How Interesting To Write Rogerian Essay


Every day, people hold discussions on topics that they do not understand at all. It is much better to find a compromise and resolve issues peacefully. According to many experts, it would be better to live in a world if all problems are solved calmly and without quarrels. After all, the desire to defeat an opponent can cause a lot of trouble. So think one famous psychologist Carl Rogers, who created an exciting strategy for resolving disputes and introduced the Rogerian argument concept. Students who enrolled in educational institutions where they study the humanities or social sciences must encounter Rogerian-style essays, so they need to know the strategy. The guide we have prepared for students contains the best writing tips, the Rogerian argument, and guidelines for structuring an essay. We also know the secrets, which will significantly simplify the writing process, and in a short time, you will be able to create the perfect text. Start studying the material; you will find a lot of useful information.

Everything You Need to Know About Rogerian Argument

If you study the history of how the conflict resolution strategy was created, you can conclude that Carl Rogers did not make it. His ideas became the basis for the rhetoricians, who created a new kind of argumentation. According to Carl Rogers, people can use empathy to resolve issues, even if their views on the situation differently.

The main idea contained in the Rogerian argument is that each person, conflicting, listens to the opponent’s point of view, and only after that expresses his opinion, ideas on the problem. Carl Rogers believes that it would be right if two people opened up in front of each other, and then it is easier for them to understand the situation and find a solution to the problem that would be beneficial for both parties. Suppose you study the classic argumentation, founded by Aristotle. In that case, it consists of proving the enemy that his beliefs are wrong based on facts to prove that only you are right in a given situation. That is, you show that your opponent is weak in his judgments, and Rogers created opposite reasoning. Learn the primary four goals of the Rogerian argument:

  1. Find common interests on a topic, problem, issue;
  2. Find a starting point where it will be convenient for opponents to resolve the conflict, discuss, work together;
  3. Do everything possible to make your opponent feel optimistic about you that is so that he trusts you;
  4. Create a pleasant environment where you can exchange ideas and information without feeling yourself in a tense situation.

Rogerian Essay Writing Features

Rogers-style scientific work is difficult, but it can be done in a few hours, thanks to our advice. Carefully study the information provided by us so as not to miss important details of the work.

Use Dialogue

You probably thought it is impossible to conduct a dialogue with the reader, but we hasten to inform you that you can learn their reaction in advance and predict the answers to questions. This will create a dialogue effect. It would help if you understood that the opponent with whom you are mentally communicating could not answer you. The opponent is the main one for creating a Rogerian essay, so you will not conduct a monologue; it will be a completely different type of work.

Use Balance

This assignment’s primary goal is for you to be completely objective about your opponent and respect his ideas and judgments. You may be tempted to defeat the person you conflict with, but it’s essential to keep balance in your statements. Therefore, find a consensus, and you will be able to create a Rogerian essay, and the teacher will give a high-grade thanks to such a small detail.

Don’t Be Demanding

If you were asked to write an argumentative essay, then the thesis, which is a mandatory element of the text, must be proven based on arguments. But readers can take your text as pressure on their mind since they all have different opinions on any issue or topic. This is where Rogerian essay’s main feature lies – not to press, not demand, not persuade, not change people’s opinions. Please do not use an aggressive strategy; it is better to use reasonable dialogue to influence other people’s opinions positively.

Your Essay Is Not Descriptive

Your Rogerian essay should be neutral or insensitive, but this does not mean that you are just writing an opinion on the issue. Do not confuse expository, descriptive essays with Rogerian essays because your task is not to describe or explain the topic, question, and problem. When you write a Rogerian essay, you need to provide the reader with background information, that is, argumentation in a positive tone, without hurting other people’s feelings.

Simple Steps How to Write a Rogerian Essay

If you decide to complete the task, it can seem difficult and confusing in expressing thoughts. But thanks to the instructions, the writing process can be simplified, carefully study each of them, and get to work faster:

  1. The first step is to select a topic. If you choose any issue that comes across, then it makes no sense to conduct a discussion. Therefore, before you start writing, do a little research on the topics and choose the ones you like best, you understand them. Then make sure that the topic you choose is relevant and that you can find additional sources of information on it. Do not forget about the readers; the topic should raise pertinent questions and have answers.
  2. The second step is to gather information on the topic. If you have chosen an issue, then you are 100% confident in it. Great, let’s go further. It would help if you studied books, magazines, and scientific articles to confirm your thoughts. That is, your task is to defend your point of view in such a way so as not to offend your opponent based on specialized literature.
  3. The third step is to make a plan for the assignment. This process is standard and will significantly simplify the writing process. Having a plan will help you structure your text so that you don’t miss important details of the work. Write down all the ideas, and then arrange them so that there is a logical sequence.
  4. The fourth step is to use a shared belief. You have to show the reader your writing goals from the beginning. That is, if you write about a shared belief, then show the reader that you are interested in finding new ways to solve problems, even if opinions differ, and it seems that there is no way out.
  5. The fifth step is to describe your position on the issue. Before you tell why you disagree with the opponent’s opinion and what his thoughts seem bad to you, you must tell the reader your position on the topic. You do not have to argue the position briefly and describe how you feel about the problem.
  6. The sixth step is to examine your opponent’s arguments. Take this part of the text seriously. You must not miss a single fact that confirms the correctness of the opponent’s thoughts. Otherwise, you may be accused of hiding the facts, which significantly affect the course of events; if you miss such details in the essay, we can assume that you did not write a Rogerian essay.
  7. The seventh step is to find the conflicting arguments. Before you understand what you have in common with your opponent and where there are points of contact, it is necessary to find those moments when your opinions do not converge. If you find them and acknowledge that there is a problem, then that is the path to success.
  8. The eighth step – classify the differences found and describe them. The controversies that have arisen on the topic may carry a different message. For example, some moments may be related to social problems; others may affect moral issues, etc. The main thing is to distinguish between them. If you are talking about what type of contradictions belong to, this is good, but you also need to understand their origin, why they have arisen, and describe.
  9. The ninth step is to find common ground. If you have identified the places where your opinions diverge, you should understand what you can find common in them. This stage is challenging but obligatory since it is the points of contact that will become the decisive moment of the whole composition, and from them, the idea of ​​the text should be developed.
  10. The tenth step is slowly but surely integrating ideas. We all understand that Rogerian essay is a text in which the argumentation is far from the classical presentation; it may seem to you that the text lacks aggression and demands, but stop your temper; everything should be moderate. You can express disagreement but still maintain a neutral tone.
  11. The eleventh step is to find a general agreement on the problem. We have come to an end; you can exhale. You have everything to find a peaceful solution to the problem. Try to find a compromise in such a way that it satisfies all sides of the conflict. If, in the final, you want to emphasize your arguments on the topic, then do not forget to indicate that although they seem more important to your opinion, the problem is still solved positively, without discussion.


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