful in education.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework?

We have indicated many advantages of homework, such as the correct distribution of essential and secondary tasks, time management, better learning of the material. However, even homework has several disadvantages. Scientists found that the bulk of schoolchildren experience a high level of stress due to homework. Also, researchers note the negative impact of homework on family relationships. Schoolchildren do not have time for regular communication with loved ones.

Is Homework Beneficial for Learning?

Homework improves self-study skills. The teacher will not always be there, but the ability to cope with problems on your own will remain with you for life.

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