A 5-Page Paper: How to Write It In a Fast and Effective Way


The difficulty of each essay assignment depends on many factors, but the size factor is the most essential. It determines the intensity of work and the time you will spend. Students are always under the severe load of homework, so they need proper time management skills. For every writing assignment, they need to estimate how much time they need for it.

If the assignment is the 5-page essay, the question is obvious: how long does it take to write a 5-page paper? Let’s consider it together here.

What are the stages of work on the 5-page paper and their time requirements?

If you have to compose a college paper of five pages, you know that it will be rather a substantial work. There are standard formatting requirements concerning the font size, the intervals, and indents. Under these requirements, one page is about 275 words. Five pages would make 1375 words approximately, but it can be a little bit smaller or larger.

If you know your speed of writing, you can estimate the time to complete the text. The trouble is, writing the text itself is only a small part of the work process. The total time depends on how well you know the topic and your analytical, organization, and writing skills. In most cases, it is no less than 10 hours. If the question is new for you – the job might demand up to 48 hours.

You are not supposed to sit and write during the 10 hours without any breaks, though. Moreover, you’d hardly get this possibility at all – you’ll dedicate a couple of hours here or then to do a part of the job.

The process of writing a college paper consists of four stages:

  • Preliminary research and analysis;
  • Outlining the paper;
  • Writing the text;
  • Post-writing work – editing and formatting.

All these stages may consume different amounts of time. But if you are ready to work diligently on the paper, you may complete it in 12-15 hours.

Doing the pre-writing research

The very beginning of your work is the topic analysis. You need to make the task clear for yourself and decide the goal of your work – what you must research and prove. Then you can start your research.

It’s difficult to know at once how much time you will need to spend on research. This process has some peculiarities. For instance, while gathering the information, you find other sources and check them too. It will also depend on your research methods – working with online sources is faster than going to the library and checking paper books and articles.

You should also verify the sources you use:

  • Make sure that they are fresh, academically recognized, and unbiased.
  • If you are going to refer to some statement – it should be confirmed by other independent sources.
  • In case your sources are online – stick to the official portals and trusted websites, not personal blogs, unless their authors are authoritative on the subject.

The time to collect the information for your research paper won’t be less than 5-6 hours. Add 1-2 more hours for analysis. The research stage is the most time-consuming. But if you do it properly – you can save time significantly at the next steps.

Outlining your paper

When you’ve collected and analyzed the data, you, most likely, already have a vague understanding of your future paper. To make it precise, you’ll need an outline. It is the most efficient method of essay-building.

  • Develop the central “plotline” of your essay – your thesis statement, and how you will prove it, step by step.
  • Consider the Introduction part: the “hook” and the explanation of your topic and its importance.
  • Note your key ideas for each paragraph (a five-page paper usually has 5-8 sections of the Body).
  • Assign evidence and references to each of your concepts.
  • Put your elements in order and check the logical connections between them. Put the transitions phrases to connect the components.
  • Form the conclusion. It should be the thesis restatement but in different words. Also, you should use the information from the Body part for your conclusions.

This stage takes 1-2 hours as well. A ready detailed outline is an excellent foundation of the paper – you can get an understanding of your text and even “hear” it on your mind.

Writing the paper on outline

The average speed of writing is about 500 words per hour. So, considering how long does it take to write a 5-page paper, you might think of 2-3 hours. Put your outline in front of you and embody your ideas with words and phrases.

Post-writing works

  • After completion of the paper, read it and correct all errors. Then put it aside for a couple of hours to give some rest to your eye and refresh the mind.
  • Get back to the text after the break and revise it. An excellent method is reading aloud – this way, you detect awkward phrases easier. At this stage, you may want to rewrite some text fragments – do it. However, check your deadline – you will need about 3 hours for all the post-writing tasks.
  • Proofread the paper again – after a break, you will undoubtedly note issues omitted in the first revision.
  • Format the paper according to the necessary style and take care of the bibliography list.

Using this guideline, you can write any 5-page paper faster and more efficiently. However, if your deadline is closer and you need help with the job – let us know. Our team will help you with any such paper.

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