Recommendations And Guides on Writing a Proper Thesis Acknowledgement


Read the information below to find out how to create an acknowledgement for your paper or thesis writing. This part is included in your paper in order to acknowledge or give thanks to people who have provided assistance or help in writing your thesis work.  

Your acknowledgement to advisors and supporters should be placed in the introductory part of your paper. Express gratitude to those who gave you pieces of advice and recommendations in the course of writing your paper and investigation work.

Definition And Purpose

Thesis acknowledgement is a part, which can be found at the outset of your paper. It is usually not big in size. There you enclose gratitude to those who took part in research and made it possible for your thesis to be completed. It can refer to professors, mentors, institutions, or entities, etc. Be sure to mention and enumerate everyone involved in your writing work. 

Placement in the Text

Words of gratitude must be put between your annotation and the table of contents. There shouldn’t be anything else on this page except your thesis acknowledgement. It may be a good idea to brainstorm a little to write a decent acknowledgement. So, try to ask yourself some related questions to verbalize an idea, like: 

  • What is the goal of acknowledgement in the thesis?
  • Who deserves credit?
  • What style and mood are required for this part of the text?

Who Should Get Credits?

Although in the acknowledgement we indicate those who helped you, whether, in words or actions, it is not obligatory to pay thanks in the thesis to every single person. It is of utmost importance to include people or entities who made a substantial contribution to your thesis. 

Especially show gratitude to education, academic, and research workers, who assisted you, as well as people or official bodies who were there for you during the research process. 

The Suitable Tone for Thesis Acknowledgement

Your written gratitude should be official and amicable at the same time. Magnificat speech is not something we recommend to use in your writing. Your task is to indicate people or organizations that supplied aid and summarize their input in your work. 

Reasons for Thesis Acknowledgement

Students write acknowledgements in the thesis works or graduation papers for many purposes. One of them is that writing such kinds of works is a long and time-consuming process. The second reason is that thesis papers are complicated projects, which require patient work and persistence.

So, when someone was there for you in this process and rendered support, you would definitely feel essential at least to express gratitude. 

And who exactly can I pay thanks? – you may ask. – For instance, you can write words of credit to the following people:

  • Relatives;
  • Classmates or groupmates;
  • Mentors;
  • Peers;
  • Companions and friends;
  • Those surveyed.

Preface And Acknowledgement in a Thesis: Alike Or Different?

Preface refers to a short text at the beginning of your thesis, aimed to describe the purpose of your research shortly. It is usually present in long academic works. Acknowledgements do not describe a paper; they describe people or bodies that helped to produce this paper and in what way. Such credentials are often placed in the last part of a preface.

Find the Most Suitable Examples of Acknowledgement 

During your work on a thesis paper, you may address for help not only to people you know or study with but to various institutions and entities. Their aid in the way of advice, information, corrections, or funding should be highly evaluated by students. For that, try to use good examples of acknowledgements and words of gratitude to pay respects to them in your thesis. 

In order to write thesis acknowledgements in a proper way without some overtone or jeopardy, it may be clever to consult with your supporting bodies on how to acknowledge them in the best way in your thesis. Besides this, be sure to refer to our instructions and tips below:

  • Write a short summary of the aid provided to you by certain advisors or entities;
  • Use name, surname and middle name or patronymic of those you give credit to.

Keep in mind, though, sometimes special approval is required.

Gratitude to Your Acquaintances 

Among others, your friends, relatives, family members may also contribute a lot to your thesis writing. It can be emotional input, like support and understanding or practical advice – a detached view of your paper might be helpful indeed. That is why anyone who can deliver benefits to your work is worth mentioning in the acknowledgement. 

Anyway, to write words of credit, first of all, take notes of everybody who is connected to your thesis writing or research. Then think in what way they’ve assisted you and mention it briefly. 

Official Gratitude

Speaking of education workers and learners who helped you with the thesis, first, make a list of everyone concerned. Then decide who made the biggest input. And describe them in the thesis acknowledgement – the size of this thesis part is limited, so include only main figures. 

  • Senior professors;
  • Various mentors;
  • Library workers;
  • Peers;
  • Groupmates;
  • Laboratory workers;

To address education workers, mind their academic status and complete names. For your acquaintances, use just names. And to refer to several people, who are interconnected, mention their union name.

Guides on Writing

After finishing a significant thesis, it might be difficult to think of a text, which should sound both personal and official and be short-spoken but explicit at the same time. So, try to put straight your thoughts, use precise phrases, and a clear description of the contribution made by different people:

  • In the beginning mention professors who did most for you;
  • Enumerate other collaborators;
  • Write about the funders of your research if so;
  • In the end, you can indicate those who gave moral support.

Most Influential Professors And Other Assistants

In addition to professors and teachers, who helped you most with the academic paper, don’t forget to acknowledge scientific supervisors, committeemen, and the rest of the advisors. And think of people outside your academic life, who are also owed your thanks. 

Don’t Forget to Mention Your Financial Helpers

In case your thesis paper was funded by specific establishments, bodies, patrons, or you received traineeship or money allowance for your research from some interested parties, include them in your thesis acknowledgement. List such supporters and assistants in the beginning, while your personal helpers should be indicated in the end.

Closing Remarks 

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