What is an argumentative essay


An argumentative paper will never surprise a student, as it is one of the most common assignments at colleges and universities. Such papers aim to convince the reader and make him accept the author’s point of view on a particular subject.

However, an argumentative essay still causes lots of worries and misunderstandings, so we decided to create an article and help every student to understand this assignment once and forever.

The first thing you need to consider is choosing the topic. Without an interesting and catchy thing to discuss, it is impossible to deliver great results. Still thinking which topic would prompt an argumentative essay? Try to pick a matter, which you are interested in. This will help you to stay motivated along the way and will show your professor that you are passionate about what you do.

Once you are done with choosing a topic, you need to find reliable sources and practice your writing skills. Unfortunately, it is impossible to acquire them in a couple of hours, so you need to write at least a few sentences a day to sharpen your writing abilities.

Remember, the main goal of an argumentative assignment is to make your reader change his mind and persuade the audience with strong arguments. That is why in such a task your high grades depend on the topic and a strong background. Below is a list of steps, which will simplify your work on such an assignment.

Advices to follow

Select a topic

It is crucial to grab interest of the audience, so you should remember that your topic needs to be controversial and debatable. You need to think of the audience you are writing for and decide what things may interest it.

However, there are a few argumentative essay topics, which always catch attention of the reader and you may be sure to be listened to. For example, drugs, politics, sex and abortions. When choosing such issues always remain objective and try to select appropriate words not to offend others.

Make a remarkable introduction

Any topic you choose has already been discussed a thousand times. That is why it is very important to be able to make a difference.

When starting your argumentative paper, try to make the introductory section as catchy, as possible. Think of a strong argument, which will differ you from the rest and try to formulate a thesis statement in a clear manner. Remember, the reader will put your paper aside if it won’t catch his interest from the very beginning.

Provide arguments

We are often asked how to write an argumentative essay and the answer is simple: be persuasive! Start with the opponents’ ideas and arguments, making them look weak and doubtful. Then proceed with discussing your own statements and provide strong evidence, backed with credible sources.

Make sure you use only trustworthy literature, like scientific magazines, books or quotes of famous people. It will be a great idea to use statistics, graphs and other visual elements to prove your point of view. Your reader will trust you only if you are persuasive!

Don’t forget about including a discussion section, which is considered the heart of your whole work. In addition, you can use various lexical tools to make your text stronger. In such a way, even a weak argument will seem credible!

Review different opinions

There are both difficult and easy argumentative essay topics but all of them require careful attention to the information you provide. Take your time to ask other people’s opinion on the subject, make a couple surveys among your friends and classmates. In such a way, you will engage them to your studies and they will gladly listen to your point of view.

Diversity of arguments is a great way to make your essay fresh, thoughtful and interesting to read.

Be original

Although there are many argumentative essay examples online and you may feel the temptation of downloading them to simply your life, it is a crime. Plagiarism is not a great idea, as your tutor will easily find out whether you have completed the paper on your own or downloaded someone else’s work. There are multiple plagiarism programs online, so it is a matter of seconds to check your paper on originality.

You can use samples just to boost your imagination and find fresh arguments for an essay. However, you need to write it on your own and always remain original.

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