All About A Process Essay Examples: Terminology, Theme Ideas, And Writing Guidance


A process paper (the «how-to») essay is a tutorial that explains the order of a process or how something works. This essay type is less spread at studying programs but is still assigned (for instance, a linear protocol). Companies or people who need the instruction paper often require it.  Regardless of the subject, a process paper has an identical format. It is sequential guidance of essential steps to reach the desired result. Unclear explanation of at least one step leads to disruption of the entire process.

A Process Paper: Definition, Appliance, Purpose, Characteristic, and Types

This paper aims to provide instruction to the reader and orient how to deal with equipment, ingredients, etc. It differs from other essays by extensive usage of such expressions as «afterward,» «then,» «as soon as,» «eventually,» «finally.» The specific features of a process paper are:

  • precise and planned narration;
  • a sequent order of steps;
  • transition passages;
  • the detailed description of the phase.

A process paper has three types:

  1. Directional: observes «how-to» guidance focusing on the result:
    1. how to order a bank card;
    2. how to plan a birthday party;
    3. how to organize a family budget.
  2. Informational: explains the course of work with the education focus, does not necessarily include a result:
    1. how the bank system works;
    2. what are bike parts and components;
    3. what are the stages of digestion?
  3. The analysis of a process: supposes the description of the steps falling deep into the details, causes, and effects of each phase: 
    1. how to achieve your goals through complaining;
    2. how to create a successful relationship with employees;
    3. how to overcome depression.

Throughout a process paper, readers receive a sense of the completed process of doing or creating. As a result, they can get new knowledge or skills. A process paper is usually provided in a human language to make the process understandable and engage the readers.


The Process Essay Examples and Suggestions

Either you explain how to build a robot, drive a car, or cook a desert, it is the matter of a process essay. Any procedure that describes the working mechanism or provides a bit by bit instructions the process essay examples. If you are looking for an idea to write about, use the list below:


  • how to cook mascarpone;
  • the process of homemade sun-dried tomatoes;
  • the vegetables cutting styles;
  • how to make a Christmas gingerbread house;
  • how to handle with gum paste;
  • cooking dinner in 10 minutes;
  • choosing the safest fruit;
  • top ideas for healthy breakfast;
  • the desserts with jelly;
  • how to make a strawberry cake;
  • the variety of ingredients for canapés;
  • scaring dishes for Halloween with a disgusting look and perfect taste;
  • the products that boost immunity system;
  • how to cook dorado;
  • the world best bread recipes;
  • the benefits of olive oil;
  • cheesecake with green tea;
  • Japanese recipe of black pepper ice cream.

Entertainment topics:

  • funny makeup styles;
  • how to create a funny video about animals;
  • the process of a funny meme creation;
  • how to draw comics;
  • how to train a tiger safe;
  • organizing a costume party;
  • how cats use their hosts in their purpose;
  • why a dog is better than a spouse;
  • the best moments of «The Addams Family» movie;
  • the weirdest ideas of collecting;
  • misunderstood pieces of art;
  • how would Disney’s children’s classic update with the COVID-19 theme;
  • cleaning tasks for the Cinderella-themed party; 
  • how would you call Christmas if you had a choice;
  • the facts of the real existence of chupacabra and other creatures.


  • how to distinguish a good book;
  • choosing a theme for assignment;
  • how to plant strawberry;
  • origami instructions for newbies;
  • crocheting: step by step;
  • video editing guidance;
  • how to drive a car;
  • speed reading techniques;
  • sketching ideas;
  • Photoshop instructions for advanced users;
  • how to play golf;
  • swimming styles for nonprofessionals;
  • how to travel around the world in eighty days;
  • surviving on the uninhabited island;
  • the secrets of cheap traveling;
  • how to learn French in a month;
  • home movie recording guidance;
  • panting landscape suggestions;
  • how to increase the typing speed;
  • making a Christmas suit in one night;
  • Halloween costume from materials on hand.

Institutional process:

  • the work of advocates outside the courtroom;
  • political campaigns: order and the process;
  • movies producing;
  • the ways of the improvement of the grades;
  • passing an interview successfully;
  • the devastating falling into debts;
  • apartment moving: what not to forget?
  • A working place organization;
  • starting a business: what a trader should know?
  • How to save for education;
  • studying abroad: the application process;
  • how to arrange propaganda;
  • how to become the sports champion;
  • carrier of medic: the range of opportunities;
  • time management items;
  • embassies order of work and visa application;
  • how to know that you have received a university admission;
  • the order of getting the alcoholic beverage license.

Industrial process:

  • the books publishing process;
  • the fast-food industry chains;
  • how to produce soap;
  • how do we get the chemical elements?
  • plastic recycling;
  • application of solar energy in the industry;
  • clothes producing process;
  • textile and fabrics appliance;
  • the process of paintbrushes making;
  • wheat straw applications;
  • purification of water;
  • mechanical clocks producing;
  • vac trains;
  • Chinese «Sky trains»;
  • the manufacturing process of furniture for capsule hotels;
  • how to build a hive for native bees;
  • batteries utilization;
  • how to get rid of old appliances;
  • hot to make hammock;
  • how is high visibility clothing made?
  • plastic toys producing;
  • toy manufacturing process;
  • home bakery.


  • how to reinstall Windows;
  • choosing the professional photo camera;
  • choosing the electronic devices of the first necessity;
  • where to buy the best bar shakers?
  • How to use a smartphone?
  • How to fix a computer?
  • How to make a stylus?
  • Building a two-tier bed: step-by-step instructions;
  • cleaning an electric oven: manual;
  • odor absorber for refrigerators: the installation;
  • how to install a faucet in the kitchen?
  • The practical insights of hotbed making for the earliest sowings;
  • choosing the headset for gamers.
  • the entering door installation tips;
  • how to build a henhouse.

The Crucial Moments of Writing a Process Essay

The first step toward creating a successful process essay example is choosing a topic where you are an expert. A person who is barely familiar with a subject can not provide comprehensive information and give suggestions. Do extensive topic research to collect all possible information on your theme.

Choose the captivating theme, in your opinion. The next step is to determine a message that you want to transmit to the audience. A process essay supposes passing your knowledge to people and teaching them the new skills that they can use in the future. The topic should be not only engaging but also useful and relevant.

Depending on the relevance of the topic, your essay may pretend for success or may not. For instance, students will not be interested in the topic «How to enter a university» topic. They already know this process. Offer some socializing themes for discussion instead. For example, «How to receive appreciation from people in the collective.» Your audience will highly likely enjoy it. 

Consider the interest of the audience in general. Most young people adore digital devices. Any topic about them will be welcome. If you are eager to express some of your talents that interest a narrow group of specialists («How to make a rocket»), do it in your Internet blog. People with similar interests will find you and join a conversation with pleasure. 

Adding humor makes your text easy-to-accept. Make your process a trouble-free fun way to reach the resulting point even if you have chosen a non-entertaining topic. 

Make a list of compounds, ingredients, or a complex of essential measurements according to the chosen process. Use the transition words to connect the chapters: «at the beginning…», «secondly…», «before moving to the next stage…», «finally…», «start with…». 

The details matter a lot. Be careful using each phrase and word because your readers will follow your actions. An incomplete or distorted explanation will fail all their efforts as well as an enthusiasm to read you ever again.

As with an essay, a process paper has a classic structure that includes:

  • the introduction part: acquaints the readers with your topic, explains its relevance and necessity, engages the process participation; 
  • body paragraphs: the fundamental part of the paperwork with the description of the actions, suggestions, the ways to avoid mistakes;
  • conclusion: the appliance of the used method and experiencing the received knowledge.

Since the paperwork focuses on a course of work, a thesis statement and evidence are not essential in this essay type.

The length of a process essay depends on the number of actions. Some process papers may take a short time, while other ones require months to finish. Regardless of an essay complication, the structure remains the same. If your process essay example is a task at university, meet the word number requirements. 

How to Write About a Sequence of Events

Description of a process is a sequence of events with illustrations and text forwarding. Each step is a compound of the entire process. A well-written paper allows a reader to finish it successfully, while badly-written instructions lead to process failure.

A writer should consider that a reader is a newbie and has no idea how to accomplish the actions. So being detailed and precise to the maximum in the description is vital. 

The guidance should come in the second person in the past, present, or future tense, maintaining the chronological order.  Use a friendly manner of conversation. For each next step, a reader needs to mention the background information and explain why readers do it now. Avoid using imperative sentences, not to sound like a manual. Add the terminology explanation, which is outside common knowledge.

Exclude the tautologies, rephrasing the sentence. For instance, if you write a recipe, do not mention the word «take» numerous times along the work. Use the words «add,» «pour,» «mix,» «combine,» etc.

To summarize all said above, the example of the process can be proceed this way:

  • take a work object A;
  • connect it with the work object B;
  • add the measures of the work object C;
  • get the outcome.

Graphical notations are appreciated if they relate to the concrete step and help to understand the process better. As practice shows, the text with graphic notation is perceived better and quicker, while a process text without illustrations can not provide a similar effect. Over and above, you may spend a lot of time for the steps explanation or compounds description and will not reach the desired effect, leaving questions to the readers. Adding appropriate video materials is welcome too. 

The described steps should lead to a successful result and finish the process eventually. End your paper with a positive note, reminding the readers what they have achieved. Praise for success, encourage them in future experiments.

As soon as your draft is ready, check out that the text meets the process essay requirements:

  • convince that your guidance is precise, understandable, does not call a feeling of confusion;
  • edit if you find questioning yourself in the text;
  • follow your instruction by yourself first, or ask someone to check out the entire course of work.

Do not forget to proofread your process essay example personally without online editors since the software can not correct the meaning issues. 

It is worthy to note that none process has an ideally realistic description. There will be what to add, correct, or simplify. However, in the process essay, the human factor wins. Stop at the right time to reject the unlimited updating.

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