Argumentative essay on abortion: what to consider


There are topics, which never leave the audience indifferent. They include religion, politics and, of course, abortions. This subject is widely discussed in the modern society, so you may be asked to write an essay and provide your personal opinion on the topic.

Abortion argumentative essays are difficult, because the subject is controversial and you need to be very skilled not to cross the line and still complete a thorough research, providing your personal point of view.

It doesn’t matter whether you are discussing abortion in class, together with friends or on official meetings: you need to support your point of view and here is what our guidelines are for!

On the one side, there are those, who consider abortion a murder, as the unborn baby already has a heartbeat while it is only a couple weeks old. Others think that parents have a chance to decide what to do and constitutionally it is not a murder. Such a debate is a great topic for your essay, as it will always engage the audience and cause discussions.

Even if you doubt whether you have enough skills to cover the subject, just follow our advices and start writing. You will see how simple it is and your argumentative essay will be the best in the class!

How to start

The first thing you need to do, when starting an argumentative essay about abortion is putting aside all the prejudice you may have. Although such an essay is your chance to share your point of view with the world, you need to remember that every argument you provide should be backed with credible information.

Evidence and philosophical approach are the only things that will help you to complete such a challenging task and you should always remember it along the way. Once you have put aside all of your personal feelings, you can proceed with completing a research.

How to conduct a research

As any other assignment, abortion argumentative essay requires a thorough research and you should pay careful attention to choosing the sources.

Many students are tempted to use information from forums or websites, as it is simple to get and copy. However, usually it is recycled and contains false information, which may result in low grades. If you want your essay to be of a high quality, you need to take your time and look for academic sources, like books and journals or thesis on philosophy.

Take your time to analyze all the sources and choose the information you need depending on the pro-choice or pro-life position you are willing to support.

How to present your arguments

Here are a few tips on how to present arguments of an argumentative essay on abortion:

  • Try to choose a side you are on. Of course, you can simply provide information on both sides or choose the middle road but it won’t do you any good. Pick a side, which represents your opinion and back it with arguments;
  • Provide arguments of both sides. For example, pro-choice activists claim that fetus can’t be considered a human being and pro-life supporters remind that a ten-week old fetus has a heartbeat, arms and legs;
  • If you want your essay to be strong, examine opposite arguments to make sure you can answer all the questions of the audience. Be ready to support your ideas and explain why opponents don’t have enough arguments;
  • Always use credible sources not depending on the side you are on or the topic you are going to choose.

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Structure of an essay

Your argumentative essay should always follow a clear structure, as it may greatly influence your grades not depending on the quality of your writing. Remember that your paper should consist of three main sections:

  • Here you need to give a common look at the topic and give the reader a chance to understand what side you are on. Write a sentence or two on the main goal of your essay, which will be a thesis statement;
  • Every paragraph you write should support a particular thought. For example, first two paragraphs will explain ideas of the opposite side, while last two or three will concentrate on the arguments why you have chosen a pro-life or a pro-choice position. Remember to back every idea with reliable information;

Conclusion. This section is a so-called summary of the whole work, where you need to remind key aspects of your research and make predictions if necessary.

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