Why Is Summer Homework Worth Paying Attention to?


Summer homework provides a number of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • It helps you in mastering valuable time management skills;
  • Summer homework is a great opportunity to review studied material and fill the gaps in your knowledge;
  • You develop problem-solving skills;
  • Independent work will make you an independent person;
  • It will make you more organized and resolute;
  • You will have to learn how to set goals and priorities and stick to them;
  • Summer homework may reveal your weak points that you should work on;
  • Such practice will teach you to take responsibility, become mature and rational;
  • It may even become a motivation for spending more time with your parents or siblings if they are competent in the subject.

Dealing with Summer Homework: Useful Tips and Strategies

First of all, you need a consistent schedule. You should treat your summer homework as a serious job: if you don’t have a plan, there’s little chance of being productive. AP summer homework is not a usual school assignment – it is far more responsible and demanding. Those who succeed with AP classes gain extra credits. Writing a scholarship essay is the second option, but managing summer homework assignments is an easier way.

Though it may seem that summer vacation is never-ending and you have plenty of time, it’s always better to start early. Putting your summer homework on the back burner is the worst idea that may lead to disaster. We recommend using a calendar (which is available on every smartphone) to set milestones and create a daily routine. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about small breaks in the process – the rest time is as important as studying. If you need to read a specific book or several books, it is better to divide the total number of pages by the number of days or weeks available for reading. You should establish a minimum amount per day or per week. Postponed reading will result in trouble because you will have to deal with a larger amount of material in a short time.

Use Your Own Reward System as Motivation

Of course, diligent students will be rewarded by teachers and obtain the highest scores, but you should invent your own reward system based on the milestones. Think about the type of treatment you gain after completing a specific task depending on its complexity and dedicated time. Use index cards to write down your purposes, milestones with fitting rewards, and place them on a refrigerator or any other place where you can see them. Having a favorite pizza or cake, seeing a close friend, spending some time on the Internet, or playing video games might be a good motivator.  

Get Together With Your Classmates or Teachers

It might help create a learning atmosphere, which is not easy to achieve on summer vacation. You risk forgetting about studying if there’s no corresponding environment. Keeping in touch with others is also a great idea if you have trouble with particular assignments when you need some advice or a second opinion – sometimes, a peer or a teacher may be the helping hand you need to move forward. 

Explore Various Educational Materials

Summer is the best time for discoveries and trying new things. Naturally, the Internet offers students limitless amounts of any possible information – it is a great tool indeed. However, consider diversifying your learning process with various kinds of sources:

  • Textbooks 
  • Electronic books
  • Documentary movies
  • Educational films
  • Magazines 
  • Newspapers
  • Scholarly articles
  • Academic journals

Combine Your Homework with Enjoyment

If you study geology, go to Finger Lakes, and visit the Corning Museum of Glass – this will undoubtedly be fascinating than reading books or browsing pictures on the Internet. If you’re interested in the history of the United States, consider taking a trip to Washington, D.C. and visiting the famous museums, memorials and monuments: National Museum of American History, National Museum of African American History and Culture, African American Civil War Museum, Lincoln Memorial and so on. Besides, this is a great occasion to see the capital! Dinosphere in Indianapolis will surely captivate those who study archeology or ancient history in depth. Young astronauts should explore a Space Camp, where they will be given the opportunity to learn more about the Milky Way, ride actual spaceships, and even make contact with aliens! Invite family or friends to these destinations to make the experience unforgettable.

Don’t Be Afraid of Challenges

Summer homework is 100% beneficial. It prevents you from forgetting what you’ve learned and posed new challenges. Learning a new language, writing, and independent research paper or attending courses might be demanding, and it may seem that you’re not coping or studying takes too much time and effort. Here’s what you should understand: every accomplished doctor, lawyer, or professor would never succeed if he or she didn’t have to overcome difficulties and fight insecurities. Setting up challenges and overcoming them is what moves you forward. Making mistakes is also a part of the process – that’s how you learn and grow. It’s recommended to take a minimum of one AP course in the summer holidays. Passing a single course isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. If you choose the class based on your individual interests, purposes, and goals, studying will be easier and much more compelling. 

Here’s a small tip: try enrolling in a course like AP Statistics or Biology, as it is usually easier than college programs. Registering for difficult classes makes sense: it might be simpler to handle them during summer when you’re less stressed and have more free time.

Final Advice

Think about the potential problems you may face in the future and determine your course-specific strengths and shortcomings. Find lists of recommended literature for every subject, check them out and be one step ahead.

Finally, start implementing these small strategies, and you might discover that doing summer homework isn’t necessarily boring and overwhelming – you can always use creative thinking and make it a fun process! Don’t forget about motivation and treats, take breaks, involve other people, and combine education with leisure. Keep on learning at list a bit, and soon, you will see that your perseverance and diligence bear fruit. Wouldn’t you like to impress tutors and classmates when the school semester starts? Now you know how to do that!

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