Women in Stem Scholarships and Their Importance


We can deny it as long as we want but facts are clear: there is a range of the most paying jobs in the US that have fewer women than men. These jobs include such fields as science, technology, engineering, and math. They are also called STEM and are usually considered predominantly male fields.

In today’s article, we will discuss the premises and factors of such a situation, and will also familiarize you with stem scholarships for females. Continue reading and you will surely find a scholarship that will suit your needs!

Stem Scholarships for Women

Do you think that jobs in the above fields are divided equally? Here are the official statistics: only 13% of positions in the STEM fields are occupied by women. Even though across the United States and in other countries female students get higher grades at science and math. So what is the reason behind the fact that the number of women and men in these industries is not the same?

Some experts claim that the biggest problem is that women are paid 20% less than men in the same positions. In addition, women are not equally encouraged to become engineers, scientists or computer specialists. Even though everyone understands how important it is to have women in these industries.

Women are looking at everything from another perspective and have a unique approach and background. Women are able to make new researches and discoveries in the most crucial and challenging fields. Luckily, more and more companies and organizations understand that, offering programs to encourage female students in entering STEM majors.

The best way to achieve this is to offer women stem scholarships. Such scholarships are able to greatly lower expenditures on tuition fees and to help students in achieving career heights in any field they want.

STEM scholarships help women to afford colleges and universities and assist in increasing the share of female specialists in the fields. Today we will discuss various scholarships in the STEM field designed specifically for women.

You can even print them out and highlight the most suitable options to set clearer goals and to achieve outstanding results no matter how challenging and closed the chosen field may seem at first!

Women in engineering scholarships: Society of Women and Payscale Women

The first program we are going to discuss will be the Society of Women Engineers. These Women engineering scholarships are aimed to help women, who want to study engineering, technology, and computer science. Every year over 200 female students is able to get this scholarship.

It ranges from $1,000 to $15,000 and in some cases is renewable. These scholarships are given both to undergraduate and graduate female students. It is necessary to fill in one application form for all the scholarships the program offers.

There is an application for freshmen and one for students of the second year and higher. Keep in mind, to get this scholarship you need to enter a school with the ABET-accredited program.

The second popular scholarship program is called the Payscale Women in STEM. These women in tech scholarships are aimed to encourage women to enter such fields as technology, math, science, and engineering. With the help of the Payscale scholarship female students are able to partially cover the tuition. Every year the company offers two $2,000 awards.

The requirements include:

  • Students applying for the scholarship must major in one of the STEM subjects at a bachelor’s, associate or graduate program;
  • Students must be enrolled in an accredited school or must already study there;
  • PayScale employees and their family members are not able to participate in the scholarship program.

To opt for this scholarship, you need to write a 300-500-word essay on the topic that PayScale will choose.

Scholarships for women in computer science and other STEM fields

There are many other science scholarships for females that cover specific areas or even locations. Below we tried to tell about the most vivid and popular of them:

  1. STEM Inclusion Scholarship. If you are studying in one of the STEM programs, you can apply to this scholarship and get $500. Considering that the scholarship is quite low, there are fewer students, who apply, which means that your chances of getting $500 for studies are quite high;
  2. Best Value Schools. This scholarship is available to female students, who are studying in any of the STEM majors. All you need is to apply and to try and win $2,000. This scholarship is awarded two times a year;
  3. BHW Women in STEM Academic. BHW Group is a company that develops mobile applications. They decided to contribute to female presence in the STEM field, so they give $3,000 to women, who are getting an under- or graduate degree in one of the fields. You will need to write a maximum 800-word long essay telling about an application that changed your life or about certain features of an app that you find important or simply adore;
  4. The Center for Women in Technology. This scholarship is given to women at the Maryland University (Baltimore County). To opt for it you will need to show genuine interest in computer science and engineering. The best part is that some of these awards cover 100% of the tuition;
  5. Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship. This award goes to female students, who are taking an undergraduate degree in the fields of engineering, science or math at a four-year school. This scholarship will help you to pay $1,250 less for the tuition or other college or university expenses;
  6. Vanguard Women in Information Technology. This scholarship is really impressive because it gives out $10,000 to students of junior and senior years, who study computer engineering, computer science, design or other IT subjects.

As you see, there are many scholarships for women in engineering, math, science and technology fields. So, if you are a woman and you are interested in STEM majors, you surely have plenty of opportunities to get your tuition covered partially or fully.
There is also a variety of programs that are created for women, who are interested in STEM fields in order to involve them and to help with future employment. Participating in such programs and scholarships is a great way to reduce costs on college or university fees, so you can focus on your goals instead of thinking where to find the money.

Once you have decided to apply for any of the scholarships, you need to think carefully about the things that distinguish you from the rest. Are you a member of a local community? Do you have a rich heritage? Do you play a rare musical instrument?

It doesn’t matter what makes you different: just write about it in your scholarship essay and make sure that the scholarship committee notices not only your science aspirations but also your personality. Trust us, there is a scholarship waiting for you! Take some time, but all the fears aside and look for it. Eventually, it will pay off and you will have more opportunities to reach great results.

Luckily, the gap between men and women in the STEM field is becoming smaller, so you have all the chances of pursuing your dreams!

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